Do any of you have journals or diaries? I do. I first started keeping a diary when I was around five. Now, I have several diaries dating back to my tenth birthday, a few old dream journals, and several hundred notes on my phone (most being my private thoughts, same as my diaries). I love being able to look back through my old diaries and see what I was thinking about six months ago, a year ago, two years ago, four years ago . . .

Some thoughts and ideas on journaling:

-When my current diary has a pocket on an inside cover, I often use it to put newspaper clippings, tickets from shows I’ve seen, drawings I do, and other things like that I want to keep. If you want to do that but your journal doesn’t have a pocket, you could use an envelope instead.

-Sometimes when I’m feeling anxious or otherwise upset, I’ll write down a few “bad” things that are on my mind, and then write at least the same number of things I feel good about/things that make me feel good.

-More generally, lists can be fun! I like writing random lists. Any kind of list. Bucket lists, playlists, to-do lists . . .

(A while ago Alexandra wrote a blog post about journaling, too, and if you want to read it, here's the link: http://www.nmgmembers.com/blog/sister-to-sister-journaling)


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  • I have a journal, but I don't write in it very often. When I do though, the entries usually take the form of letters to characters from like books and TV shows I like. I'm weird that way XD. I usually have like several month breaks between my entries, and I can't figure out how to find the time to actually write every day. Anyone have any suggestions for keeping up with that?
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    I've been keeping a diary since I was nine, with one long, three month break - or was it 6? - somewhere in there. But, otherwise, I write in my diary at LEAST every other day, at least two pages a night.
  • I started keeping a journal when I was 8, but never really had the self discipline to keep it up until I was 11. :)
    I always try to get notebooks with pockets too!
  • I keep a journal too. This post was really helpful and gave me a lot of new ideas. Thank you!
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