“I would really like to be able to use tampons and other internal use period things. It would make life so much easier for me. But I've never tried them before, and I'm a little nervous. I mean, I seems kind of weird and scary to stick something up inside you like that. Do you have any tips or advice for me?”  -- Anonymous

When I first wanted to try tampons, I felt similarly to you. The very first time I tried to put one in, I couldn’t even figure it out! Eventually, though, I tried again, and I’ve used them ever since. It’s a lot less scary for me now than it seemed initially. (I will note I’ve never used internal period things other than tampons -- if anyone reading this has feel free to talk about it in the replies!) Here’s some advice I have:

-If you can’t put the tampon in, you might be putting it in at the wrong angle, or need a different size or brand. I’ve never used any size other than Regular, but you might need a different size. Generally, the smaller the size, the easier to insert. (Light is the smallest size, and also the least absorbent.)

-When you put a tampon in correctly, you can’t feel it. This may make it less scary, but if you’re worried you’ll forget about it, you should be able to see/feel the string when you use the bathroom. On the other hand, if you CAN feel the tampon, that may mean you haven’t inserted it far enough. You can either remove it or insert another one, or push it further up your vagina. If you’re near the end of your period, it could also mean you aren’t bleeding enough to need a tampon. In that case, take it out, and if you need or want, use a pad or pantiliner instead.

-You’ve probably heard you can leave a tampon in for up to eight hours. This is true, but you’ll most likely need to change it more frequently than that. On the heaviest days of my period I’ll end up changing mine every couple hours.


(I used The “What’s Happening to My Body?” Book for Girls, by Lynda Madaras with Area Madaras, as a reference in writing this post)

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  • That's a good book. And good advice... :D
  • I've never used a tampon, but I would add that it is helpful to have a tampon with an applicator.
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      ^^^^^^ I do use tampons, and I definitely agree.
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