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Dealing with Scary Thoughts

Okay i am feeling a bit scared about Dying I never really thought about till my eleventh birthday And i really need some advice

– Anonymous

     This is a really big, serious topic, but I want to try to tackle it because I know I would have appreciated it when I was younger. As a younger child, I’d sometimes have trouble falling asleep, and with all that empty time for my mind to wander, I always found it drifting towards death. Before I give any advice, I just want to say that I’m really sorry that the idea of death has been weighing on you. It’s perhaps one of the most difficult things to have on your mind.

     I wish I could give a magic answer that would make death feel like less of a burden, as that’s what I wanted to hear when it was bothering me regularly. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic answer. Death will exist as long as life exists, and no matter what your beliefs are regarding the afterlife, it’s a topic that is scary and unnerving for a lot of people, so rest assured you’re not alone. All you can do is learn coping strategies for dealing with those moments when it really does weigh on you.
One thing that can be really helpful is to get your thoughts out, in some way. This can be in the form of journaling, talking to a loved one, or talking to a counselor or therapist if you have access to one. There’s really nothing that beats having a heart-to-heart with another being, or your own journal. This can help you figure out if there’s a reason that you’re feeling scared of death, and it’s also just a good reminder that there is support out there, if you look for it. Being open with people about your fears can be difficult, but if you have a friend or parent who you feel comfortable with, I really recommend that you reach out. Journaling is, of course, an easier way to put your thoughts on paper and either try to make sense of them, or just let them out of your system.

      Another thing that was helpful for me was listing everything that I felt grateful for. Sometimes it’s a little hard to get the list going, but once you do, it keeps your mind focused on really positive things. It can also remind you of things that you’re looking forward, which keeps you looking toward the future in a positive light. One last tip is to do something that will distract your mind enough to stop thinking about that topic, if at all possible. Some of the things that I find most effective are cleaning an area/room, reading a favorite book, listening to happy music, doing something creative, or spending time with friends. When you’re in the middle of an involved activity, or having a lighthearted conversation with some friends, it usually gives your mind a break from overthinking

     I hope at least something in here seems like it might be doable, and helpful in at least the slightest. Like I mentioned before, there really is no complete fix for those thoughts, but there are certainly ways to come to peace with them a bit more, and to think them less and less. If you or anyone else reading this would like to reach out to me and talk more about this or any other topic, my PMs are always open, and I’m more than willing to be a listener and help out personally!


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  • i know this an old post but i just joined and saw it so that's why i'm replying so late. i have really bad hypochondria/health anxiety and i always worry about it too especially when going to bed but i like listening to music, doing art, reading,ridding my unicycle or sitting with my cats to calm down and distract me though it's really hard to go through and messes up my life.some people who have it only worry about 1 or 2 things but sometimes mine gets really weird and irrational probably no one will read this but if you are and you worry about death you can pm me .
  • I feel the same way!
    When I start thinking about death, I just think about other things.
    I also like to get moving by singing, dancing, and other things like that.
    Good luck!
  • this is great advice!
    • ^^^^ I myself am not scared of death itself. I'm scared of the process of dying, and dying too soon and not doing all I can with my life.
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