Crush Advice

Need tips on dealing with crushes? Here are some things I’ve found useful:


For talking to your crush:

-I’ve found that when I’m nervous about talking to someone, whether for crush-related reasons or not, it helps me to think out what I’m saying ahead of time. Usually I do this pretty in-detail, thinking it out down even to when I’m likely to say “um.” (That may be just me though--if that doesn’t help you, find something else!)

-Once you know what you want to say, try not to overthink it. For me, the more I think through talking to someone I like without actually doing it, the more difficult it is to just go do it.


If you want to tell them:

-If you think it’ll be difficult to get your point across spoken (for instance, I tend to stumble over words even if I’m not nervous, and if I am nervous I often don’t speak very clearly), write a letter.

-Make your intentions in telling the person about your crush on them clear, whether you want to date them or just want them to know. (If you are interested in dating them, be sure to acknowledge that they may not reciprocate that interest! You’re likely already aware they may not, but mentioning it when you tell them may help with their comfort.)


For distracting yourself:

-What I’ve found helps me most if I’m feeling overwhelmed by a crush and in need of distraction is having time away from the person. Other things that could help might be listening to music, reading or watching something you really like, anything that you have comparably strong, positive feelings about.



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