This is one of my foster dogs, Buck at the dog park. He gets very *enthusiastic* about his wrestle matches. Gotta be fierce up against that pit bull. Also, this was our Halloween greeting to people xD 7168463876?profile=RESIZE_710xanother pic of him wrestling7168469683?profile=RESIZE_710xmy mom dressed him up as a hippie dog for Halloween 7168475681?profile=RESIZE_710xantlers at Christmas 7168480054?profile=RESIZE_710xhe is quite possessive of his bone 7168485663?profile=RESIZE_710xfloppy ears7168496252?profile=RESIZE_710xus ♥️♥️♥️
And that concludes this photo dump

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  • Awww!!! My dog looks like yours!!!XD
  • These are lovely and made me smile :D It's awesome that you're fostering dogs, and I love the costumes <3
  • Awwwww I love those so much!
  • that's amazing! it's so touching that you're fostering dogs, my family has adopted two rescues. my cat was a tiny baby and she was found on a parkway. when we adopted her, she was being fostered, and the family had like ten cats waiting to be adopted, all from different bad situations. it was just so absolutely heartwarming to think about and to experience and seeing these makes me happy about it all over again. serious kudos to you and your family for this, it's amazing.

    on a different note, i LOVE buck's little smile in his hippie costume :3
    • Thanks so much! That’s nice about your cat, it’s cool you got them as rescues :)
  • Omigod Omigod these made be smile! Soooo cute!!!! If your dogs are gone tomorrow, don't worry, I'll take good care of them. <3333
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