Yes, I know I post so much about the environment. But it is clearly an important topic to me xD

So, as some of you may know, my summer project was to go Zero Waste which went pretty well, although I have found some issues with the movement, which actually was never meant for ordinary people to do. It was for companies, which are what actually produce the waste. People just create a damand for new products by buying them, but it really should be that the companies stop making the products. Also, zero waste creates such an awareness about solid waste (the trash made) that people don't think about the other waste they make, such as water and gas. There's a great thing called the Low Impact Movement that is pretty awesome. It focuses on all waste made and is broad enough that people who don't have access to bulk stores and other zero waste things can still do it. (If you want to learn more, click here or here). Still, I have had an idea for a while that I'm calling Thoughtful Wasting that I'd thought I'd share. 

Basically, you are as thoughtful to the environment as makes sense to you and your life, but you keep the main goal low impact :). Here's what I'm going to try to do:

  • Buy all I can second hand, and the only things I don't buy second hand have to be from a good, environmentally friendly company
  • Have all my trash go into a smallish trash can, but try to figure out other options than to just throw stuff away. For example, If I have a pair of sneakers I could send them to Nike Reuse-A-Shoe instead of to the landfill. There is also something called TerraCycle that recycles a TON of things.
  • Compost all I can. This includes paper, hair off of a hair brush, food of course, etc.
  • Continue to not buy single-use plastic, but every once and a while it's okay :)
  • Decide on the best option thoughtfully. Example: I want a reusable metal straw, but it comes in plastic. In the long run, I will use more plastic in single use straws then the plastic that the reusable straw comes in. So IMO it's better to get the metal straw.
  • Bike or walk whenever I can instead of driving. (Or take the bus)
  • Collect extra water and use it to water plants or something

If you are at all interested in Zero Waste, Thoughtful Wasting, or the Low Impact movement, I have an idea we can talk about it here. For three or so days, try to make as little waste as possible and collect all the trash you do make. It's very interesting how simply being aware can help you make better choices. 

A few other things...

  • I have collected links to a lot of organizations that are doing great things so feel free to ask about something you are wondering about and I'll see if I know of something. (sorry that made no sense xD)
  • Here is the link to some very intersting statistics about waste. It's meant to educate people, but not make them feel bad about stuff, since that gets you nowhere <3
  • On a much better note, watch this video. It's really awesome and almost made me cry.
  • *IMPORTANT* I made this board to share what I am doing for the environment and hopefully inspire other people, but I don't want anyone to feel bad about that they are not doing or what they could do better. There have been many times this summer where I've felt bad and I promise it gets you no where. You are all fabulous human beings <3333

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  • Hi!! Lately I’ve been feeling super depressed about the earth, but found this video today that I thought I’d share. The woman in the video has a great blog called Going Zero Waste and she describes exactly how I’ve been feeling but with lots of ideas of what individuals can do to save the earth. One more thing: in the beginning of the video there is a pretty depressing fact about how much longer we had to reverse climate change and although many people may have heard that I recommend skipping the first minute if you don’t want to hear scary facts. LMK if you watch the video:
  • Today I heard of a super cool thing! Basically, many people think about the visible waste they make, but not the waste that happens behind the scenes. I’m not sure of the details, but there are platforms online that aren’t very eco friendly. So I came across this thing called Ecosia that is a search engine like Safari or Chrome. Something having to do with clicking on add and stuff gives them money which they use to plant trees! I’m using it right now! Anyway the link is here if you want to check it out.
    Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees
    Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. By searching with Ecosia, you’re not only reforesting ou…
    • I was about to post this message: Hey! So I'm doing some more research on zero waste and I started using Ecosia. It's a search engine like Google or Yahoo and it uses the profits from being used (80%, I believe) to plant trees. They're aiming for 1 billion trees planted by searches by 2020!

      and then I saw that it was already here!
      • Hehe, that’s funny. Yup, I’ve been using it since I posted that and I love it!!
    • That's pretty cool ! ;)
  • S2S Mentor
    This was very interesting! Also that video was a nice thing to see because sometimes I just feel so down about all this stuff. Anyways, thanks for making this!
    • Yeah, I love that video. You’re welcome!
  • Oh, this is really cool! Let's see...
    I buy mostly from farms we know.
    I think we buy recycled bags.
    We turn off the lights when we leave the house.
    And we use a woodstove.
    • :D cool!
  • Wow Grace. This is amazing! I love all your environmental stuff you’ been posting! I am totally gonna try this sometime :D
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