Wasteland -- a roleplay -- CLOSED and PLAYING!



This is all you’ve ever known. Desolate, dusty, dreadful. Deadly.


The whole world—the once green and blue lush Earth—is now a wasteland. There are no trees nor flowers. Grass is a rarity, and if it’s there, it is already dying. Where there isn’t wasteland, there is water. The ice at the poles melted away years ago. The Earth has what would be heatstroke in a human. People and animals have adapted to the warmth, able to survive in 300 degree weather.

In other words, global warming has broken the Earth.


You are just trying to survive in this wasteland. Nobody is friendly, nor trustworthy. You duck into dark alleyways and keep your head down on the streets. It’s scary.

Plus, most people left on a spaceship for one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, a decade ago. Families separated. Parents left their young children, desperate for a better life.

You are one of those children. However, you are no longer a toddler. You are a teenager, about fourteen or so. You’ve become wise in the ways of this world.

Then, one day, an asteroid crashes down in the outskirts of your small city. It’s in the news for a bit, and many citizens venture out of the protection of their houses to see it. You choose to stay in the city. 

That is, until it feels like it is calling you.


The City

You live in the largest city in the district (district = sort-of like states), called Titan Metropolis. It has dark alleyways, skyscrapers, and small apartments. The streets are cobblestone and the sidewalks are filled with vendors. Outside the city, though, it is just “dustbowl” after dustbowl.


The Plot (sort of)

The asteroid feels like it’s calling you, luring you closer to it with whatever magic it possesses. So, you pack up your food and other things and, one day, head out of the alleyways, and into what passes for countryside. 

Once you arrive at the asteroid, you begin to notice why crowds were drawn to it. It isn’t just plain gray rock, it has strange, shimmery purple dust on it.

But that’s not the weirdest thing.

The weirdest thing is—it has writing almost like hieroglyphs or cuneiform on it. Some ancient, or otherworldly, text. 

And you can read it. 


The Form

Name (first and optional middle, you don’t know your last):


Age (between 12 and 15, please):


Gender and pronouns:










Family (that they had):




My Form

Name (first and optional middle, you don’t know your last): Europa Calliope (pr. yur-OH-pah kuh-LY-oh-pee) 

Age (between 12 and 15, please): 14

Gender and pronouns: female, uses all pronouns (mostly she/her)

Sexuality: omnisexual/romantic, mostly attracted to females and non-binary people 

Appearance: Europa has wild dark hair she hardly ever bothers to untangle. She often hides behind it. Her eyes are shaped like thin almonds and her irises are a harsh color between coffee-brown and midnight-black, with flecks of swamp-green and beige-gray mixed in. Her eyebrows are thin and black. She is average height, possibly a little over, and underweight. Her limbs are long, her fingers nimble, and her feet are quick. She usually wears a too-big gray tunic and athletic-style capris, along with a faded green-and-blue headscarf.

Personality: Europa always goes with her gut feeling, and her reflexes are quick. She is clever and a great thief. She was four when her parents left, and it was a traumatic event for her. She hates being betrayed or left behind, and as a result, does not always trust well. I might add more to this. 

Backstory: Europa lived in a large ranch-style house (one of the last left) on the outskirts of the city until she was three. A few weeks after her third birthday, the house caught on fire from a lightning strike and burnt down. Her older sisters, Cressida and Promise, did not make it out. The three remaining family members were devastated. They moved to a small condo in the heart of the city, where they lived until news got out that a spaceship, the Stardust II, was leaving for Europa. Europa’s parents were on the ship. She was not, and her older sister Cressida’s best friend, Xendahlia, took her in. Europa lived with Xendahlia and her family until they got too poor to take care of her (when she was seven). She’s survived on the streets ever since, begging, bartering, and pickpocketing/just stealing in general. 

Family (that they had): Sayer (mother), Story (nonbinary parent), Cressida (older sister, fourteen when she died), Promise (older sister, almost thirteen when she died). 

Other(s): Her parents named her Europa because they knew that on the moon Europa was a better life and, for them, a sign of hope. So, for them, the name Europa was a sign of hope.






Europa Calliope - 14 - female, uses any pronouns, mostly she/her - omnisexual/romantic, mostly attracted to females and non-binary people - played by me (first mate len/ori >:D)

Hope Joy - 12 - genderqueer, any pronouns - poly (females, males, nonbinary people) - played by Liesbet (Liesbet the Forget-Me-Not fairy)

Eveline "Evie" Mira - 14 almost 15 - genderfluid, prefers she/her - pan - played by Eli/se (eli)

Marlow Jade "MJ" - 12 - agender, they/them - panromantic - played by Jay (well that didn't work)

Josie - 15 - she/her/hers - bi - played by Elizabeth (ELizabeth/Owner of Froggo)

Nefeli - 13 - female, she/her - bi, demi - played by Daisy (✿ Daisy ✿

Kessla “Kes” Renée - 13 - female, she/her - bisexual - played by Mariam (Mariam (╹◡╹)♡)

Melissa "Lissa" "Lissy" - 12 - female, she/her - lesbian - played by Ella (Crazy Book Geek XD)

Vienna - 14 - genderfluid, ni/nir - omnisexual - played by H (H the cookie monster pig)

Ayva - 14 - female, she/her - lesbian - played by Sophia (Sophia)


Beginning Prompt

The sunlight has just broken over the horizon, and the city is beginning to get even busier and louder (Titan Metropolis truly is a city that never sleeps). You might be already stealing food for breakfast, or securing your hideout. Then, the calling starts. It persisted all day long yesterday, and you just shrugged it off. But today, it seems more urgent. It is 6:45 / 6:45 AM.

Second Prompt

You've stolen breakfast and eaten it. Because the call seems more urgent today, you decide to follow it. It is almost midday. It is 10:50 / 10:50 AM.

Third Prompt

You are near the outskirts of the city, following the call. It is 11:20 / 11:20 AM.

Fourth Prompt

You have met up with the others following the "weird calling feeling thingymabob". You've just started walking together towards the source of the calling. It is 12:00 / 12:00 PM.


Current Prompt

You have found the asteroid, and you notice that it's not a regular asteroid. It has strange purple dust on it. But that's not the weirdest part.  The weirdest thing is—it has writing almost like hieroglyphs or cuneiform on it. Some ancient, or otherworldly, text. And you can read it. It says:

Hello, children of your Mother Earth. 

We are from the planet Procul, or as you would call it, Kepler 442b. We are the Astrums, only one of the tribes on our planet.

We would like to invite you to Procul to learn our ways of helping the planet. We can teach you how to reverse the global warming. It happened to us, and we've fixed it.

We will send another missive soon.

Sincerely, the Astrums ⭐

You are SHOCKED.



It is 14:00 / 2:00 PM.

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  • Nefeli: I gasp. "Europa, that's- that's amazing!" I murmur.
  • Europa:
    "I...I think I can read it. The carvings."
  • Nefeli: Europa looks disturbed. I put my hand on her shoulder. "What's wrong?"
  • Europa:
    I stare at the carvings, and it's like a switch is flipped to "on" in my brain. The carvings start to make sense. "Whoa," I mutter, and take a step back.
  • Nefeli: "Yeah," I say.
  • I'm sorry but I have to drop out
    • That's okay. Is it okay with you if I take over your character?
      • I mean if you need to (like for the plot to work) that's fine but I'd prefer for you not to :)
        • Okay, I won't then :)
  • Europa:
    "Yeah, it's like cuneiform or hieroglyphics. Ancient. Yes, let's check it out."
This reply was deleted.
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