I have been thinking about this for a while now but I have decided to create a OC creation contest! Please fill out the form below. Deadline is Monday, March 9th. Everyone will get a prize, but the top three get another prize and bragging rights. Please let me know if I should extend the date. 


The form (please delete parentheses)



Gender and pronouns:

Sexuality (optional): 

Appearance (try to be detailed!):

Personality (^^^): 







Please, please, please let me know if I need to extend the deadline or make anything clearer. Thank you for considering this contest!

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  • When will these be judged?
  • When are these being judged?
    • ^^
  • I finished it!

    Name: Magnolia Zyrene Nhadas

    Age: 16

    Gender and pronouns: Female, she-her

    Sexuality: Asexual/biromantic (erring towards liking girls)

    Appearance: Magnolia has frizzy, voluminous hair reaching only slightly past her shoulders. It is puffy enough to form a large halo around her head, which can only be tamed by a scarf or multiple hours of brushing. If she does take the time to brush it down into a braid, she’ll honor the occasion by winding lilies and small copper bands into it. Her hair is dark coffee brown at the roots and gradually fades into a light golden caramel color, a result of her hair being lighter as a child. It’s an unusual but striking effect. She has creamy cinnamon-colored skin, smooth except for a few small scars on her cheekbones from smallpox as a child. Her face is heart-shaped; she has a widow’s peak, a high forehead, and a face that gracefully tapers towards her chin. Her eyes are one of her most striking features.
    Magnolia has flashing dark brown eyes, infused with large specks of gold. Her eyes are almond shaped. Her eyelashes are long and her eyebrows are thick and elegant. Her cheekbones are prominent, slightly lighter and redder than her complexion, due to slight malnutrition. Her lips are full, if cracked and dry, and normally dark, dull red. She has a small, elfin nose and ears hidden in her hair.
    Magnolia is 5’3” (tall for her people, but short by our standards) and slender. She stands with her shoulders slightly hunched over her already haggard frame, as if she expects a reprimand for something. All her height is in her long legs, making her a swift runner and very graceful. She has thin, long, and nimble fingers, small feet, and narrow shoulders. On her right shoulder is a vertical scar that runs from her shoulder joint to slightly above her elbow. (see backstory for explanation) On an average day, Magnolia wears loose navy trousers tucked into her brown leather boots. Her blouse is dark green and far too long in the sleeves, but cut short a few inches above the waist of her trousers for sake of the heat. Over this, she wears a piece of clothing typical to her people, a sunny yellow rectangle of fabric which slips over her head, and covers the tops of her shoulders, her chest and her back like an apron of sorts. It can be flipped up and wrapped around the face in the event of a large storm or cold weather. She tucks the long ends into the wide crimson sash she ties around her waist, which also serves as a sort of tool belt, as it holds a dagger for cutting vines, a small coil of rope, and some other necessities.
    As Magnolia is slightly impoverished, those articles are her only outfits, besides a white dress she saves for the rarest occasions. Magnolia has golden hennas of flowers designed on her fingers, which she paints herself from a special powered rock. She also wears copper hoop earrings in both ears and a small, almost invisible nose ring.
    Magnolia is graceful and moves like a dancer, as she has very good balance. Her hair and clothes smell like oranges and vanilla blossoms whenever she moves, giving her an enchanting air she is oblivious to. With her beautiful eyes and dark clothes contrasting her wild hair, Magnolia is impossible to miss in a crowd. Despite the small smile that constantly tugs the corners of her lips upwards, Magnolia exudes a softly indifferent, melancholy aura that only dissipates in the company of those she loves.

    Personality: Magnolia is quiet and reserved. It is rare to hear her speak more than a few words to those she doesn’t feel comfortable with. Being very independent, Magnolia likes to roam by herself. She hates asking for help so over the years she has learned to solve all problems on her own. As a result, she is quick thinking, brilliant at strategies, and wary of everything. Through years of observation, she has learned to see what others miss, and look between the lines. She especially loves studying animals and following their habits. In fact, she would much rather be perched in a tree perceiving how the temperature affects a field mouse's hunting schedule than talking with a person. However, Magnolia is illiterate, and thus commits most of her notes to memory as opposed to writing them down. Despite her introverted-ness, Magnolia is very aware of those around her, their proximity to her, and the emotions they radiate. She is excellent at reading people’s faces and has the skill to correctly judge, most of the time, whether or not someone is lying. To earn her loyalty, one must prove to her that they are honest, capable, and compassionate. Magnolia might not be the most generous person but she cannot tolerate deliberate unkindness. She also despises liars --but lies on occasion herself. She is quite fierce, having no tolerance for those who whine or beg. She has a large sense of dignity and pride, and thus can never refuse a challenge.

    Backstory: Magnolia has spent the last six years of her life on Srimha (pr. SRIM-huh), a large jungle island south of the main continent Cemne (pr. SEM-nee). The climate is warm and dry, despite the small island being surrounded by water for as far as the eye can see. The island is fairly flat, unapproachable except for a small bay in the north corner. Trees --willows, cypresses, and Magnolia’s namesakes-- line the shores except where they have been cleared to form a bay. The rest of the island is untamed and covered in a misty jungle that is more vines and exotic animals than trees. Magnolia lives in a small bungalow near the water’s edge, in a clearing framed by trees and flowers. Her village is small, only around fifty inhabitants, and most of them younger than thirty. The villagers make their living cultivating and selling the oranges, vanilla beans, and coffee that thrives there.
    Magnolia lives there because she is an outcast. She was born on Cemne, in a very poor section of the capital city. Her mother, Faliba K’Rye, was a notorious thief and criminal. Magnolia was never told much about her father, besides the fact that they were never married and he lived far away. Magnolia did know that her father had once betrayed her mother, and so Faliba’s name was constantly switching, to avoid detection.
    Until she was ten, Magnolia followed her mother everywhere. She learned to steal, disguise herself, and always cover her trail. When Magnolia was ten, her mother was arrested on charges of treason against the queen, for which the charge was banishment. At this point, Faliba’s health was so deteriorated that instead, they gave her a lifelong prison sentence in a fairly respectable prison, and sent her frightened, ten year old daughter away on the banishment sentence.
    Magnolia had been unceremoniously tossed on a ship headed for Srimha. There, she was treated kindly but warily by the others on the island, others who were banished for similar charges. Though she was by far the youngest, Magnolia quickly made herself at home. She built herself a bungalow and began harvesting and selling the crops with the others.
    However, it quickly became clear that even among others like herself she was still distrusted. When Magnolia was twelve and had been there for two years, she was sitting under a tree when lightning struck it and it toppled. Magnolia survived, but received a large gash on her shoulder. Gradually it healed to form a puckered red scar. The other villagers took this as a direct sign that Magnolia was cursed. Whenever she passed, they made the sign against evil. Soon she became a bad luck token. No one would work with her in the fields and she had to find her own dinner.
    Magnolia didn’t mind, though. She taught herself more about the island and whenever she had spare money sent it to her mother.
    When she was fourteen, a girl her own age arrived at the island. Her name was Klia, and she had been sent there by her father, who was a noble, because she refused to marry the person he had chosen for her. Almost instantaneously the two became friends. Due to a birth defect, Klia couldn't speak. This suited Magnolia well, however. The two shared a bungalow and spent the days working in the field together. With her silky blond hair and huge cerulean eyes, Klia looked almost like a wraith and it was impossible for the others to dislike her. Through her friend’s help, Magnolia became a little less distrusted and the others welcomed her more. In the day, Magnolia would climb a tree while Klia stood below her to catch the fruit she picked. Magnolia would spend these hours singing, one of her favorite pastimes. She had a beautiful voice and it carried across the fields.
    At the age of sixteen, Magnolia received word that her mother had taken ill and died. This meant that Magnolia’s sentence of banishment was revoked.
    With some spare money provided by the envoy from the queen, Magnolia bought herself a small boat and prepared to leave. However, one thing saddened her. She would have to leave behind Klia and the animals she loved on the island.
    Naturally, Magnolia soon developed a plan. Together, the two girls ran away, taking a small supply of the fruit and crops from the island and Magnolia’s favorite goat. Together on their houseboat the two left the island forever and started a new life of exploring, researching marine life --which Magnolia had always longed to study-- and teaching each other new skills.

    Likes: Magnolia's favorite food is a spicy chicken dish seasoned with pepper and lemon. She also enjoys pomegranates, cherries, and hazelnut scones. Her favorite color is either a soft pastel blue or a rich golden yellow. She enjoys working outside, singing, being with Klia, petting her goat, and studying. Klia has taught her how to read and write, and the two communicate with sign language.

    Dislikes: Magnolia hates beef, and has had enough oranges on the island to last her a lifetime. She dislikes cold weather and doing anything boring (aka sewing, painting, or math.) Magnolia can't stand to be near fire and closed spaces scare her.

    Other: Sorry the last few sections are short xD I threw this together this morning after putting it off for too long xDD
  • Ok, so considering that some people still are working on their forms, The deadline is now the 31st.
  • UPDATE: Deadline is now Monday, March 9th.
  • Oh dear, the deadline is approaching and I’m not very far in. I’m optimistic about finishing, but I miiiight not get it in before the deadline.
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