A look that I'm proud of

Hey y'all I haven't posted a picture of myself in a minute so here's an update plus I was doing makeup and I think it looks nice so yeah :D



I didn't put makeup on my acne because well to quote the lovely Katharine, I'm just a flower with speckles. Nothing wrong with those speckles. 


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  • Wow, you look fantastic! You have a great eye colour.
  • Aaaah reading these is making me smile so much <333 ;u; thank you all so much
  • You look AMAZING! May I say that I absolutely ADORE your eye color? Like, it's so bight and pretty, and your eyeshadow really complements it. Also, the eyeshadow... wow. I love how sparklely it is, and how it goes orange to pink. To sum up, you look like a very fabulous, fancy, and handsome Hiccup :D (which is, by the way, a very, very good thing :) )
  • awesome
  • your eye color is SO pretty. you look fantastic!!
  • You look great! I love your hair :)
  • Lookin good :)
  • Ahhh, Simon you look awesome! I actually love that your skin isn’t done as well, it somehow makes it like a whole new look (that I love.) Your eye color really pops and it’s so cool :D

    I see that Star Wars poster in the back. I approve XD
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