Hello all! This is/was an absolutely fantabulous RP created by Tiino/Ava. I thought it looked fun, so with her permission I've decided to revive it with a few changes. I'll think I'll close it at around twelve to fifteen people.


Welcome to the inner workings of the interweb! You are an individual being with your own thoughts and emotions, and are the personification of some sort of social media or social network. You can be anything from Nico Nico Douga to Wikipedia (I really want to see someone be Wikipedia, but that isn't too important.) Anyways, the RP starts on a normal day. That's when our bosses (Google, Yahoo, Benjamin Silberman, whoever own your application/site) tell us that a few of us are being shut down. (Who has the possibility of being shut down will be discussed in the comments) So, everyone is going to have to band together (Yay, cliche teamwork montage!) to try to help their fellow networks/medias stay in business. Of course, this will have it's own mix of drama, like romantic interests, rivalries, and sadness over the ones who've already been lost (Like Vine *cry*)



i kNOW OF A MAGICAL PLACE WHERE YOU NEVER GET HARMED; A MAGICAL PLACE WITH MAGICAL CHARMS! THE INTERNET (lol not really but if you get this reference I love you so much)

The Internet is essentially New York. Futuristic building line croded streets, filled with people on their phones, celebrating boosts in popularity, and whatnot. It's basically real-life, but a lot will alos be different. Technology is more advanced, the world fades away into random eletrical outlets and glowing screens if you walk to far away from the city, and your popularity all but means everything to you. Maybe you're in college, or have a job. Magic doesn't really exist, but technology has replaced that. Our characters will go about their lives, party, obsess, try not to get fired, etc. There's a high school, middle school, college, unlimited jobs, and everything else. 


- Please try not to be too active, friends! If the RP starts going to fast it's really hard to keep up with, so please keep that in mind.


- Keep it clean and NMG friendly!

- Your personification should have most of their clothing corresponding to the main color their logo has (For example, Youtube would be Red. Tumblr would be dark blue.)

- Please don't have two people taking over the RP. Give the other RPers a chance to post too!

- No being rude to other NMGers outside of the RP characters being rude to another RP character. This should go without saying.


- A relationship between characters must have consent from all members who have characters in the relationship.

- Please use correct grammar!

- Your character's appearance should correspond to the general appearance of a majority of it's audience

- Your characters are all social media websites/websites in general, so their personalities should match that. Don't make Youtube shy and quiet, or Instigram focused and super smart. That said, go wild with your personality; give them traits that will be funny, easily idenitfiable, and similar to their website.

Character Form:

Website/Application (this is your name. Nicknames are okay, though):

Gender (even mix, please):

Age (By appearance, not actual website age. Please somewhere between 14-25):

Website age:

Appearance (matching your website's colors):


Personality (matching your website's themes etc.):







Please, no To Be RPed. Be descriptive! 


Julia-- Wikia 

Viri-- Discord & Tumblr

Sophia-- DeviantArt & Google Earth

Eli-- Facebook

Hazel-- Instigram

Lili-- Archive of Our Own

Caroline-- Wikipedia

Iweird/Joosah/Sage/Ellory-- NMG

Foxsquirrel-- Wattpad

Tiino-- Steam

Gemma/Gemelli pasta-- Amazon & Etsy

Vivi-- Youtube & Pixabay

Grace-- Ning

Avery-- Muscore 

Freida-- Spotify

Sheenagh-- Google Translate

Kailani-Lani-- Redfin Real Estate

Mia- Roblox

Marina-- Yelp

Please note that I might be adding more to this gradually, so keep updated with the board :D


Current Prompt:

Today is a normal day. Everyone knows each other, so maybe try not to incorporate none-RPed characters into it, if that makes any sense? You're all going about your jobs. Some of you probably work at Google, or Yahoo, or whoever owns your website. You might meet a friend for coffee, or go get an upload at the WWW Store which sells everything. It's currently 9:30 a.m. School isn't a big thing for the websites, so although they are all school-age, they might not attend.

You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!


  • Oh right i remember this
  • Ning:
    At the WWW Store, I find the video chat feature. I casually swipe my credit card theough the register, and tuck the feature into my shopping bag, along with a new duo-chrome setting, a clock gadget, and some chocolates. A very successful trip, obviously.
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    -Wattpad-"Yeah!" I say excitedly. I'm full of ideas, plot twists, and things that happen, and no one seems interested! Hm. Maybe someone else will want to hear me ramble.
  • GT: "sounds nice."
  • FaceBook: I walk in to google. I moderate some posts and have some coffee
  • eBay: “Uh... I got to get to my job... so bye.” I say to Yelp.
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    -Wattpad-I sit, and start talking. "So, I had this idea for a story, where a boy goes to stay in England for a year, but he discovers it's overrun with monsters, and he's the only one who can save everyone. What do you think?" I say eagerly.
  • GT: "you can sit."
  • BUMP
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