This is a collab RP between me and Liesbet!



Basically, this is a role-play where you play your OCs as adults/adult OCs. They all live in a happy and diverse town called Bright Side. 


The Form





Gender and Pronouns:


Age (20 and up): 


Sexuality (Optional): 


What you are: 






Job (Optional): 










My Forms


Name: Lana Carrie Nelson--Shara


Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her


Age (20 and up): 21


Sexuality (Optional): Lesbian 


What you are: Powerling (Waterling)


Appearance: Lana has teal, shoulder length hair that is so straight and thin that it looks like it’s always wet. She has fair skin. Her eyes are small, but wide and blueish-greyish colored. Her lips are small. She has high cheekbones and she is tall, at 5’6”.


Personality: Lana is extremely quiet and shy, but loves to help out when she can, when she doesn’t feel like hiding behind a chair or something. But she uses her hiding to act real sneaky and can pull a prank on anyone without much work or going face to face. But when she does go face to face she can get angry if what the person is doing is bad or mean.


Job (Optional): lifeguard at the beach, but often stays at home with her kids


Relationships: Her wife, Eio; Her adopted daughter, Joanne; Her adopted son, Taz; and her dog, Sir Dave Edwards


Other: :)



Name: Autumn Robinsburg 


Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her


Age (20 and up): 23


Sexuality (Optional): aro ace


What you are: human


Appearance: Autumn has silky, red hair a bit past her shoulders. She has huge, dark brown eyes and medium fair skin. She has freckles along her nose and under her eyes. She is average height. 

Personality: Autumn is extremely shy. She loves to write, and talks about it a lot. She is very poetic and kind. She is also very altruistic and eager to help.


Job (Optional): Author, obviously 


Relationships: none 






Liesbet's forms


Name: Eio Carla Nelson-Shara


Gender and Pronouns: Female, She/Her/Hers/Herself


Age (20 and up): 21


Sexuality (Optional): Lesbian 


What you are: Powerling(Darkling)


Appearance: Eio has black hair with streaks of different shades of gray and white. She wears a black of the shoulder shirt with grey ribbons going over the shoulder and a skull on it. Her shirt has white hems. Her leggings are white.


Personality: Eio is introverted, but a kinda rough.


Job (Optional): Human society worker


Relationships: Her wife, Lana; Her adopted daughter, Joanne; Her adopted son, Taz; and her dog, Sir Dave Edwards


Other: yee yee cat tree




Name: Natsu/Natsuki Skye

Gender and Pronouns: genderfluid, She/her/hers/herself, He/him/his/himself, They/them/theirs/themself

Age (20 and up): I'll fill this in later

Sexuality (Optional): aro ace

What you are: Powerling (fireling)

Appearance: They have lone red, orange, yellow, and pink hair in a thick braid. Their clothes are a yellow shirt with orange sleeves, red leggings, and pink shoes.

Personality: they are happy but when they get angry, just R U N. They also are good at coming with insults

Job (Optional): baker

Relationships: Their sisters, Elara and Xemina

Other: idk their age







RPers and saved spots


 Name: Briar La Cruz

Gender and Pronouns: She/her, female

Age (20 and up): 22

Sexuality (Optional): Lesbian demiromantic

What you are: Demigod, valkyrie

Appearance: Briar looks younger than she is. She has brown hair put up in a messy bun, with fading red streaks that she's trying to wash out. Her eyes are a deep brown and still sparking with mischief. She has a sprinkling of freckles and she's Hispanic American. She wears a simple brown dress and red leggings.

Personality: Briar has gotten less impulsive as time goes on. She still enjoys playing tricks on Dahlia, her wife, but she'll no longer do anything too insane. She still isn't shy at all.

Job (Optional): Writer, valkyrie

Relationships: Her wife, Dahlia

Other: :)
Played by: Daisy


Name: Trinity

Gender and Pronouns: She/her, female

Age (20 and up): 21

Sexuality (Optional): Aro/ace

What you are: Powerling, Iceling

Appearance: Trinity has dark brown skin, but blue and silver hair. She has a thin face and blue make-up. She wears a shiny silver jacket over ice-blue shirt and black jeggings.

Personality: Trinity is sharp and cold, the only person she's nice around is Lana Carrie Nelson.

Job (Optional): None

Relationships: None

Other: >:)

Played by: Daisy



Name: Rhea Helen Hill

Gender and Pronouns: female she/her

Age (20 and up): 36

Sexuality (Optional): straight??? I'm not sure, and neither is she xD

What you are: human

Appearance: Curly dark brown hair that fall six inches past her shoulders, and brown eyes

Personality: Kind, supportive, hardly ever yells at you, introvert, loves growing plants

Job (Optional): an author who works from home

Relationships: N>O>N>E

Other: She's my new OC Ophelia's "Ophie" mom, she has six kids (Gapes)

Played by: Crazy book Geek XD


Saved spot for Lola






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  • Bump
  • Lana: “Hey, Trinity! How’s it going?” I say, for I see her walking over here.
  • Trinity: Okay, now I'll go say hi to Lana. I walk over.
  • Lana: I watch Dave and Trinity and Eio. They are hilarious. I remember that moment when we got Dave. It was me and Eio’s wedding, and Trinity gave him to us as our wedding gift. That was one of the best days of my life.
  • Eio: I wave back.
  • Trinity: I give Dave a hug, accidentally slightly freezing the water on him. "Sorry, Dave, it'll melt soon," I say. I give a wave to Eio.
  • Eio: Dave bounds over to Trinity, and I wade in deeper.
  • Trinity: Eio talks to Dave. I wait patiently at the shore. It's a bad idea to let me into the water, it turns to ice.
  • Eio: "You heard her Dave." I say to the soaking wet dog.
  • Trinity: "Hold on," I say to Lana. "DAVE YOU DOGGO GET OVER HERE AND SAY HI!" I yell, bounding toward the waves.
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