We've all been mourning the ending of the original Funny Quotes board. NING has been deleting accounts and along with the deleted accounts go the message boards. One of the most-loved message boards on New Moon, "Funny Quotes" was lost along with Roxi/Roti's account. 


BUT! When I first joined New Moon I was crazy (i still am but shut up). I instantly became obsessed with the Funny Quotes message board, as well as the website in general. I would read back thousands of pages one-at-a-time in to message boards, including FQ. At some point during this, I decided I should screenshot the funny FQs that I was reading (meaning that any quotes I didn't understand, such as Harry Potter FQs, because I hadn't read the books yet, weren't saved because they wouldn't have any use to me). When I got bored I would click on the "Screenshots" album and just read through old quotes I'd saved. It was a good entertainer on plane trips, too. 


Another reason I did this was because I actually pictured FQ shutting down (did i tell the future ? i'm actually not lying about this) or the website crashing or something and I thought, "No one else has (most likely) done this, and if something goes wrong, all those pages of history will be gone."


So off I went screenshotting things for hours. At some point (probably about a yearish ago) I stopped because it was clogging up space in my iPad and I had other things I wanted to do with my time. BUT the screenshots have stayed in my iPad all this time. 


For once my craziness has done something good! I want to try to post about 30(ish) screenshots a day in the photos section, but I see a lot of things wrong (no offense, Grace) with doing that. For one thing, it takes a long time to upload 30 photos, and I have to do it all in one sitting because there's no way to save a draft of a photo upload. Also, I feel like it might clog up the photography section. And, I don't know if anyone will appreciate it? Like, after awhile, will anyone look at it anymore? There are other things I could be doing instead of uploading screenshots, and if no one is going to look at them, I'm not going to do it. So I need to know that people will still look at it and my time is not going to be wasted.


Problems aside, I'm very happy that my 10 year old nerdy self decided to screenshot these and I'm happy I can bring them back to you (especially the members who have been here longer). Again, not all FQs are shown in this series of old FQs, because I hadn't read Percy Jackson or HP yet, so I didn't understand a lot of jokes. BUT some of the jokes I did understand I screenshotted, and some jokes I didn't understand just naturally ended up in the screenshot too. Also, if some jokes seem to have abruptly ended at the end of the photo (which you will see with Bee's "Introvert Nightmares" below), they might (depending on if I thought it was funny or not) be continued in the screenshot below. 


If you have any solutions to the problems above, please comment! Now enjoy these FQs!
































































































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