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Finding a time to cry

I am really sensitive and really want to cry ALL the time. Most of the time I can hold it back. But eventually I just spill over. I see a lot of people who say it’s okay to cry but I feel like my family acts like it isn’t. I just want to cry.

 - Anonymous

  Hi there.

That does sound like a problem, but not on your part at all. I’m terribly sorry your family is being unreasonable about your need to cry. I certainly know all about crying – I cry at pretty much every emotion, so I get that you just need to sometimes.

Is there any way you could talk to them about it? Maybe try saying something like “Hey, I know sometimes you don’t like it when people cry, but I need to have a healthy way to express my sensitivity and my body needs to cry sometimes. I’d really appreciate if you could let me cry when I need to.” With any luck, they’ll listen to you and respect your needs.

In addition to that, is there someplace alone you could cry your feelings out without anyone bothering you, like in your bedroom or at a trusted friend’s house? And is there someone else who you could potentially vent to and cry with, a close friend or someone?

In addition to crying, if you need another way to get your feelings out when you feel like your family won’t let you cry, maybe you could try writing them out or drawing how you feel. It’s certainly no replacement for crying, but it might help you feel a little better until you find someplace where you can let your tears flow. I often find that when I’m in a situation where I can’t cry but I need to, writing down what’s bothering me or drawing frustrated scribbly art can really help me feel calmer in the moment, and hopefully it could help you too.

I really hope your family will listen to you, and that you can find a healthy way to cry when you need to. Good luck!

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  • Thanks. :’)
  • Yeah this really helped thanks.
  • Thank you so much. I feel like i cry a lot too, and this helped thank you :)
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