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These special stories tell how Shining Star members spread the word about NMG to girl friends, girls in the neighborhood and at school, on sports team and in other groups.

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Me and my friend, lets call her E, were texting eachother on google, and I said, hey, I know a really cool website you might like called New Moon Girls. She looked it up and thought it was cool, so she said she'll look into joining. I just saw her, and she told me she she had asked her mom to join, and now her mom is trying to set up an account for her! Now, E can tell her friends and they'll tell their's and so on. One person who says something makes more of a difference then ten who stay silent. 

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I am Rowan, a poet, an artist, but mostly writer and hopefully a deep-sea diver later in my life. I like writing, but most of my poems don't really have meanings, like a song with no words. I hope you guys like this.

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  • Nice. Must talk to my bff about her joining. She no longer goes to my church, and lives on the other side of town.
  • That’s great! :DDD
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