Hey! So Moth's RP, by the same name, died out, and someone tried to recreate it, but it never really took off either, so I thought I'd remake it, and I asked if anybody would like that, and quite a lot of people said yes, so here it is! I've copied out what Moth put in the description. Here it is:


The flyer promised hope to your parents, and devastation to you.

It arrived with the mail one day, in a crisp cream envelope with your address written in inky cursive calligraphy. The envelope was closed with a wax seal, showing  the initials A. P. in cursive with vines curling around them. The letter inside was faintly perfumed with the scent of vanilla and tuberose.

Having difficulty with your rebellious daughter?

Feeling as if you have not been respected?

Longing for a solution?

Madame Pelletier's Academy for Troublesome Ladies

is equipped for your needs.

The boarding school was established in the 1500s

and is still functional today.

Each semester will not only educate your daughter, but will

enrich her with proper etiquette.

Madame Adalaisa Pelletier knew of the importance

of respect, and her principles

still live on in this functional 


Call 34-234-763-4569 to enroll your daughter today!

The words seemed a bit strange, but your family called the line and enrolled you for the standard set of years at Madame Pelletier's- six. Only two days after you were enrolled for the coming semester, another letter arrived in the mail to inform you of the supplies required for your arrival day. You were informed that the semester started on August first and ended on June first. The supplies required were few, along with a set of specific rules as to what pets were allowed (cats, birds, rodents, and fish) how many (two being the maximum for all except fish, for which five was the maximum), and plenty of information marked PARENTS ONLY to inform about visiting days, luggage rules, and more.

On July 30th you were taken to the Beaux Train Station to board the ebony train known as the Auguste Train, which was owned by Madame Pelletier's. You said goodbye to your parents and were taken on the day-long trip to the Academy, where you would arrive the next day,

Madame Pelletier's is a rather large academy, hidden deep in the Montfort forest. All of the academy is circled by a tall brick wall with only one entrance/exit- a set of tall iron gates that can only be opened by the most esteemed staff. The grounds are numerous, with gardens, a library, the dormitories, the main building, and the Staff's Grounds, which students are prohibited to visit. The setting goes as follows- the dormitories alone, the staff Dormitories on the other side of the grounds, and the castle with all the academic settings in the middle. It used to be a kingdom, but the castle has been repurposed.

In the dormitories are all the rooms and a lounge area. This includes one television- which is black and white and only has one channel. The television can only be unlocked by top grades and points, so isn't on often at all. Students are encouraged to spend their spare time reading.

Everything in Madame Pelletier's is highly restricted and controlled. The library has many books, but all have been vetted by the staff of the Academy. No technology can be found on the premises, and the students go to classes on schedules that must be followed.

Upon arriving, they turn in their luggage. The staff then removes all forbidden items and holds them until the students leave for the holidays, at which point they will get their items returned. All clothes are taken, as well as all digital devices, makeup, books that have material that is not approved of by the staff, questionable items of personal hygeine, and more.

Meanwhile, the students are taken to another room where they are given the standard uniform- a floor-length silk skirt with an attached sleeveless silk bodice and a muslin shawl. Before they are dressed, all students with dyed hair are taken to a different room to have their hair re-dyed to its' natural color. All students with piercings or makeup have such things removed and give their earrings/nose rings/etc. to the staff to be held for them. They are all given silk slippers, white socks, and two changes of the same uniform.

The Staff:

The staff is large, including many servants, teachers, the headmistress, the assistant headmaster, the dorm matron, and more. Here is some information on the most crucial parts of the staff:

Headmistress L. Montepelier, a strict woman who runs her school flawlessly and takes any disrespect as a personal offense.

Assistant Headmaster R. Hotaei, who has been the assistant headmaster almost as long as Headmistress L. Montepelier. All disciplinary methods fall to him.

Matron E. Rochbeir, the woman who controls the first-year dormitories. She patrols the corridors so long it is rumored that she never sleeps. She strictly enforces lights-out times and will be furious if someone disobeys her.

Madame E. Terseill, who teaches etiquette.

Monsieur D. Beauxbarr, who teaches mathematics.

Madame L. Marais, who teaches comportment.

Monsieur R. Vérany, who teaches home economics.

Madame X. Revair, who teaches science.

Monsieur F. Duekleir, who teaches English.

Madame G. Areiin, who teaches sewing.

Monsieur S. Michaux, who teaches language.

Madame E. Petre, who teaches history.

Monsieur J. Díaz, who teaches Spanish.

Madame L. Chatreau, who teaches art.

Monsieur R. Lebas, who teaches writing.

Madame F. Jégou, who teaches music. 

Doctor K. Gavreau, the resident doctor on the grounds.

Miss Mélodie Baumè, the assistant to Doctor Gavreau.

Miss Parais, a servant.


More will be added as the RP progresses (For example, if a servant is met or if someone is mentioned). All servants are under strict instructions to maintain a workplace environment. If someone befriends a servant, the servant can get fired. All members of teaching staff and the like are to be referred to as Monsieur or Madame Last Name, and the servants, Miss and Mr. Last Name (though many just call them by their first names when teachers aren't around).

The Schedule:







Lights out

The Curiousity:

It's quite a strange academy. That is easy to tell.

But you have a suspicion that there's more to the story.

Why stay so close to centuries ago? Why the old-fashioned uniform? Why the strict requirements? Why is the headmistress so confusing, and why do the staff live in the grounds?

Why is the academy hidden in the woods? Why does it require a day-long train ride? Why?

There's also the curiosity of the academy legends. The legends of the ghost of Madame Pelletier's daughter haunting the window of one of the dorm rooms. The legends of the cursed garden. The legends of a gargoyle that stalks the grounds at night. The legends that the headmistress is strange. The legends that the entire academy has been haunted.

Some girls who've already been at the academy say their curtains have been ripped, their beds have been rumpled, their windows mysteriously opened, their candles blown out and lit, and their shoes stolen and returned worn through. They say they can hear footsteps, crying, laughing, and running from the floors above. They say that every girl who died at the academy now haunts it.

They also say that each semester, one girl will be chosen by a ghost to haunt the academy.

It's time for you to figure out what's going on.


No powerplaying.

Please try to use proper grammar/spelling.

Please, no relations to any of the staff, dead or alive, at Madame Pelletier's.

No magic!!

There is not a way to 'escape' the academy- the one gate is at the far end of the grounds and it is not possible to get to without permission.

There is no way to reach the academy except by train.

It is impossible to retain any digital devices, makeup, etc., no matter how well hidden.

Punishment is severe and plentiful here.

When in class, feel free to control what the teachers say- keep in mind that everything here is ridiculously regulated, so nothing considered new or controversial can be found on the grounds.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Have fun!

The Form:


Age: (13-17)





Why You're Enrolled:






My Form:

Name: Pippa Katie Trestle

Age: 15

Gender: Female (she/her)

Sexuality: Bi, preference for girls

Appearance: Pippa has molten chocolate brown skin and dark hair that she dyed red and it's shaved short at the sides. Her hair is slighty curly, more on the curly side of wavy, but wavy. Her eyes are dark brown with golden specks in them that light up when she laughs or smiles. She's slightly taller than average and holds herself with pride and confidence. She has pierced ears, her favourite earrings being small silver hoops. She also wears constantly wears chokers just to annoy her parents. She normally wears a tshirts and a cropped hoodie with jeans. She always wears a string bracelet with an anchor charm on it as well as a silver anklet with tiny fake diamonds and flowers. She only smiles when she's genuinely happy, and when she does, it lights up her whole face. She has lots of scars on her back which she never shows to anyone, ever and she's very careful about it. They come from beatings by her parents. She also has a scar on on her left arm and on her right shin from a climbing accident.

Personality: Pippa is very rebellious and outgoing. She loves to take risks that make her parents mad. She's shows to others the brave part of her, but she's scared. She doesn't want to show it though, because she's scared they'll use it against her. She's very loyal, once you become friends with her. If you betray her, she will never trust you, ever again, and it'll take you ages to become friends with her again. She doesn't like being taken advantage of either. She wouldn't think twice about putting herself in danger for others. She's very inquisitive and curious, but never follows orders. She loves climbing and is very protective.

Why You're Enrolled: Pippa's enrolled because her parents are very strict and like the look of this school that's perfect for their daughter. They always knew they had to do something about her, so that's why they started beating her, but the very last straw was when she they were at the beach where there's a cliff behind it. They immediately said that she couldn't climb it, and so she obviously wanted to climb it. She said she was going to explore and went and started climbing it. She was about halfway up when they saw her and shouted at her to come back down, surprising her and making her let go and fall. That's how she got the two scars on her left arm and right shin.

Likes: She loves reading and writing. The favourite thing she's written is a poem (that I will put the link to below when I've posted it :) ). She loves talking about books she's read lately. She loves sailing and playing field hockey. Her favourite books are the Red Queen series. She loves her pet Siberian Husky as well as climbing.

Dislikes: She hates the colour pink. Full stop. Also, she doesn't like maple trees or peaches. She hates her childhood best friend now because of something that happened a while ago. She also hates her parents. She can't stand her younger brothers, James and John who are the literal opposite of her.

Relationships: Her girlfriend will be Liz and her friends so far are Lila and Evelyn. Anyone else wanna be her friend?

Other: She speaks fluent French. Her parents always favour her younger brothers, James and John, and always defend them. They always act all sweet and innocent around their parents, but around Pippa, they're poisonous and horrible. If Pippa ever tries to tell them off, she gets really badly told off and often beaten "For disobeying us and lying. Remember, James and John aren't like that, Pippa. Don't lie to us. Ever." If they every tell on her, even if she didn't do anything, she'd get beaten and if she tried to deny it, she'd get beaten even more with the same thing said. She also has a pet golden eagle called Aurum, which is very well behaved, comes whenever she calls him, or when she does her whistle for him - a stuttering owl whistle.

The Prompt: You are saying goodbye to your parents at the train station, and preparing to board the Auguste Train, an ebony black train with compartments and open seats. 

A Link To The Uniform Of Students And The Uniform Of Servants: http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/madame-pelletier-s-uniform-1-1

A Link To Madame Pelletier's Academy For Troublesome Girls Official Handbook: http://www.nmgmembers.com/articles/for-the-madame-pelletier-s-roleplay-the-ridiculous-set-of-rules-a

A Link To The Official Cover Of Madame Pelletier's Academy For Troublesome Girls Official Handbook: http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/madame-pelletier-s-official-handbook

A link to Pippa's Poem: https://nmgmembers.com/poetry/pippa-s-poem-for-madame-pelletier-s-academy-the-remade-rp

A link to a picrew of my character, which you don't have to make, but I did just because: https://nmgmembers.com/photography/pippa-madame-pelletier-s-academy-rp-i-ll-make-a-man-out-of-you

A link to a picrew of SadPotato's character Taylor Ann Scott: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/aPpLe-TrEeS

A link to a picrew of Siobhan's character Merideth "Meri" Larson: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/eb272a0d-dc78-4202-b0ef-77c2e54eaa83?context=contributor&memberName=3kbi3c69czrnj

A link to a picrew of Rowan's character Wren Gade: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/94097-jdqdlspb

A link to a picrew of Claire's character Liz Orlwins: https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093/complete?cd=M6iB9Hs3y6

A link to a picrew of Beth's character Lila Grace Anne (in normal clothes): https://picrew.me/share?cd=kheykduAJ1 (in school clothes): https://picrew.me/share?cd=CVMySCp8y5

A link to a picrew of Cloud's character Juniper Jameson: https://picrew.me/image_maker/362653/complete?cd=hmIAV4ygxx

A link to a picrew of Cae's character Mal Perkins: https://picrew.me/share?cd=kCUERHYy1v

A link to a picrew of Callie's character Savannah: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/download

A link to a picrew of Tova's character Harlow Tempest: https://picrew.me/image_maker/230257

A link to a picrew of Marina's character Evelyn Gardenia: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/download20200704190413

A link to a picrew of Katie's character Stella Wheeler: https://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/486d8b40-c2d0-4acd-8653-c0e8efca31ee

A link to a picrew of Ariana's character Faye Delerose: https://picrew.me/share?cd=ybBP1e6N0H


Dorm rooms:

Dorm Room B-32: Lowes, Imrya & Scott, Taylor

Dorm Room B-33: Enders, Riana & Savannah

Dorm Room: B-34: Gade, Wren & Grey, Mollie

Dorm Room: B-35: Orlwins, Liz & Trestle, Pippa

Dorm Room: B-36: Larson, Merideth & Errton, Taytum

Dorm Room: B-37: Anne, Lila & Delorose, Faye

Dorm Room: B-38: Wheeler, Stella & Jameson, Juniper

Dorm Room: B-39: Bennet, Elowen & Bonnie

Dorm Room: B-40: Fox, Adabelle & Storey, Rain




If you haven't posted yet, don't worry!

Here's a recap of what's happened so far:

Everyone got onto the train, started talking to one another, then there was some drama and some people started to get feelings for others and then people would flirt with them. They carried on talking, then started getting tired as it was nighttime. They found their compartments (sharing them with their roommates from above) and started to go to sleep. Savannah saw a ghost and got help, then Lilah got in trouble with a really nice teacher (Monsieur J. Díaz) for stealing some cookies. On the board Lilah, Wren and Pippa made two kiss lists for Wren. One of the girls she had kissed (Merideth and Scar), and one for the ones she wanted to kiss. Then they played truth or dare, but we only got around to Wren daring Lilah to kiss someone and Lilah kissing Wren before Eva (me) had to leave. They switched to PM and Lilah admitted she liked Wren. Then they  went back on the board and Scar and Wren made up. Pippa went into their compartment and found out that Wren knew about her scars and her parents, and they had an argument which ended in both of them sobbing on their beds, Liz playing peace-keeper, and Savannah feeling left out. Savannah and Merideth saw a ghost which warned them against going to the school. The sun rose and they arrived at the station and are nearly at the school. Wren was told off and then swore at a teacher, getting herself a pen mark on her palm. Pippa stood up for her, getting her two, Wren was rude again, getting her another, and Liz was giving out hair dye packets, getting her two as well. They all arrived at the school, got their new uniforms, hair undyed, piercings and makeup removed. Savannah and Merideth each had a ghost (Anastasia) tell them that the only way to survive was to be good. Rain saw visions of a ghost girl, the same girl that she drew in her sketchbook and it was because Lilah, Wren and Rain explored an abandoned part of the school. I don't know how it happened, but Lilah got herself into trouble. Scar and Stella were kissing and Wren told Pippa and Liz about Adam, her boyfriend who abused her. Then a teacher (Madame G. Areiin) told everyone to go back to their dorms, get ready for bed, then lights off. Matron Rochbeir would be walking around, on patrol. If anyone had a mark on their hand to go find her. Then Liz bumped into her, getting herself another mark, and then Pippa got annoyed at her and was ruder, getting herself two more. Most people are in their dorms. Pippa, Liz and Wren went into the matron's office and found out what it means to get marks. The matron had a metal ruler and was going to beat all of them - once for each mark. They had a fight about who should get all of them, protecting the others, and then Pippa did it, and she was bleeding. Rain and Evelyn were worried about the ghosts and Lilah was thinking about the past. Then pretty much everyone started talking, most people went into Liz and Pippa's dorm, Pippa went to the library, met the writing teacher (who had edited her story in her notebook), did some writing, then came back, all while Wren and Lilah were arguing about who should take Lilah's beating for her mark, then they realised that it was infected, the matron sent them to the doctor, who healed it, then they went left, and Pippa and Merideth were talking about writing and ideas before they met Faye and Juniper. Then it was time for lights out and Merideth saw a ghost (Anasatia) who told her to be good and she'd be okay at the school. Wren, Liz and Pippa tried to go explore the school after lights out, but Savannah caught them and told on them, getting Liz beaten, and Pippa was rude, getting her beaten too. Wren put ink in the teachers' bed when Liz and Pippa where in the doctor's office, where Liz told Pippa she loved her. I don't know what happened in between, but then after Wren left Pippa and Liz, she got caught for the ink prank because she had ink on her shirt. Lilah took some of the blame, and they both got hit ten times. Savannah warned Wren about how she needs to be good to survive, but Wren said she didn't care and she is looking for a reason to live. Faye, Tay, and Savannah were all in the common room, then everyone went to breakfast and are looking at their schedules and Tay and Faye are excited for Art. Stella and Lilah talked, Stella proposed going out, and Lilah said that she'd have to get to know her better first. Savannah told Lilah a bunch of stuff about Wren that wasn't true, and that she had said some horrible things about Lilah, which she hadn't, and at first Lilah didn't believe her, but then she got into an argument with Wren and decided that she did believe Savannah. Stella and Wren were talking and Riana was having breakfast, then it was time for writing class, where they were told to write about why they were sent to the school. Stella kissed Lilah, making Wren jealous, causing a fight between Stella and Wren, then Wren went off, Liz and Pippa tried to console her, Liz told them all that it was because Wren liked Lilah, and then Wren ran off again. Liz and Pippa were caught kissing and given eight weeks of detention, then went back to writing class, where everyone is now.. If you haven't posted yet, you can just jump in by writing your essay for writing.


Have fun!

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