I have been thinking about this for a while now but I have decided to create a OC creation contest! Please fill out the form below. Deadline is Thursday, March fith. Everyone will get a prize, but the top three get another prize and bragging rights. Please let me know if I should extend the date. 


The form (please delete parentheses)



Gender and pronouns:

Sexuality (optional): 

Appearance (try to be detailed!):

Personality (^^^): 







Please, please, please let me know if I need to extend the deadline or make anything clearer. Thank you for considering this contest!

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  • ANOTHER UPDATE: Deadline is now Thursday, March fifth.
  • UPDATE: I have decided that everyone will get a prize, but the top three get another prize and bragging rights. This is now closed. Also, Nine more days! Please fill out your forms!
  • Name: Xylah Arlen Kendrick

    Age: 15

    Gender and pronouns: female, she/her

    Sexuality (optional): pansexual

    Appearance (try to be detailed!): Xylah has smooth and long black hair that reaches what some call your "belly-button line." Zylah has fierce green eyes and smooth vanilla-scented skin. Zylah has one scar underneath her eye, and her cheeks are always a little flushed, being that her skin is so pale. She always wears her golden bird earrings, a silver necklace with an arrow on it, and her tan sandals that are quite worn. As for outfits, Zylah always wears black athletic pants, a flower printed short-sleeved shirt, and a grey cardigan. Zylah always tries to make a good appearance, but also understands that what she looks like is how she looks and nobody will change that. She has long legs and is pretty long for 14, being 5'8 1/2. Zylah wears a size 8 shoe for women.





    Other: I'll finish this later
  • Name: Amy Opal
    Age: 16
    Gender and pronouns: Female she/her
    Sexuality (optional): Bisexual
    Appearance (try to be detailed!): Amy opal is short, stout, and sturdy. She has thick brown hair which she keeps in space buns with a midnight blue headband. Her skin is very pale and freckled. She wears a denim jacket with gold buttons, a collar, and two pockets. She always has a pale brown satchel slung over her shoulder, stuffed to the brim. She wears baggy cargo pants that are easy to move around in, with tall black boots. She has multiple scars and scratches on her hands and arms, and a cut that runs along her face.
    Personality: Amy is a leader, and very tough. She has been through a lot and doesn't let anything get in her way. She can often seem unkind but really is just worried about protecting someone or something. Amy is normally a daredevil. She is very protective and tough. Amy is also very quick, agile, and fast. Amy also likes collecting unique objects and artifacts.
    Backstory: Amy Opal is an orphan. She lived in the woods with her parents, but they died when she was young. She learned how to survive on her own very quickly and now spends her days exploring the world, trying to find a nice place to live when she eventually settles down.
    Likes: Exploring, raspberries, artifacts, geodes, the wilderness, and climbing.
    Dislikes: busy cities, rude people, having to slow down,
    Other: Amy is very resourceful, and also likes to help people. Amy sometimes helps people if they are lost in the forest or need food. Sometimes she delivers food to the poor when she visits towns.
  • name: Elise Reusa
    age: 7
    gender and pronouns: female, she, her
    Appearance: Elise has long, slightly curly, golden hair which she loves to wear in slightly messy but adorable pigtails. her skin is normal, not to dark and not to light. she has a small button nose, and pink lips that she always puts purple lipstick on to make them look purple. she is short and kind of medium, meaning she is not fat, and not skinny. right in the middle. she likes to wear her favorite shirt, purple with violet sleeves and pink flowers. she also likes to wear a navy blue skirt.
    Personality: Elise is really nice and cute. she always looks at the bright side of things, and loves to make jokes. she is very shy, but when she gets to know someone they usually become best friends. Elise loves to dance, and usually does it whenever she can. she really likes blueberries, raspberries, chocolate, and puppies. she also really likes the color purple, and calls blueberries purpleberries,and thinks that blueberries/purpleberries, raspberries, chocolate and puppies should be purple and she has a lot of friends for a 7-year-old.
    backstory: Elise is very spoiled, and lives with 2 older sisters, Ilesa and Izzy, who love Elise a lot. she has both of her parents, who are very wealthy. she doesn't take advantage of that, though
    likes: purple, blueberries, raspberries, chocolate, puppies, dancing, my little pony, books, and her family.
    dislikes: broccoli, scary things, being called Elsie, television, and that's pretty much it
    other: Elise sleeps with a teddy bear she has had since her first birthday that she named bob. Elise is very claustrophobic and freaks and doesn't think right if she is in small spaces, but only her family knows. Elise is also has been very afraid of horses ever since she saw a movie were a horse went crazy and threw a person off it's back and kicked another person, so never show her a horse movie or else she will cover her eyes and cry and run out of the room, even if the horse isn't doing anything.
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