The Marked - A Role-Play - Open - Remake

Every Thirteen and Fourteen year old in Kall is checked for a mark.

A mark appears as an animal surrounded by a circle.

If you have a mark, you are banished to the desert out side the walls of Kall.

The Elimitation ceremony happens every year on December 31st.

Kall is a dull brown city surrounded by thick walls, Outside the walls lies "The infinte desert"

The sun never sets, and dust hangs in the air.

The sky is criss-crossed by barbed wire.

It's an awful place to live, as there is little water and it is always scorching hot. 

There are few things to play, and even if you have them, there is little time to play them. As under thirteen year olds are in school, and over fourteen year olds are working.


Everyone with a mark can turn into the animal depicted on thier mark.

The colour of your mark shows the element you have. Brownish-green for earth, dark blue for water, white for ice, pale blue for air, red for fire, yellow for lighting, and the animal's true color for neutral.

The animal your mark can be are Stag[OPEN]


















Kommdo dragon[OPEN]



You have a mark...

and you are afraid...

of the Elimanation



No powerplaying/godmodding

If you make a picrew of them, also provide a rough description of them, because some people aren't allowed to click on links

Pretty detailed please

No to be RPed

No explicit violent content

No bullying outside the RP

No swearing

Please keep it divers

If you read the rules, put Shapeshift in the other section on your form



The form



Gender(Please try to have a variety):









My form

Name: Hakura Ourli Myeji

Age: 13

Gender: Demifemale

Sexuality: Poly(Females, non-binary people, males)

Mark: Fox

Personality: Hakura is,,, excitable to say the least. She is happy too be the class clown, and is very very reckless. She gets excited easily, but if she is nevous or scared, its okay to panic, because she is almost never scared.

Apperance: Hakura has long red hair. Her eyes are a blue that all the storybooks say is the colour of the sky. She likes wearing her faded yellowish t-shirt over her yellowed white long sleeve, and jeans. Her face is always dirty, and she is almost always grinning.

Pronouns: She/her/hers/herself or they/them/theirs/themself

Element: Fire

Other: Shapeshift



Hakura Ourli Myejin//13//She/Her They/Them//Fox//Fire//Me(Cat)

Adira Nightshade//13//She/Her//Lion//TBD//Siobhan

Maeve Stone//13//She/Her//Cat//Ice//Kaity

Maria Linn//14//She/Her//Unicorn//Ice//Claire

Tsuyu Inuki//14//Any//Fawn//Water//SadPotoato

Elvet Meadows//14//He/Him//Swan//Lightning//Nines


Ellie Alvarez//14//She/Her//Bear//Earth//Lola

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Email me when people reply –


  • Maria: i start making breakfast. I pull my hair into a long ponytail, and grab an egg from the fridge.
  • Name: Azariah (Aza) Mulri Shadlyn

    Age(13-14): 13

    Gender(Please try to have a variety): Genderfluid

    Pronouns: She/her/they/them

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Mark: Thrush

    Personality: They are quiet and more subdued, but they are very attentive to everything going on around the. Nothing will get past her, and she pays very close attencion to everyone. They have a good sense of humor, if you get close to them. She is inclined to close herself off, but is trying not to and actually really wants to be able to open up.

    Apperance: She has dark brown hair in a long pixie cut, and their eyes are slanted slightly and a deep green gray. They have a slight figure, and are 5' 2", but is wiry and quite on her feet. Their lips are full, and always chaped. They have thin arched eyebrows, that are pale brown, and her eyelashes are even lighter, to the point that you can barely see them unless their in the right light. They were wear shirts and leggings, with short brown lace-up boots.

    Element: Air

    Other: Shapeshift, also does anyone want to be their friend or s/o. If you do want to be her s/o, is it ok if they don't really like each other at first?
    • could she maybe be friends with elvet?
      • yes, I think they would get along
  • May I be the thrush?
    • Sure!
  • Hakura: I enter the kitchen and snatch a loaf of bread which I tear half of off.
  • aaa i didnt know this started sorry

    Elvet: I'm still half asleep as I turn off my alarm. Part of me is *strongly* considering just going back to bed, but I know I have important things to do. Well. Not really important, but I need to do them.
    With a sigh, I get out of bed and start changing into my regular clothes.
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