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Asking For Big Things.

I'm asking for something big soon that could affect my future. Do you have any tips on how to get my point across and how to make my opinion stated clearly about what I am asking for?-Anonymous


Asking for big things can be really tough. It can be really hard to get your points across. I think it is a good idea to find some way to practice before asking.

Try writing down what you want to say in the form of an essay or speech. You don't have to follow what it says exactly when you ask for your big thing but it can be a good guideline. It can also help you realize more clearly where you stand on important details of what you're asking for. If you're really nervous to talk about it then you can have whoever you're asking for the big thing read the essay. This can be a lot less anxiety-inducing than having a conversation 

I wish you luck on whatever you're asking for. It sounds like it's important to you and I hope it works out in your favor.

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  • this really helped, thank you! you made some really good points that's i'll try next time i ask for something :D
  • This is really helpful! I'm not currently asking for something big, but when I do I will consult this
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