A collab between Rowan (Me) and Cae.



You love to work in the kitchen. And you want to share your passion with the world, but…. THERE IS NO COMPETION FOR NMG COOKS!!!!

But one day, that changes. You get a flyer in the mail. It reads:


Dear NMGer.

You have been accepted to compete in the first annual New Moon Girl Food Championship. It will be solely NMG contestants. Please arrive at the train station with your bags packed and ready on Saturday if you are interested. And of course, you require parental permission. There will be accomidation provided, as well as food. The contest will go on for an unknown period of time, but as always, there will be everything you need for your stay. Please read the following if you have any interest:

You will be competing in a series of trying challenges that require baking expertise and skill. You will be judged by professional judges. This will also be televised. The challenges will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On the off days, you will have time to bind with your fellow chefs, and to practice your cooking.

Each day you bake you will get a score based on how well you did, given to you by each (active) judge. You will be given the final score based on the two combined. Whoever gets the highest score wins Star Chef, and whoever gets the highest total score, wins the competition. No one will be eliminated.



The Form


Age (9-14 ONLY!!!):


Grade (4th-9th ONLY!!!):

Cooking or Baking or Both:

Expierence (years):





Favorite things to cook/bake:

Goal (ex. Do you want to be a professional pastry chef?):




Rowan's Form:

Name: Samantha Candia

Gender: female

Age: 26

Grade: N/A (She's a judge)

Cooking or Baking or Both: Both

Expierence (years): 11

Personality: Warm and kind (unless someone is disrespectful or rude then she becomes very fierce and strict).

Appearance: Brown hair, with streaks of lighter hair at the front. Tall. Olive skin tone. Kinda plump from all the food she bakes and eats as well as judges. She has green eyes. I made a Picrew of her: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/94097-ghcrga9i

Likes: Good bakers, good bakes, sweet treats, books, reading, writing.

Dislikes: Soggy bottoms (in cakes or pies), meat, losing.

Favorite things to cook/bake: Tarte au Citron avec Meringue (Lemon pie with meringue), Victoria Sandwich, Battenburg Cake, and anything chocolate.

Goal: N/A (Already is a professional judge)

Other: Is part French


Cae's Form:

Name: Anya Saffron

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Grade (4th-9th ONLY!!!): N/A

Cooking or Baking or Both: Both, but she specializes in baking

Expierence (years): 14

Personality: Anya is sweet, and caring, but she is also very strict in her judging, making sure that every detail is perfect, or as close as it can get to perfect. Anya is a hardcore baker, with some cooking experience. She likes to interact with the competitors, but also not spend too much time with them so she's not biased on one chef.

Appearance: https://picrew.me/share?cd=SZBJrrbHTZ #Picrew #Character_Creator

Likes: perfection in cooking/baking, macarons, coffee, pasta, sandwhiches

Dislikes: Bad Baking, tuna, fish in general, most meat.

Favorite thing to cook/bake: macarons and chocolate coffee cakes

Goal: NA

Other: I'm so excited!



  • Drama is allowed, this IS a competitive RP, but don't let it take over
  • Dating/Romance is allowed, but they are pretty young, so keep it to a minimum
  • Don't make your bakes perfect all the time; have your character struggle occasionally
  • If you've read all the rules, put 'I'm so excited!!' in your Other section
  • Follow the NMG Guidelines



This is an example of how we will score:

Bake 1: 9/10

Bake 2: N/A (inactive)

Bake 3: 5/10

Then we would take the two scores in which the baker was present (5&9) and we would add them.


14 divided by 2 (the number of bakes the baker was active for)

Their score for the first week would be 7.

At the end of the competition, we add up all the week scores, divide it by the number of weeks there were, to get the final score.


Dorm Assignments:

Dorm 1: Lia (Siobhan) & Sophie (Me)

Dorm 2: Ramone (Strummer) & Lucille (Esme)

Dorm 3: Farah (Francesca) & Adelaide (SadPotato)

Dorm 4: Lillian (Beth) & Violet (Manx)

Dorm 5: Ana (Cae) & Ava (Ella)

Dorm 6: Baylee (Mare) & Emmy (Tova)

Dorm 7: Kesha (Flo) & Julia (Lila)

Dorm 8: Riley (Callie) & Sasha (Ariana)


Saved Spots:


NMG Chefs:

Samantha Candid/26/Judge/Female-Rowan

Anya Saffron/22/Judge/Female-Cae

Lorena Victoria Taylor/22/Judge/Female-Ella


Sasha Laing/13/Contestant-Ariana


Farah Lencina/13/Contestant-Francesca

Lillian Parker/12/Contestant/Female-Beth


Adelaide Thomas/13/Contestant/Female-SadPotato

Cecelia (Lia) Johnson/12/Contestant/Female-Siobhan

Emmy Grinkin/12/Contestant/Female-Tova

Ava Scott/14/Contestant/Female-Ella


Ramone/13 (turning 14)/Contestant/Genderfluid-Strummer

Lucille Grace Harrington/9/Contestant/Female-Esme

Sophie Coburn/13/Contestant/Female-Me (Rowan)

Ana Callis/13/Contestant/Female-Cae

Baylee Williams/12/Contestant/Female-Mare

Violet Darel/13/Contestant/Non-binary-Manx


If you come after the RP is full, you will automatically have a spot in the next 'season', as will anyone who is already in the RP.

Filming Schedule:

Week 1: Cake

Bake 1-Your take on the classic Victoria Sandwich cake

Bake 2- Chocolate cake

Bake 3- Three tiered cake of your choice, with fancy decoration

Week 2: Pasta

Bake 1- Pasta with a homeade red sauce

Bake 2- Pasta with homeade pesto sauce

Bake 3- Make your own pasta AND a new sauce of your choice

Week 3: Bars and Biscuits

Bake 1- A dozen of two different flavors of original cookies for a total of 24

Bake 2- A dozen of two different flavors of original bars for a total of 24

Bake 3- Cookie tower of sculpture made with at least two different types of cookies

Week 4: Sandwich Week

Bake 1- 12 Sandwich cookie

Bake 2- Sandwich display with creative fillings

Bake 3- TBD



Today is Saturday. The day you go to the train station and leave for the NMG Baking Championship. You are saying goodbye to your family, and arriving. Arrive one hour before the train leaves, to secure a seat (and so all RPers have time to arrive). The judges (Me, Cae, and Ella) will greet you there, and give you additional info if you wish. See you there!


We have finished the first challenge. If you are just coming on now you it's no big deal to miss a judging. The characters are free to go too the dorms, talk to the camera crews, go to the rec center, or, BAKE!

You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!


  • Adelaide: I turn on a night light then hop into bed.
  • Sophie: I think Lia is crying. "Lia, are-are you alright?"
  • Lucille: I go back to my dorm and crawl under the covers.
  • Lia: I crawl back under the covers and try to hide my tears from Sophie.
  • Sasha: I change into my pajamas. “Goodnight, Riley!” I say. I climb into bad and try to fall asleep.
  • Riley: I climb into bed and fall asleep
  • Samantha: I go from room to room telling everyone "It's time to sleep. We want to be well rested for the next challenge." I walk into the common room and tell them the same thing.

    Sophie: I climb into bed and try to fall asleep.
  • Riley: "It helps me get prepared"
  • Sasha: I raise my eyebrows. I’m impressed. “Wow,” I say. “That’s smart.”
  • Riley: "Well, I usually plan out a theam and the main components and then when they tell us what to bake I transform that into the bake!"
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