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TikTok Users Being Mistreated

Why are people who like tik tok so mistreated on NMG?



I'm very sorry that you feel that poeple are being mistreated because they like TikTok! I can assure you that making someon's opinion feel unwelcome - or worse, making the person feel unwelcome - is never the intention, and I apologize if it comes across that way on the website. I think that many NMG members have very strong opinions on TikTok (myself inclued), because the company that runs it has many problems, including (but not limited to): Selling minors' information to third party companies; Banning videos that have LGBTQ+ content; And banning videos that talk about oppression or activism. 

As you can imagine, a lot of people have problems with the app because of these things, and because of this, emotions can run high, and sometimes people can be a little harsh in their wording, especially if someone continues to use TikTok, depspite knowing what the comapny does. Not that harsh wording is okay. People still need to respect everyone's opinions.

I don't think anyone on NMG intends to make another person feel mistreated because they use TikTok, and if people ae making other members feel mistreated, that's not okay. Everyone is welcome to their own opinions and beliefs, and if someone wants to use TikTok, they should be allowed to, without getting grief about it from others.

People can explain why the app is problematic, and then people can choose to use it or not. That's my opinion. And on NMG, TikTok users should feel welcome - after all, it is an app, and a rather cool one at that. :)

If you ever feel mistreated because you use TikTok, or if someone else says that they feel that way, please feel free to reach out to a S2S mentor, and we will check in and make sure everything's good. After all, no one should feel unwelcome because of their opinions. 

Again, I am very sorry that you feel like TikTok users are being mistreated. I hope that doesn't happen again, and that you and others feel like they can post about using the app -without getting grief about it. 

Thank you for bringing up this issue! 


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  • Company = bad
    Most of the people on there = good
  • I’ve never heard someone mention tiktok on Nmg...
  • Yeah when I say I hate tiktok I mean the app/company not each individual person who uses it lol

    (To be clear it wasn’t me who asked the s2s question, it was the other Sophia/Sophie)
  • In some ways, I actually think that TikTok and NMG are very similar. Recently, TikTok has actually become a platform for social activism, and although there are things on TikTok that may be negative or not appropriate, the majortity of TikTok users are using their platform to educate others about all the injustice that is happening in the world through using TikTok! :)
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