Winter Fairytale Photoshoot

hiya friends! My sister Kate and I did a photo shoot the other day (with her as the photographer and me the model) that involved me standing in below freezing temperatures in a dress. These are some of my favorites :D







Let me me know which ones you liked best!

Materials: Snow, our woods, Kate, Kate’s camera, me, and a book.

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  • Woooow! You look gorgeous!
  • These look Awesome!
  • these look so professional!
  • You are so pretty! your hair is also really pretty, i love that color hair. I love them all, but especially Three and five!
    • Thanks! My hair isn’t quite that red normally, but the camera brings out a lot of colors.
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    Oh my gosh, these are beautiful! You look gorgeous, and the scenery makes these magical. As for which one is my favorite, I like the first one and the last two. <3
    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!! Also you look so much like my friend Quinn, so much that it's almost creepy XD
      • Weird xD thanks!
    • /\/\/\
    • /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ these are beautiful!! <3
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