Oc battles(Remake)

This was an old thread that I found awesome, so I decided to remake it. All credit to Wolfgang. The introduction is by me, the rules and form are from the original.

Pretty much your ocs fight with other people's ocs. 

You can enter as many ocs as you want as long as they are yours.


1. For now we'll be doing these battles in roleplay format. You type in what your character does, and then wait for your opponent to respond, however long that takes. The people watching might be able to vote on who wins the fight based on the characters' stats and how they're doing in the battle.

2. Don't describe violence in any extremely graphic or gory way. I don't want the moderators getting mad at me for excessive gore. XD

3. Try not to make your characters too overpowered. We're trying to keep this as fair as possible.

4. Please don't use any cursing, and don't be mean to the other players. Try not to be a sore winner or loser.

5. No godmodding (controlling characters that don't belong to you)

6. Just keep this thread clean enough to be on NMG, okay?

And now for the character form! This is the form to use when you want to submit a character onto the thread. I'll try to update the thread with your characters.


OC Owner:










Have fun! :)

Characters so far:

Alt - Animatronic - Female - Fighter - Owned by Liesbet(Me)

Zoey - Human - Female - Fighter - Owned by Liesbet(Me)

Zia Roe - Zoroark gajinka - Female - Fighter - Owned by Liesbet(Me)

Neko Manishi - Human - Female - Fighter - Owned by Liesbet(Me)

Yazsaw Partheo - Human - Female - Fighter - Owned by Daisy

Wolf Churchill - Human, Half-Giant - Male - Fighter - Owned by Daisy

Rinara Lydia Zorana - Elf - Female - Fighter - Owned by Siri

Najima - Elf - Female - Fighter - Owned by Siri

Fieron - Elf - Male - Fighter - Owned by Siri

Esmeralda - Human - Female - Fighter - Owned By Siri 

Autumn Robinsburg - Human - Female - Fighter - Owned by Mariam

Jade Greenwing - Fairy - Female - Fighter - Owned by Mariam

Eve of the Dawn (Eve) - Elf - Female - Fighter - Owned by Alithea 

Kirrily - Alien - Female - Fighter - Owned by Alithea

Zenith - Alien - Male - Fighter - Owned by Alithea 

Adrian - Water elf - Male - Fighter - Owned By Alithea 

You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!

Email me when people reply –


  • Name: Tundra Savannah Callabaro

    OC Owner: Liesbet

    Gender: Demifemale

    Age: 14

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Long blond hair, faded red eyes, clothing is mostly black

    Personality: Hard to explain

    Strengths: Can rewrite the genetic structure of anything
    Can reach through walls/locket cabinets/Glass cases etc



    Other: I'll finish later
  • This died, so,,, NEW ROUND
  • Yazsaw: Even though I don't get along well with people, I think Alt and I could get along well. I mean, not like I'd rule WITH her, I'd never rule with anyone, but she might be a good, I dunno, general or something. I nod.
  • Alt: "Let's."' I smirk. "They won't know what hit them."
  • Yazsaw: "Let's finish what we started," I say, smiling for the first time this day, or month, or year for that matter. I've been told my smile is unnerving, smirking and cruel, but I don't care.
  • Manishi: "We lost two people." I yelp. "We're in trouble! I wish Hardgeon was here!" I bury my face in my hands.
  • Speaker: "Wolf from red team, and Zia Roe, also from red team, are out!"
  • Team update

    Yellow team: Esmeralda, Zoey(Out), Najama, Fieron, Kirrliy

    Blue team: Alt, Yazsaw, Jade, Rinara, Eve, Adrian

    Red team: Zia Roe(Out), Wolf(Out), Autumn, Manishi, Zenith
  • Alt: "Red team lost two, should we finish them off?"
  • Autumn: Yazsaw and Alt are on a roll. Wolf is gone, Zoey is gone, and I’m pretty sure Zia Roe is gone as well. I look at them. With my magic, I make the pencil’s tip as sharp as a knife, and make it slash Yazsaw. Then I bite my nail. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, cause Yazsaw seems pretty powerful and could probably get me out in a few seconds.

    Jade: So far our team is winning because red and yellow team have all lost a player while our team hasn’t. I sigh. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Why did I ever agree to do this?
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