Dealing with Stress Sickness

Whenever I get stressed I get really sick. I have a expensive trip coming up and I'm worried about being sick on the trip because I'm so stressed. Any advice on how to manage stress and deal with the sickness?

Oh no, I’m so sorry, getting sick from stress is no fun D: I have a chronic illness induced by stress and deal with nausea often because of it, so I have some tips I’ve learned that might help a bit!

Managing stress:

-If you can, write down what’s specifically making you stressed out (is it the packing? The fear of the what-if’s that might happen while you travel?) Getting it down on paper can help you ground it in reality a bit better. If it’s stuff that you have to do before you travel, such as packing, break it up into small chunks to do throughout a week. Like, this day I’ll list out all the stuff I need to pack, this day I’ll prepare what clothes I need to bring (how many/what kind), this day I’ll pack occupy stuff, etc.

-Sit in a quiet space and do some deep breathing. Close your eyes and start to focus on what you hear around you, then to what you feel around you (the seat your sitting in, the clothes on your skin, etc), then to what you feel inside you (how your body feels), and find a place that feels good/neutral and focus on that while you take deep breaths. This can help ground you in your environment. You can also follow along with meditation videos on YoutTube to help.

-Drink some calming teas if that’s your jam. My current favorite is lemonbalm which really helps with my anxiety, but herbal teas work differently with everyone and there’s other varieties of calming teas you can find in grocery stores and try out :)

Also see (Sister to Sister: Dealing with Stress by Emily, Sister to Sister: Stress by Kate)

For dealing with sickness (nausea specifically):

-Eat simple foods like toast, rice, or bananas so you get nutrients, but not agitate your stomach.

-Eat/drink ginger if you’re cold, peppermint if you’re too hot:
Ginger tea or ginger chews are my life saver when nausea hits, you can find these at almost any grocery store (ginger tea at least). Ginger chews are good too as they’re portable and you can warm them up in your pocket to chew on while you travel. But ginger also warms you up, so if you’re usually a warm person or in a hot environment, warmth can make nausea worse. In which case, peppermint is your friend. I take altoids as my choice of peppermint, but there’s lots of different peppermint options like capsules, gum, etc.

In the end, if your sickness persists despite these tips, it may be good to check with your parents and talk with your doctor on if something else is going on, or if there’s a medication that can help.

Good luck on your travels, Anon!!

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