Demons, humans, and animals on one side, Angels, naiads, and dryads on the other. Air Angels, Sun Angels, Cloud Angels, Moon Angels. Water Demons, Earth Demons, Fire Demons, Shadow Demons. Let me take you back to when the demon-angel war started.

The demon queen and angel ruler were to sign a treaty, giving the Angels the Sky-Realm, and the Demons the World-Realm. The Demon queen, who's name was Scarla, signed. The Angel ruler, who's name was Arlen, signed. The human king, Domi, who was to take the Middle-Realm, did not. The demon queen took the human kings side, saying that humans got the smallest realm. The angel ruler said that since demons and angels had magic, they were the superior species. 

The next day, war erupted. The three species, Demons, Angels, Humans, called more species to come to their aid. The Angels called the Naiads from the Ocean-realm and the Dryads from the Tree-realm. The Demons called the Humans and the Animals from the Wild-realm. 

You are one of these species, trying to find why the king chose not to sign, in the hopes that that will stop the war.



Air angels can shift air currents, make wind, and fly faster than any other type of angel

Sun angels can make the sun brighter, make miniture suns, and fly higher than any other type of angel

Cloud angels can make clouds, make it rain, and make clouds move

Moon angels can make the moon brighter, make miniture moons, and fly more nimbly than any other type of angel



Water demons can make water, change water currents, and manipulate water

Earth demons can manipulate plants, create plants, and make earthquakes

Fire demons can cause fire to leap up out of no where, fire to burn hotter than normal, and make it move to their will

Shadow demons can jump into beings shadows, control minds by shadows, and make shadows move indipenditly. They always cast a shadow, even in the dark.



Animals have "Knack magic" It increases thieir sight, hearing, sense of smell, and fighting ability



Naiads have healing magic, and can turn into water



Dryads, Like Naiads, have healing magic. They have the ability to turn into trees



Humans with magic are made, not born, and the magic they use is artifial magic, not nature magic like the other species. In short, they are witches. They can uses spells and make potions.





No Powerplaying/Godmodding

No winning fights without the other players consent

Nothing inapropiate

No Swearing

No detailed explations of gore

Just stick to NMG rules alright?


No more human, shadow demon, earth demon, fire demon, water demon, cloud angel, sun angel, or moon angel spots left


The form



Species(please specify which type if angel, demon, or animal):







 Members and Saved spots

Sharo (Shar) Carna - Shadow demon - Liesbet(Me)

Naturae (trounced Not-Tour-A) Tierra - Earth demon - ✿ Daisy ✿

Artemis Hugo- Human - Mariam (╹◡╹)♡ 

Leaf winters - Shadow demon - ELizabeth/Cookie monster Froggo

Sun angel spot saved for Sophia

 Starr Asteriodia - Cloud Angel - Geeky!

Adara vinles - Fire demon - Crazy Book Geek XD

Phaerliyn (pr. FAY-er-lin) Sarcota - Water demon - Lady Grace of New Moon 

Lola - Sun angel - Flozza :D

Selene Esmeray (goes by Esmeray) - Moon angel - first mate len 

Ell - Animal, Wolf - Liesbet(Me)

Aquarine Riveria - Niaiad - ✿ Daisy ✿

Aqua - Niaiad - Crazy Book Geek XD





You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!

Email me when people reply –


  • Naturae: I can tell that Aquarine's magic worked. That's a relief.

    Aquarine: "Well, that should be good."
  • Ell: Why are we here? This place is odd.
  • Naturae: I find myself holding my breath. I don't know why I'm so intent on this magic working. Well, I don't like seeing anything hurt, so...

    Aquarine: The magic works. I sigh and move away immediately.
  • Recap?
    • Starr passed out, Aquarine is healing her with healing magic, the wolf who can talk is being lookout
  • Ell: I use my knack magic to listen for enemies. My nose, ears, eyes, and paws glow for a moment then fade. Thirty minutes of increased abilities.
  • Aquarine: I hold out my hands, and I feel that insufferably calm feeling wash over me. Gosh, I hate calmness.
  • Naturae: "Yes. Please do," I beg.

    Aquarine: I roll my eyes and sigh.

    Ooc: Liesbet, how do the healing powers work?
    • Ooc: They hold their hands over they entity being healed, and a gold glow appears and heals.
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