I know I already have a board about saving the environment, but I wanted to make this one as well. (Sorry it’s a day late.)

Plastic Free July is a Global Movement that started in Australia in 2011. Now over a million people from 150 countries are participating, but still people (like me a few days ago) don’t know about it. The goal is to eliminate plastic from our world, because “there is no such thing as away” and plastic is a terrible thing for our earth. 

The Big Four main plastic wastes are 

  • coffee cups
  • plastic straws
  • Plastic bags
  • plastic water bottles

Good thing there are alternatives to all of these!

  • bring a reusable coffee cup
  • buy some reusable metal or glass straws, or, for those who can, just don’t use straws at all!
  • sew or buy some reusable bags
  • use a reusable water bottle! 

*there are also MANY other ways to go plastic-free, or at least reduce how much plastic waste you make- the goal of Plastic Free July is to use as little plastic as possible. The point of it being one month long is for people to get into the habit of doing these things and see if it works for them so that they can presume it more long-term. 

If you are interested in more information, here is Plastic Free July’s website. 

On this board we can talk about anything Plastic Free July related!

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  • Sorry I haven’t been posting on here. My creativity stayed at home when I went to my grandmas house, but now I’m home (!!!!!) and have another post for you all.

    For the last week, I was visiting family on the other side of the country. Zero waste when you’re out of your usual routine is pretty difficult, but it’s totally possible. Here are some things that helped me:
    *Joining Sharewaste, by downloading the app. It’s a community where you can find people near you who compost (or you can be the composter). My grandmother doesn’t compost, so this saved a ton of stress and a lot of food from the depths of the trash :)
    *Being prepared. I probably try to be a little too prepared in general, but I can’t say this is a bad thing when zero waste traveling. Along with the essentials (a jar, napkin, utensils, and water bottle), I brought a lot of extra bags and containers, and even some food items you can’t get in bulk where your traveling. Also planning ahead was extremely helpful, like for zero waste meals, where we could bulk shop, and where to compost/recycle.
    *Asking and clarifying. When you are ordering food or buying stuff at a new place, I have learned you can never be too careful. The amount of times I’ve said “does this one come in paper?” and then I find some plastic in there unbelievable. The best way to ask is to not really ask “does that have plastic?” More say “ Please don’t put plastic in it, I don’t need a bag, I just want the paper, no plastic, etc”. It probably seems annoying, but I view it as a few seconds in hopefully a long life.
    *On the airplane...
    -Try to refuse the snacks.
    -Ask for your drink in a can, with no plastic cup. (You have to be pretty clear, because this backfired on my family a few times). Then save the can to recycle.
    -Look into carbon offsetting. I haven’t found this yet, but if you know of something, please lmk :)
    I want to be clear that all of these things are *goals*. You don’t have to do everything, or beat yourself up for making mistakes (I say this from experience). All of this will come with time, and the best you can do is try.
  • {another instagram post of mine}
    I used to be super nervous and embarrassed to ask for drink in my own cup- I’m not an outgoing or a very confident person- but with practice it’s become a lot easier.
    If you feel awkward or embarrassed about asking for something without the plastic, I have some ideas:
    *don’t act like it’s a big deal. If you go on a long explanation for why you want it in your own container, that’s fine, but it does put extra attention on you.
    *Have your container (or jar, bag, etc.) ready. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, just have the container in hand and ask for your order in it.
    *Work up to it. Start by asking for no straw, then ask for no lid, and finally ask for your own cup. Once you ask once, it will probably be a lot easier to do it again.
    Asking for your order in your own container will not only reduce your plastic footprint, but will inspire and educate those who are around you. It will probably even help them feel more comfortable switching to reusables!
  • (My Instagram post yesterday-sorry it’s a day late on here) Happy @plasticfreejuly! If you don’t already know, Plastic Free July is a global movement that started in Australia in 2011. Now over a million people from 150 countries are participating.
    Plastic Free July does sound daunting, but (lemme sound real cheesy for a second) it’s much more about journey than the destination. Since it is an entire month, you can really take your time to make new habits instead of changing your entire lifestyle all at once.
    The first thing I suggest, which I started doing right around Plastic Free July 2018, is packing a backpack to bring around every where you go. My essentials are a mason jar, some metal or wooden utensils (including a straw), a cloth napkin, a cloth bag, and a reusable water bottle. Just having these few things with you will effortlessly reduce your plastic footprint.
    Plastic Free July is pretty challenging for me because I’m traveling (so I don’t have my usual zero waste setup) but I’m going to do what I can. I’ll try to post on my story [or on this board on NMG] my personal decisions and experiences, so hopefully that will help others as well. As always, DM [PM] me if you have any questions or ideas for me!
    [i posted a picture of my backpack with all these things, so I can post that on here if anyone wants]
    • S2S Mentor
      This is a great post! I'd love to see a picture if you decide to post one. :)
  • I use none of those four anyway xD
  • I'm going to revive this because it's almost July. I was thinking I could post some tips or experiences every few days, but would people be interested in that?
    • Yes!! This is a cool idea, especially with 4th of July just around the corner- it’s one of the holidays where the most paper/plastics products are bought :D
    • This reply was deleted.
      • Yes, I agree. In summary, my opinion about straws is that they cannot be 100% banned because of people who need them, but the majority of people who use them do not need them. We, especially those who don't need them, need to seriously reduce our straw usage. I'll edit the discussion though, to make it more inclusive.
        • I think it’s fine... you talked about reusable straws for people who need them, and for people who don’t need them to just forgo them.
This reply was deleted.
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