You have been called to duty to meet with fellow explorers in the built-up town of Wattsonburg, Carolina (I made up this place) at Wattsonburg Lab of Various Subjects (I'm bad at naming things) to discuss a recently found map, labeled with the words "Map to The Future" with archeologists, explorers, scientists, and more. You will be assigned bunks when you arrive.


You have no clue what it means, but you must go.

(This is set in the 1940s, WWI has happened and WWII is happening, so no modern cars or electronics please)

 I will draw your guys' characters if you'd like!



Name (please keep it old-fashioned-ish):







(2 Max) Career(s) (scientist, explorer, engineer, or archaeologist):

Level of Education In Career: 

(please have this only be other RPers) Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband (If any):



My Form:

Name: Ethel Fieldsworth

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Tan skin, medium length wavy auburn hair, 5"12' tall, average weight, light brown eyes, usually wears hair in a ponytail, has a permanent scar on her cheek, and freckles.

Personality: Very serious, but also very cheery. She loves tinkering and exploring, and has been since she was 9. She gets nervous when in tough situations.

Family/Backstory: She never knew her mother. Her parents always argued. Her mother, Margaret Melvin, was a criminal and a terrible person. When she was 8 her and her father, Frank Fieldsworth, ran away to England and since then she and her father have explored jungles, forests, and cities and her father taught her to engineer. Her father left one day to explore with his friend, and never came back, this happened when Ethel was 12. She lived in an orphanage for 8 years and then moved back to her and her father's old home and has been living there since. She has continued to study earth and engineering.

Carrer(s): Engineer and Explorer

Level of Education in Career: Super high level in Engineering, and average level in exploration

Girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife: Has been dating Harmony Williams for 6 months.

Other: She is cousins with Etta Brownsbury, erp087e3's character.


Current RPers:

Ethel Fieldsworth - Jeanie The Riveter (Me!)

Tan skin, medium length wavy auburn hair that is usually in a ponytail, 6"0' tall, light brown eyes, average weight, scar on cheek, and freckles


Harmony Williams - Sheenagh

Long light brown hair and bright green eyes pale skin, freckles and short.


Marie Thomas - Fawn

~Medium brown skin
~Dark Brown hair in a wavy bob/pixie cut style.
~Always wears her polka dotted Rosie headband


Marsha Reeves - The Great VeweromnivacabrfeEXDed

Marsha has very dark brown hair, almost black, and she usually keeps it in a messy bun. Her skin is slightly tanned, and her eyes are brown. She’s a little shorter than average.


Etta Brownsbury - erp087e3 (Cloud)
Etta has shoulder-length wavy auburn hair. She has mottled green-brown eyes and silver glasses. She is skinny and small, but healthy. She has a kind smile and her eyes tend to sparkle. She usually wears a maroon sweater, jeans, and boots. She always carries a satchel and looks best near browns, greens, and blues. Etta automatically fits in all natural environments.



Appearance: Bea has caramel skin and super frizzy, dark brown hair that the ties back in a puffy ponytail. She has large, hazel eyes that seem to shift with her mood and a fair amount of freckles. She is a little short but is quite strong and wears all shades of brown to maroon shirts (on a sunny day, she’ll sometimes wear blue) and jeans.

Annabeth -  Virginia The Musician

Appearance: Boots with a steampunk long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. (What is her hair color and hair type and skin tone?)


Saved Spots:



Bunk Roommates:

Bunk 13 - Beatrice Solomon, Etta Brownsbury

Bunk 17 -  Annabeth, Ethel Fieldsworth

Bunk 21 - Marsha Reeves, Harmony Williams

Bunk 32 - Marie Thompson, TBD 


Current Prompt (READ BEFORE POSTING!!!!!):

We are at the Terracotta Forest, searching for clues 




You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!


  • Hello Guys.
    So i've been really busy lately and this board is kinda dead so I'm going to pause this RP.
    I'm sorry.
  • Ethel: We arrive at the Terracotta Forest, and we are setting up camp. It's very wet and muddy, so I find a dry spot to set up my tent. I help Harmony make her tent, then roll out my 'mattress' and make my bed. I pull out my foldable chair, then start searching. I find a silvery looking thing covered with vines. I grab my machete that I bring while exploring and tear up the vines. It has a gold marking on it with the numbers '2018' It is a roundish dome shape and it is very rusty. I run back to the campsite screaming "I FOUND THE MACHINE!" I lead everyone over to it and everyone inspects it.
    We are setting up camp the the terracotta forest
  • Annabeth: I looked at the map and noticed a M marked at the left corner it was super small but I didn't tell anybody because it wasn't my turn.
  • Hellooooooooooo
  • Ethel: I wake up and check the clocktower. 7 o'clock am. I get dressed and read in the common room until Matt comes in and wakes everyone up, and says "Today, we will have breakfast and then you will converse with Miss Claire Fontaine in the lab. I will lead you there after breakfast." He leads everyone to the dining hall and the table is decorated with every breakfast food you could want: Toast, cereal, fruit, pancakes, waffles, eggs, and any other food you could ever imagine. Everyone devours the food then Matt leads us to the Laboratory where Dr. Fontaine is waiting. "We are here to discuss the map. One at a time each of us will make observations of the map, and list them on some paper." I make an observation first, and say, holding a spying glass "There is a minuscule red dotted line. There are some remnants of dust. OH!" I gasp. "There is a MACHINE on the photo!" I say. "Show me." Dr. Fontaine demands. I point to a tiny photo of a machine in the left-hand corner. "We may find that machine when we go to the Terracotta Rainforest. We will leave the day after tomorrow." Dr. Fontaine says. Everyone nods, and the next person observes (Sheenagh it's Harmony)
  • This reply was deleted.
  • Annabeth: I just realized it was still night and I freaked out I went to my dorm put on my night dress and got into my bed and read The Black Stallion
  • Ethel: Me and Harmony play for at least an hour. I win, but that's what I was expecting since I'm pretty much a master. I brush my teeth, put on my night-clothing, and read in bed until 8 o'clock and fall asleep.
This reply was deleted.
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