- Anybody who has a form is allowed to join, you don't have to ask me (unless you don't have a form).

- There will be at least three "rooms", which basically means that there will be three different discussions going on, but all of which are still connected to the RP (This is so that one area doesn't get overcrowded and confusing during the RP).

- Please only stay in one room during the RP. You can switch rooms the next day, but please don't switch during the RP.

- There will only be three days when this RP will be open. After that, I will be closing all the rooms. The dates have not been determined yet, but more information will be coming as soon as I plan it all out!

- The RP will open and close during special events such as holidays (You guys can count on a Christmas party :D)

- There is a limit of two characters. You don't have to be the same characters for all the days. You can literally be one character for one day, and then change into another for the second. I will ask you to not change characters during the RP, as it might be confusing for others.

ALL characters are allowed, including OC's.

Please be kind to one another! We do not want any issues!


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  • I'm so sad, I missed it!
  • Skye (*just one last little thing)- I rush over and snuggle my had against Jason's, staying there for a moment before moving. "See ya later, kiddo." I smile at him. Jason suddenly wraps his arns around my neck, ressing his face into my scarf. I turn my head to Leah and smile.

    "Take good care of him for me, will you?P
  • Jason-
    As the day ends, and we all have to leave, I turn to Leah.
    "You'll come with me on Day 3, right?"
    She gave me this was look which told me everything I needed to know.

    I held into Jason in a warm hug, Goldie left forgotten in the ground. The never-ending years he already had were streaming harder than before. I rubbed his back and kissed his forhead in a sisterly love.
    "I'm sure we'll see each other again, some day. And I'll be there, waiting for you. No matter what. That's what friends do, right?"
    We finally let go and got up. When we left, we walks out holding hands. In the end, I felt like I had become the older sister I had always wanted to be.
  • (Hey guys i also have to get off. I will still be on the UT RP but just not on here. See you guys tomorrow with Gaster and Frisk!)
  • Skye- I snort. Ok human i can do. "Okey then." I attempt to jump up onto my hind legs. "Oh look, i'm apparently human now and i dont really know what else to do now bc i am literally like a human brain in a dog brain in a dog body if that makes sense no it doesn't."
    I sit back down laughing.
  • Guys I have to go to bed :(
    Catch ya tomorrow, but with Devon, not rose. :)
    • Okie dokie!
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