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“I feel scared to come out at school. If I came out as gender fluid, no one would touch me with a ten foot stick. but I don't want to be hidden any longer. the teachers would accept me, but I don't want to be stuck a whole year with no friends. thanks for listening!”


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I hear you--coming out can be really scary, especially if you suspect the people you’re considering coming out to won’t accept you. Here’s an idea that may help: you don’t have to come out to everyone to come out. If you know your teachers will be more accepting than your classmates, you could start by only coming out to your teachers. You can still tell others, but if you don’t tell everyone at once, it may be less daunting. I’d also recommend you tell people who you trust not to out you to others, assuming that’s something you aren’t comfortable with.


Something I’ve found is that you often can’t know for sure how people will react until you tell them. I don’t know your friends and classmates, so I can’t say much about your situation, but it could turn out better than you expect. If it doesn’t, though, my advice would be to find those people who are accepting--like your teachers, or people here, and talk to them when you need. Unfortunately, in some situations, you’ll have to choose between being open about who you are and being accepted. If and when you choose to come out, you may lose relationships that are important to you. It’s awful and completely unfair having to face that possibility, and I hope you find people who accept you. Best of luck!



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  • this is so beautiful! im soo soo sorry but i dont know anything that might help
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