Quest for the Dragon (an RP-open-5 spots left)

IIn this RP you are a child between the ages of 11 and 16. You have just gotten picked by the master of Kokenowatta (your city) to go on a mission. This isn't just any mission, this is a mission to defeaat a dragon that may destroy your entire city if it isn't defeated soon!
You have been picked because you have in depth knowledge about one of five things:

Geography, STEM, mythical creatures, archery, history.


The Form



Skill Category (Geography, STEM, Mythical Creatures, Archery, history):




My Form

Name: Ruth Buzzani

Age: 14

Skill Category (Geography, STEM, Mythical Creatures, Archery, history): Mytical Creatures

Appearance: very petite, long, flowing brown hair

Personality: Shy, fun once you get to know her


Saved Spots



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  • Name: Lucas Mitchell

    Age: 11

    Skill Category (Geography, STEM, Mythical Creatures, Archery, history): Geography

    Appearance: Lucas has dirty blond hair with streaks of brown that may be dirt or highlights, he makes it hard to tell. He has one tooth missing in front, because of a fight he got into when he was nine, though that almost makes his smile more charming. He has a few freckles and round-ish cheeks. His skin is tan, and his eyes are gray. He wears a green tunic with a leather belt and black pants. He has leather boots and some of his hair is put into tiny little braids. He is short for his age. Overall, he looks like your typical, too cute for his own good 11-year-old.

    Personality: Lucas is a bit too smart at times. He keeps what seems like a thousand rolled up maps in a pack over his shoulder, and he is constantly referring to them. He is kind, but tries to act tough at first. He is a great friend, but can be a little boring at times, but most of the time really fun.

    Here's Arabia's updated form:
    Name: Arabia Al-Khan

    Age: 14

    Skill Category (Geography, STEM, Mythical Creatures, Archery, history): History

    Appearance: Arabia has dark-ish skin and thick brown waves of hair that are usually hidden by a green hijab. She wears a purple shalwar-kameez, an amethyst necklace, and green leggings. She has long, curly eyelashes and deep brown eyes.

    Personality: Arabia is dependable and strong. She'll stay calm in a crisis, and tries to work her way through things. She can seem a bit sensitive, but she handles it well.
  • Hi, so, I heard you need more people? I could take another spot, if that would work!
    • Ok. Is it possible that you could make your second character's skill Geography, STEM or Mythical Creatures or History?
      • Yep, I'll use whichever one is least used.
  • Here is my form

    Name: Bella storm

    Age: 13

    Skill Category: (Geography, STEM, Mythical Creatures, Archery, History): Mythical Creatures

    Appearance: Short white hair, tall

    Personality: Brave, Kind, Very interesting
  • Is this still open?
    • Yep
      • Great!
  • Hi, could I possibly change my character's skill to history?
    • Yes, not a problem
This reply was deleted.
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