~This is a collab with Eli//se~


You live in the city of Rinikin. Rinikin is very much like a modern-day real-world city, with some differences.

Everyone in Rinikin has a super power. (Except kids ages 0-6)

You are between the ages of 7-16 and discovering and exploring your power. Your parents send you to a training camp to explore your powers some more.

Your possible powers are listed below.

-Teleportation (Short range)

-Controlling water

-Controlling fire

-Controlling air/wind

-Controlling earth (aka aontrolling plant's growth)

-Improved strength, speed, and/or agility

-Summoning light

-Summoning shadows




-Shapeshifting (into one specific animal per person)

No more than two characters per superpower!!


The Form:


Age: (7-16)


Power (choose from the list):




Pets: (Must be normal, real-life pets):



My Form:

Name: Fiera Jon

Age: 12

Gender: Female, she/her

Power (choose from the list): Telekinesis

Appearance: She has long brown hair with the tips dyed purple, she has hazel eyes, pale skin, and freckles

Personality: She is a cheerful person that usually can cheer others up. She has a great sense of humor but is usually very disorganized and impatient.

Family/backstory: She has a younger sister and she lives with her parents.

Pets: (Must be normal, real-life pets): A golden retreiver puppy named Gold

Other: Anyone want to be her friend?


Eli//se's Form

Name: Nola Maeryn

Age: 11

Gender: Female they/them

Power (choose from the list): Shapeshifting (she shifts into a maltese dog)

Appearance: Nola has light brown hair in a long pixie cut. She has light tan skin and a few freckles. Nola has sparkly blue eyes that stay the same when she shifts. Nola wears black glasses and occasionally contact lenses.

Personality: Nola is a sweet, and energetic, but quiet. She loves to play tennis and volleyball and other sports.


Pets: (Must be normal pets?):

Other: They'll finish this later.


It is the start of summer vacation and you are going about your daily life with your powers. Romance is allowed but please don't let it take over. No powerplaying, godmodding, or bullying. Drama is allowed but make sure all the players with characters involved in the drama are ok with it. (Does that make sense??)


Fiera Jon/14/Female/Telekinesis/SophiaSparkle

Nola Maeryn/11/Female/Shapeshifting into a maltese dog/Eli//se

Rose Gold/12/Female/Flight/Sheenagh (unfinished form)

Grace Arya Hudson/15/Female/Air element/Vivi

Ari Velocity/15/Female/Flight/Amelie

Gemma Elanor/13/Female/Shapeshifting (she turns into a chameleon)/Mariam

Jenica Bold/12/demigirl/telekinesis/Ellroy (right?)

Calliope Nikos/9/Genderfluid/invisibility/Len...ori

Laurel Roberts/14/increased speed & agility/Freida



Saved spots



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  • What’s happening?
    • We're just walking around. A lot of us are getting icecream.
  • Name: Avery Carson

    Age: (7-16) 15

    Gender: female

    Power (choose from the list): controlling water

    Appearance: average height, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin,

    Personality: kind, funny, kind of shy,

    Family/backstory: she has 3 younger siblings and 3 older siblings so she’s right in the middle and often feels ignored

    Pets: (Must be normal, real-life pets): a orange and white cat

  • Laurel: I smile and feel my cheeks redden. “Thanks” I say. I finally get my ice cream and, with one last smile at Fiera, go sit down at a table in the far corner of the shop.
  • Gemma: When we get to the ice cream shop, there is a long line. I ask Riley what she wants. “I want chocolate ice cream.” She says. “How many scoops?” I ask. “Just one.” She responds. I know what I’m getting. Three scoops, one chocolate, one strawberry and one vanilla.
  • Ari: I'm watching TV when I realize that today's the first of summer! Who am I and why am I not at the park right now? I quickly go up to my bedroom and change into a cyan tank top with a cloud on it and white jean shorts. I start racing over to the park.
  • Fiera: "Oh, same. I, I like your hair." Gah! Really? I sounded like some guy.
  • Laurel: "I'm fourteen" I say, ducking my head again. I've always been self-conscious about how tall I am for my age.
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