Stuffed Animals!

I posted this because on October 28th, it's Plush Animal Lover's Day!!!! YAY! This is a photo of all my seventy stuffed animals (except the one whose clothes I couldn't find, just in case that wasn't allowed). If you want to know about any of them, just ask!

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  • What is the big pink bears name?
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  • Adorable!
  • Never too old to have stuffed animals!!!!!!
  • My brother has that same green monkey just like you
  • It's so cool that your picture/post was featured on the home page! :D
  • lovie ofie stuffie animalies ieamie in other words i love stuffed animals!!!
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    • I once saw that monkey in Dog With a Blog. :)
  • Thats awesome! I LOVE stuffed animals!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love the green monkey in the back row! :)
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