This RP is a collab between me and Eva



The story:


You are a young lady of socitiy. Which means dresses. And corsets. And the expectation you'll marry rich and quickly. don't. somehow, at the age of 14, you have not married anyone. You: YAY! Your parents: THIS IS TRAGIC LOOK AT OUR SOCIAL STATIS!!!!! So, you are sent to finishing school, in hopes you'll become a respectable young lady. But...this uses old methods. Methods that involve much beating, chores, and locking-in-closets. So. You are suffering, your parents are having fancy parties, and nothing is right anymore. One could argue marrying is better than this. But then, two girls sneak into the schoo. they find you. And they leave you a message. 

Dear Very Much Abused and Misirable Person:

We know what you are going through. Your parents don't, but we do. And we can get you out. Meet us on the roof on the !7th of July. that is, if you want to get out. If not, fine, be that way, and spen the rest of your life here. But we don't think that's what you'll choose.


the Pirates of the Northern Sea

So. Now you have a choice. Go with them....or stay.


(Note: This is set in past times. i.e. no cell phones, nose percings, tatoos, ect. hair dye is allowed )


The Form:








Pirate or Schoolgirl:






Pirates: 4/4 taken (captian and first mate taken)

Schoolgirls: 5/5 taken



My Form(s):


Name: Liz Alans

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Sexuality: bi


Personality: She's kinda a bully. She's feirce, but nice if she likes you. She's willing to take on a whole navysingle-handed. She has. (she lost) She acts tough, but she's scared of a lot of things. She has scars all over her back, but she hides them from everyone except her brother.

Pirate or Schoolgirl: Pirate (first mate)

Backstory(optional):  Her parents hated her, no matter what she did. It was because of the birth mark on her back. It was shaped roughly like a bird. they said it was the mark of a witch. They tried beating her, so it would scar over. Then, even after it was gone, they didn't stop. they always did it when Jack wasn't home. then they'd beat her all the time, when she hadn't done anything. If she had done something, they'd hurt her more. Once her father threw her through a glass window. Once they left her outside all night in the middle of winter. Her brother tried to get them to stop, but they just denied it. Finally they snuck away, only to get caught. her parents nearly killed her for that. the second time, they were scucessful.

Other: Jack's twin, dating Pip



Name:  Jack Alans

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Sexuality: bi


Personality: He's smart, and good at tracking. He's very tough, and annoyingly protective of his sister. the rest To Be RPed

Pirate or Schoolgirl: Pirate 

Backstory(optional): see Liz's form

Other: Liz's twin



Eva's Form(s):


Name: Philippa (Pip to everyone else, Pippa to people really close to her) 

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Sexuality: Bi


Personality: Pip is very strong, bold and outgoing. She likes everyone to think that she's brave and never afraid, which she is, but she's human, so she's scared by some things (hummingbirds, hourglasses and the colour pink - all part of her backstory). But she's very fierce and protective. She stands up for her friends and people she cares about, and her ideals - which is why she wants to keep the girls from the finishing school safe. She's very caring and kind once you get past her tough, outer skin, which takes AGES. She's hard on slackers and people who don't pull their weight. Her favourite thing to do is to climb the rigging, go into the crow's nest and look out with her special, weathered telescope and then swing back down on the rope, gripping it with her hand in a leather, fingerless glove, and her knees.

Pirate or Schoolgirl: Pirate (captain)

Backstory(optional): Her father left before she was born, which made her mum hater her. She was a drunk and would always stay out late, no matter what day it was, before coming back home at 1 or 2 in the morning, and call Pip down to help her, always saying it would be different this time. Then she'd hit her and beat her, normally grabbing something and using that too. On school days, she'd walk back through the forest, and if her mum was home, the hummingbirds wouldn't be singing, so she'd know. She would brace herself, and when she walked in, she'd often get beaten again. When she was out at the bar or the pub, or wherever she went to get drunk, when she came back, she'd be wearing her pink high heels and she'd totter around then beat Pip. Once, the day before Pip ran away, she broke an hourglass over Pip's back, then used it to beat her. She has hundreds of scars on her back which she keeps hidden, and nobody, not even Liz, know about.

Other: Dating Liz




Keep everything NMG approporiate

No in-depth violence



have fun!!!!!!



 Liz Alans/Pirate/Bi/Me

Jack Alans/Pirate/Bi/Me

Phillipa 'Pip'/Pirate/Bi/Eva

Lydia Morgan/Schoolgirl/Biromantic Pansexual/Pheonix

Kitty/Pirate/Aro Ace/Flo


Annabella Hoffer/Schoolgirl/Bi/Beth

Shandra James/Schoolgirl/Straight, maybe Aesexual/Callie


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