Photos from Summer

I know that this is really random because it is literally the middle winter...

I just wanted to show you some photos from my summer, since I joined a couple weeks ago. Also, bored right now, so I decided to do this. I'm sorry for the length of this. :) 

The photo above was taken during my road trip to Utah, where we went to all 5 of the national parks and some state parks and historical monuments (as are most of these photos)


3838381022?profile=RESIZE_710x3838381521?profile=RESIZE_710xThe one above is from my annual camping trip to the Oregon Coast

The one below is from my sort-of (its a very long story) school trip to Hawaii


That's all!

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  • These are all stunning! The colors are wonderful and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.
    • Thanks so much!
  • these are all so cool! I love the perspective techniques you used, the views are beautiful. and you’re so lucky to go on a school trip to Hawaii!, that’s awesome!
  • These are so cool! :D I really like the forth one!!! :D It looks like a stick dog!! :D
    • I actually do remember thinking that it looked like a stick dog! It was definitely an interesting log! :)
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