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Feeling Overwhelmed

“Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, I don't know why, and I tell myself a lie that's not true. Like, I don't have any friends even though I clearly do. I don't sleep well anymore because I am constantly worried or hurt. Can anyone relate or help?”


I definitely know what’s its like to feel overwhelmed- even to feel like I don’t have friends when I do, it's a rough feeling :( It’s like a negative voice in your mind that tries to use your spiraling emotions against you and try to make you believe things that aren’t real.

First, I’d find a different place to sit down and relax; this could be moving to another room, sitting in a different chair, or going outside. Moving away from the place where you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused is a good first step to overcoming it, and sifting through your thoughts.

In general with feeling overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to write down everything and anything that could bothering you. Maybe it’s a school assignment, something your friend said, whatever is on your mind, put it down in a list format on paper, or just write out your feelings however you’d like. Journaling/getting out our stressors on paper tends to make them seem more tangible and approachable than in our scrambled conscious.

Next, take a look at the list and decide which items are most important to you. Is there an assignment more important than the other, worth more in your grade or due at a sooner date? (See my S2S blog post on Prioritizing) Tackling projects by importance rather than trying to get everything done at once is a good life skill to learn. Reevaluate the potential lies you tell yourself and feelings you have, and decide if they have any ground to stand on. Sometimes what we tell ourselves or what we feel in a situation seems so dire, until we realize it wasn’t so bad or wasn’t true at all, as feelings are real, but not always reality. Granted, sometimes we downplay our feelings and don’t take a situation seriously enough, so it’s not a bad idea to ask a trusted friend/adult’s opinion if you’re overreacting or not.

Lastly, before you go to bed every night, it’s key to have your mind settled and relaxed, or you’ll wake up as frazzled as you fell asleep. A good practice is to sit down and focus on what you’re grateful for. What did you enjoy about today? What were you’re favorite parts of the day? Or also focus on things you’re generally grateful for, such as your bed, your house, the friends/family you have, the hobbies you can enjoy, etc. It may not have any drastic effect right away, but getting into the groove of reflecting on your blessings regardless of the day can really help you focus on life more positively and not worry as heavily about things going awry.

Anyway, I hope you found some of this helpful ! ;o; A lot of us in this crazy, busy world feel overwhelmed for different reasons, and sometimes no reason we can see, so you’re certainly not alone. I hope you find better sleep soon, feel free to ask anymore questions if you have them ;7;)/ best of luck!!

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