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Height Problems

I've always been kind of proud about how tall I am, but recently, my family says I have stopped growing. How can I be proud of my size and stop worrying about not being tall enough? –Anonymous 

This is something I can definitely relate to. I’m technically just short of average when it comes to height, but for a long time I felt like I was super short...and I didn’t like it. To make it worse, just as I was coming to terms with my height, my younger sister started to catch up with me and is now officially taller, which I imagine will soon be true for several of my younger friends too. Do I occasionally get annoyed when I have to ask for help reaching something, or even feel a little bad when I’m with one of my tall friends, and putting my arm around their shoulders is noticeably awkward? Occasionally, but for the most part I have definitely come to terms with my height...and I fully believe that you can too! 

My first bit of advice is to ask yourself what you mean by “tall enough”, because everyone has different ideas of what “tall” and “short” are (some people probably think of you as tall!). I had a certain height in my head that I used to think of as the bare minimum for someone to qualify as “adult height”, but with the help of my mom I realized that there were really lots of adults shorter than that (including lots of my relatives ;), so not only was my number inaccurate, but actually unless I was to go with something ridiculous like 3 feet, there would always be people who were shorter. Hopefully that will help you put your height in perspective, but I know that’s never a complete solution to a problem so I have a couple more tips that have helped me. 

Is being tall always a good thing? I’ve found things that are just easier/nicer when you’re short. For instance: You’ll never have a bed or sleeping bag that’s too short for you to be comfortable in, you’ll have more space on airplanes (or so I’ve been told, I’ve never actually flown!), you won’t have to duck as frequently when walking or biking under tree branches, you’re closer to the level of dogs, cats, or young kids that you might want to interact with (yes, I love toddlers and it’s just easier when you don’t have to bend as low to convince them you’re not a big scary giant ;), and many other things—just think about it! 

The hardest thing for me was being able to joke about my height. If anyone ever makes a truly mean comment about your height being bad, don’t listen to them! But if one of your friends makes a well-intended joke about you being “so cute and tiny” or being unable to reach something, you don’t necessarily need to feel hurt, instead, if you can find the humor in it, your life will be a whole lot easier. Try laughingly pointing out one of the pros to being short (maybe even one that I mentioned earlier), or try a little exaggeration and sarcasm—crouch down so that you’re super short and say something like “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m super tall! Can’t you tell?” I know this might seem like it’s not really pride at all, but actually it shows that you’re so happy and comfortable with your height that you can even laugh at it simply for the sake of fun. Of course, at first that probably won’t be totally true for you, but honestly, I really believe that in most cases if you pretend you’re happy, you eventually will be! 

The above are a few tips I have as someone who’s been through this, but here is my last and probably most important advice: Remember that you’re by no means the only person to be or fell short, that being short can be nice, and that your height has nothing to do with who you are! You could be a midget or a giant, and the size of your heart wouldn’t change. (This also goes for pretty much any other issues. What you look like does not define who you are.) Also, I recently found out from a friend that the winter solstice is also National Short Girl Appreciation Day (Or according to some sources, just Short Persons Day), so although I certainly believe in appreciating short people every day, be sure to give yourself a little extra love when we get all the way back around to that time ;) 

I hope at least some of this is helpful for someone! If anyone has anything more to add, please feel free to comment below.

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  • I am super duper short so I get what u r going through, mom is shortso I probably will not be any taller that 5,5
  • i'm the shortest in my class and everyone says i look like their little brothers and sister and i know a 7 year old who's taller than me but i can wear clothes for a really long time so there are some upsides
  • I'm shorter than average. I am like, the 4th shortest in my class (There are three people who are shorter than me) and its kind of fun, but also anoying because when I talk to someone who is taller than me, I'm always finding myself looking up to them... literally. People are always like "IM TALLER" even though its just by one inch.
  • I’m very tall and proud of it! You should too!
    • S2S Mentor
      That's great! Although this article was mainly about being short, it is definitely true that we can/should all strive to be happy with and proud of our height, regardless of what that may be ;)
  • This is really well written! I'm pretty short myself, just over five feet, and I'm definitely not getting any taller xD I honestly don't mind that I'm short (I mean, sometimes it's a pain), and like you said there are plenty of advantages to being small. I will admit that it's annoying when people think that my younger brother (he's more than two years younger than me) is older then me, but oh well. xP
    • I think so too! (that it's really well written)
    • S2S Mentor
      Thank you so much!! (This was my first S2S post, so I was a bit nervous lol)
      Yeah I'd be surprised if I grow anymore, but I've gotten to be pretty happy as is ;)
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