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Eyo It's ya boi
*Clap* Guess who was bored again.
The Rito are a race of bird people that live
In a mountain spire that's High up and surrounded by a huge ravine (
With a small bride that goes over it that leads to the outside world)
Rito Village - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wiki Guide - IGN





There is also a flight range that is on the outer rung of the ravine 
How to find and complete all of Revali's Song Shrine Trials in Zelda:  Breath of the Wild's Champion's Ballad DLC | Gamepur

Flight Range, Dronoc's Pass - Zelda: Breath of the Wild - YouTube

Your standard rito looks like this but it can really be any bird that can fly ( Concept art owned by nientendo )
Breath of the Wild Master Works, Page 124 Kass A... - Great Sea Journal
Let's take a moment to appreciate some of the character designs in Breath  of the Wild. | ResetEra

OK, Rules 
The character limit is 4 per person
No god-modding or powerplaying
Some romance is alright but don't let it engulf everything
No mary sues 
no over the top violence

Character sheet:





Bird Species:




My Character sheet:

Name: jinayra ( Jeh-nie-Rah )

Age: 17

gender/Pronouns: Female she/her

Appearance: 8182707455?profile=RESIZE_710x

Bird Species: Falcon

hobbies: Practicing her archery for hours at the flight range, Secretly likes to play piccolo alone on the lone rock near the village at night,
Cooking, Flying high in the skies with her friends, 

Sexuality: Lesbian

Other: Wants to be just like revali 

Sebastion/eagle/male/bi/19/SpookyPotato (BLM) 
Kai/Eagle/Agender/Lesbian/12/SpookyPotato (BLM)
Skarlet/Kestrel/Female/Unknown/15/Cat(BuT sPoOp) 
Fallia/Snowy Owl/Female/lesbian/17/🥀𝔪𝔞𝔩𝔢𝔣𝔦𝔠𝔢𝔫𝔱(𝔠𝔩𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔢)🥀

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  • =Jinayra=

    I Take a deep breath and smile before letting go of the arrow with force and it hits the target with a loud thwack! I look closely at the far away and high up target. There was the arrow. In the smack-dab middle. I Almost Start flying with joy. " YES! Finally! I've been struggling with that for weeks!" I shout excitedly before covering my mouth and blushing remembering there was somewhere else here. I look at fallia and scratch my head a little embarrassed by my outburst while in her presence.
  • Fallia: I watch, smiling, not talking so I don't distract her.
  • =Jinayra=

    " Thank You, I Train hard to be The best me I can be, To be Like our great champion Revali.." I say Aiming hardly at a target filled with determination.
  • Fallia: "wow." I watch. "You're super good at it. I wish I knew something like that."
  • =Jinayra=

    I Look back at her and smile " Yeah! I'm Alright stuff like that happens every now and then. And I just practice when it comes to archery." I say lowering my bow.
  • Fallia: I watch with interest. "You're so good at archery! Have you ever been in competitions before? And, is your wing ok?"
  • Sebastian
    i grab a premade lunch from the store, put it in my pouch, and get on my way. it's not too much of a trip but it's still long.
  • =Jinayra=

    " Bye!" I say waving goodbye to him.
  • Sebastian
    "It's almost time for me to leave for the competition. Kai, fly home. I'm heading to the general store to get some food for traveling. I'll be back tomorrow, alright? And remember there is a sheet of paper with rules. See you guys soon."
  • =Jinayra=

    I'm so Close to reaching the bullseyes. When I reach that I will one step closer to being the next pilot of the divine beast! I feel my soul burn with determination as I reach for another arrow.
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