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Welcome to the NMG Animal Shelter, or the NMGAS! This is the message board where you can put pets up for adoption, or adopt pets. These can be any animal you want them to be (this includes magical stuff like dragons and unicorns, or a regular pet can have magic; whatever you want), and they can be a drawing of the animal, or just a description of it. You can also sell word count pets, which are pets that eat words you write. Word count pets are helpful for when you are writing something and have a word count goal. They are mostly used during nanowrimo (national novel writing month, which is in November), but if you have a writing goal anytime they are useful. You can name any pet you adopt. **Make sure to say when you are adopting a pet**



Adoption Board


In the forest behind my house, I found an elder dragon and five juvenile dragons in a cave. It was a nest, but someone stole the gems used as nest lining, and the lindworm (elder dragon) had been protecting the juveniles ever since. I'm adopting the elder dragon, but here are the juvenile dragons. (Juvenile covers what would be from the age16-32 in human years) Each juvenile can fly and breathe fire. They will like a lot of space to fly. I have temporarily named them, but they will answer to other names as well.

Seller = Simone 

Price = 10 Moon Coins

Name: Whisper
Gender: Female
Age: 18 in human years
Appearance: Light blue-gray dragon with iridescent belly scales, a long spiked tail, and diamond-shaped green eyes
Personality: Sweet and cuddly. Enjoys flying, swimming in the ocean (she prefers the ocean because she can lie down in the crashing waves), mice (she catches her own food), and the rain.
Other: Whisper has gone into heat, and has an older dragonlet (around the age of 8 in human years). Her dragonlet looks like a miniature version of her, only black with rainbow scales. I have not temporarily named her dragonlet, but her child comes with her.


Gender: Male
Age: 19 in human years
Appearance: Large black dragon, with horns and spiked wings. Has gray underscales, a long tail, and almond-shaped blue eyes.
Personality: Night looks menacing, but he has the heart of a puppy. Night will cuddle up against you. He loves all other animals, and will snuggle with your pet. He enjoys flying through clouds, sleeping, curling up by a fire, and taking walks.
Other: Night can breathe multi-colored fire, and likes to eat fruit.


Age: 21 in human years
Appearance: Indigo dragon with blue underscales, a wide wingspan, and very long tail. Has horns and spines in very dark purple. Her eyes are large and gold.
Personality: Dream likes being by herself. She is very strong and fierce. If you earn her trust, she will be incredible loyal. She is distrustful at first but forms true attachments. She enjoys flying, hiding, and exploring.
Other: Dream is a very wise option for breeding, as she has a lot of strength and calculating ability. If you choose to breed her, she will care very deeply for her children.


Gender: Male
Age: 23 in human years
Appearance: Yellow dragon with long tail and large wings. Has small spines running down his back. Slightly deeper yellow underscales and talons. Diamond-shaped black eyes.
Personality: Glow is a very cheerful dragon. He will eat anything, and enjoys flying, playing games like hide-and-seek and fetch, and swimming. He enjoys baths and naps.
Other: Glow will cuddle next to you. He is playful and easily made happy. He is a wonderful option for breeding because he will love the opportunity to raise dragonlets.

status = available

Gender: Female
Age: 26 in human years
Appearance: Red dragon with large wings. Has yellow underscales and golden talons. Her eyes are amber and diamond-shaped.
Personality: Fiery but cheerful. She can get annoyed easily, but is a happy dragon and forms deep emotional attachments. Likes cantaloupe as a snack. Very good with parties and quite friendly.
Other: Spark cannot have dragonlets, because she has late-diagnosed eggshell syndrome. However, you can adopt dragonlets, or breed other dragons for the egg if you would like one.

status = available



As some of you may know, I found a magical she-wolf and four cubs the other day. I'm adopting one of them (Mist), but I decided to put the other's up for adoption:

seller = Evie

price = 15 Moon Coins

Name: Mist
Gender: Female
Age: 3 months in wolf years
Appearance: She has silvery fur on her back, with white paws and underbelly. The tip of her tail is jet black. She has sharp, piercing blue eyes that are shaped a bit like an octagon.
Personality: She is very fierce but loyal. She isn't afraid of anything. If there's the slightest sign of any sort of threat to her owner, she will come to her owner's aid immediately. She loves heights. She shows her affection by rubbing against your leg. She doesn't make many attachments, but when she does, they're strong. She's very trustworthy and strong.
Magic: She has VERY powerful and strong magic. She has two types of magic: one she uses as self-defense and to harm threateners. The other is to help her owner and people who are hurt and need help. Her magic transfers itself in rainbow coloured sparks.
Other: She is Twinkle's older mirror twin.

Name: Twinkle
Gender: Female
Age: 3 months in wolf years
Appearance: She has silvery fur on her back, with white paws and underbelly. The tip of her tail is jet black. She has sharp, piercing blue eyes that are shaped a bit like an octagon.
Personality: She is very sweet and very cuddly. She will cuddle up on your lap, and sleeps by you on your pillow. She shies away from loud noises, but is very social and loves parties.
Magic: Her magic isn't quite as powerful as her twin's, but is still very strong. She will only use her magic to help people, and never to harm. Her magic transfers itself in indigo sparks.
Other: She is Mist's younger mirror twin.

Name: Jet
Gender: Male
Age: 4 months in wolf years
Appearance: He has jet black fur on his back, underbelly, legs, head and most of his tail. His cute ears, paws, and tail tip are as white as clean snow on a fresh new day. His emerald eyes are diamond shaped.
Personality: He may look sly and stealthy, but he is just as innocent and sweet as a newborn kitten. If you pick him up, he loves it when he takes you outside, especially by the sea. He hates actual water, but loves the smell of the sea air.
Magic: His magic isn't as strong as his older sister's, but is still pretty strong. He loves to make poppies and roses blossom and will watch, entranced, and they bloom. His magic transfers itself in red sparks.
Other: PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT IF YOU DON'T LIVE NEAR THE SEA!!! Jet and Sprinkle have made a VERY strong attachment, so if you don't adopt both, let them see each other, please!
Status: Available

Name: Sprinkle
Gender: Female
Age: 4 months in wolf years
Appearance: Her long, soft purple tinged fur is always alive with her magical sparks when she's dreaming. Her tense ears are ruby red, and her little nose is as orange as a real orange. She's quite small for her age. Her little brown eyes are super cute.
Personality: She is very cute and bouncy. She loves her magic. She loves the outdoors and parties. Her personality makes all other animals love her.
Magic: She loves her magic, and only uses it to help others. She loves jumping from heights and making a cushioning charms to make her bounce. Her magic transfers itself in purple and turquoise sparks.
Other: She loves heights, but HATES the dark and forests. Jet and Sprinkle have made a VERY strong attachment, so if you don't adopt both, let them see each other, please

Status: Available

Please, please adopt, and keep original names. They are all 15 MCs each. Please don't breed with each other. Oh, and, please don't starve them! None of them are word count pets.



 found three baby pygmy puffs in my backyard! one I'm keeping, but the others are up for adoption!

price = 

seller = cloverleaf

Pygmy 2: named Pulina, she is quieter and just loves to cuddle. she is pink and super soft. she likes to sleep on your pillow and her favorite foods are steak, whole wheat bread, lemonade, and butter.

status = available 

Pygmy 3: named Nico, he is purple and very energetic! he is super fast and loves to make friends. like a cat, he will chase a laser pointer and pounce on dust bunnies. he likes to sleep on a window sill so he can see the world ( tip: please make sure you put some cushioning below and on the sill so he won't fall and so he'll be comfy.). His favorite foods are chocolate, coffee, cheerios, and also butter.
they're both great pets looking for great homes!

status = available




hi i would like to sell my unicorn, she's white with a lavender mane and tail and a golden horn. Shes very timid, but won't hurt anyone unless they hurt her on purpose. she is on a strict diet of poems only, and loves it when you ride her. she does best if there are other animals around.

price = 20 moon coins

status = available

seller = Marina



Hello! So, I was outside today, and I tamed six, fully grown, fire-breathing, female dragons. They each have perfect control of their fire, so don't worry about getting your house burned down. They are of a special species that requires no food, actually. In fact, they eat love. Yes, love. But not in an evil way. If you love them, they won't go hungry. Sadly, I have room for only one. These guys are riding size, meaning that you can ride them, and they will fit in apartments if the apartment is the right size. Below are the six dragons:

Dragon 1: Dark red, muscular, blazing orange eyes, large wingspan. Sharp attitude, very snappy, keep away from young kids.

status = available

Dragon 2: Bright green, shiny scales, almost black eyes. Shy, very good with babies, loves to be petted.

status = available

Dragon 3: Blackish-purple, four wings, no front legs, no pupils in eyes, bright blue eyes. Has tendency to fade into shadows or run off for awhile, is not one of those super-lovey pets and is great for people who like alone time or like not to be super physically close to pets.

status = available

Dragon 4: Bright blue, has no wings, looks like a Chinese dragon but is not, amber eyes, blue flame. Smart, cunning, very loyal, would die to protect you, best for people with risky jobs.

status = available

Dragon 5: White, large wings, slim and beautiful with smooth curves and edges, blue eyes, gold flecks on scales. Very kind, fierce, loving, great for people who need an understanding friend.

status = adopted


Dragon 6: Dark black, blazing blue eyes, large wings, blue flame. Kind, loyal, fierce, cunning, loves good jokes and likes riddles, enjoys reading. Already adopted by me. Name: Obsidian

status = unavailable


price = 100 Moon Coins each

seller = Claire




a full grown black cat with bright green eyes. He definitely doesn't give you bad luck, but he does dissappear sometimes and weirdly lurks around. He is always watching you. He eats 500 words a day but he sometimes prefers them in increments throughout the day. He especially loves eating horror or thriller or dark fantasy, but he isn't picky. 

price = 10 Moon Coins

seller = Neorah

status = adopted



My Fire Dragon is only two months old, bouncy, and has a very FIERY temper. She is very cute and well behaved. She comes with a large fire cage, if you don't have one, just tell me, and I'll take off 10 MCs. She needs 10 oz of dragon food each week.

Price = 35 MCs including cage.

Seller = Epic Eva in the Sky

Status = available!



My magical cat has had a litter of 4 magical kittens! They are gentle and sweet but also playful, fierce and loyal. I am keeping one of them but the rest are 50 mcs each (Because they are magical and very powerful). There are 2 girls and 1 boy, all with soft, silver fur and milky blue eyes. One of the girls has white tips on her ears and a white underbelly, the other girl is the same but with black instead of white, and the boy is all silver. Before I let you have one I have to know if you can handle it. They have very powerful magic and, while they cannot talk, they can communicate telepathically and can figure out your secrets in one glance. They are still very young and need to be trained to use their power properly. Please PM me if you’re interested :)

seller = Tessa


A litter of 4 cats.

price = 5 moon coins each

seller = moondragon

Kitten 1: (there are four): Gray tom with sleek fur and white paws and tail-tip. Bouncy and cute.

status = adopted

Kitten 2: Sleek female, cream with white paws and underbelly. Clever and intelligent.

status = adopted

Kitten 3: Smoky long-haired lilac tom, very beautiful. White paws. Gentle and sleepy.

status = available

Kitten 4: Long-haired female, cream, gray, and white, silvery.

status = adopted



a cream colored tom cat with yellow eyes and sleek fur.

price = 10 Moon Coins 

seller = moondragon

status = available




A litter of 4 small orangy-red foxes, each one eats 40-50 words of anything every day. Not housetrained.

price = 15 Moon Coins each

seller = Caroline


Fox 1: The biggest of the group, this fox is slightly picky about his words and though he will eat anything, poetry is a treat.

status = available

Fox 2: Twins with fox 3, not picky at all, though at a recent appointment at the vet it was found that she is allergic to songs. She bites frequently but is very loyal and sweet and will be just about perfect once she stops biting.

status = available

Fox 3: Is twins with fox 2, very picky, will only eat fiction and songs, but it is advised that you attempt to feed her other things at least once a day to keep her healthy. Never bites, but is very stubborn and cranky when she gets too hungry.

status = adopted

Fox 4: The runt of the litter, with ears that look too big for his head. Until he gets bigger he should only be fed short stories and poetry. He gets very upset when he is left alone for a long time (over half an hour). He becomes very attached to his owner and is fiercely loyal, but he will not hesitate to bite and scratch if he feels threatened.

status = adopted 




20 goldfish (I will pretend my fish had babies) Can live a long time if you take care of them. Good for a first pet. They will be bigger if you get them a tank, smaller if you get them a bowl. They will be happier in a tank. At first you should feed them 50 words a day, then every week add 50 until you get to 400 (for a bowl) or 500 (for a tank)

price = 10 Moon Coins each. Additional bowl: 20 MCs. Additional tank: 25 MCs

seller = Caroline

status = available 


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  • How do I get coins?
    • I made a new one animal shelter ;)
    • Everyone starts with 100, I believe
  • I noticed that my mini dragons were a big hit. I'm having 5 in the next litter. 2 boys, 3 girls. PM me if you'd like to reserve one.
  • GUYS! Quick update, I found a pregnant wolf not far from my house, in a few days, she'll go into labor and I will post her young up for adoption. the wolf herself is a black female named Artemis.
    • Can I adopt one of her wolf pups?
      • Sure! I'll let you know when they get old enough to be adopted.
        • Yay!
          Thank you!
    • I'll adopt one of the wolf pups!
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