Local Women's March

As a few of you may know, I attended my local women's march today. Despite the subzero temperatures, the turnout is estimated to have been around 1500, which is a good amount for a town with a low population. I had an amazing time, even though my toes went numb. It was very uplifting to see so many people banded together. The first picture is of me, holding my sign in front of my house, just after the march, and the second picture is of the crowd. It stretched out around several blocks, so I couldn't really capture how many people there were.

EDIT: It's now estimated that 2000 people attended the march.
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  • I went to one, too! And I love your sign. My friend (who happens to have the same name as you) has a shirt that says that.
  • Thank you, everyone!!
  • That is so awesome!
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    This is wonderful, Eleanor. It sounds like it was an amazing experience to be part of that, and definitely very uplifting, especially given the cold! Good for you for participating.
    And the pictures are great as well. I love your sign. :)
  • Fabulous! I'm so proud of everyone who marched
  • That's awesome!!!
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