My apologies if there is a board like this already. Anyways, you know how after you watch a movie or tv show or musical or read a book, and there's a really sad part, like the loss of a character or something? Well, if you want to talk and do cry face emojis, come her enad we can discuss how sad we are about it and what you wish happened.

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  • probably no one will remember this but... at the end of Bloodsisters in Rebels when the droid died. it was so sad because he was trying to protect his ship and then Sabine, of all people, blew it up with him in it. I almost cried. I had to write fan fiction where they saved him
  • ok im not even exactly sure why or if this technically counts as being sad, but at the end of stranger things season one wen they found will. i SOBBEDDDD
  • There are a lot of video game scenes that made me cry. Extremely LONG comment over here...
    • The death of Claus from Mother. ;-;
    • The backstory of Count Black from Super Paper Mario, and his sacrifice along with Tippi. Still my favorite game 24/7
    • The Lumas' sacrifice from Super Mario Galaxy
    • The Marth No More cutscene from Fire Emblem Awakening. I mained Lucina in SSB not long before buying her game and I WASN'T expecting her backstory to be this sad...
    • The end cutscene of Sonic 06 although I don't appreciate the relationship of Sonic and Elise
    • There are A LOT of deaths in Fire Emblem Fates - and I cannot STAND a single one! The saddest would be Mikito IMO.
    • The Super Smash Bros Ultimate scene where everyone is getting vaporized, except for Kirby. Seeing all the characters I grew up with getting defeated is one of the most devastating things I have seen in my life
    • The credits for Super Smash Bros Brawl. The characters looking off into the sunset...
    • The "Your Reality" song from Doki Doki Literature Club. If that final lyric isn't heartbreaking, I don't know what is!
    As for anime scenes, Hughes' death from Fullmetal Alchemist, all of the Madoka Magica deaths, Ash turning to stone in the first Pokémon movie, and Yuki's speech from School Live all made me cry ToT
  • *SOB*
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Excercising When You Don't Want To

I despise PE. I always get picked last in activities, not because people don’t like me but because I have no athletic abilities whatsoever. I can’t run, I can’t hit, I can’t do push-ups... I want to get better, but I don’t want to do these things when I don’t have to (I know it’s important to exercise but I don’t like it, and I don’t like most sports). What should I do? –Anonymous    Hi! I’m sorry you dislike PE and feel like you always get picked last, captains choosing teams is really not the…

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