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Dealing With Stage Fright

I really like to sing and act. People say school musicals are super fun, but whenever I sing in front of an audience I stink. I really wanted to try out for a part but I was too nervous. What do I do about my stage fright?

 - EV

  Oh geez, I know how you feel. Stage fright can be very frustrating - nothing throws a wrench into plans like getting the jitters right before a performance or audition.

Maybe before you have to perform or audition, try to take a few minutes to do something that calms you down, like writing, reading, drawing, or listening to music. Trying to keep your mind off of your upcoming performance and doing something that keeps you happy can really help soothe nerves. Nothing makes me feel worse than fixating on my own terror before performances, and you might find that distractions provide welcome relief for you too.

If that doesn’t work for you, maybe try you could simply take a few minutes to breathe. Try to remind yourself that it’ll all be okay, and that even if you don’t get the part you’ll have tried your best and it’s all good experience! The more you practice performance in front of people, the more you’ll get used to it, and the less stage fright you’ll have to deal with.

Another thing to remember is while you should definitely practice the day you have to perform, it might be a good idea to practice earlier in the day, rather than directly before you perform. I’ve often found that taking a break from practicing an hour or two before a performance makes me feel way less stressed than practicing all the way up until the end.

Good luck!

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  • Sometimes it helps me to imagine I'm on my own and the only one in the room, and it really helps. That might be just me but I hope this helps.
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