You have recently moved into the communtity of Lurei. After hearing about the opening of a new middle school, you decide to be upon the first students to try the acedemic curriculum. 

About Lurei:

Lurei was under construction for the past 2 years.

Lurei is pronounced Lue-Ray.

Lurei has a requiered swimming curiculum

Lurei is for grades 5-8.


The Form:


Age (10-14):

Grade (5-8):

Personality (to be RPed is fine):


Favorite Book (It will come in later TRUST ME):







My Form:

Name: Alilah Marionette Kerei

Age (10-14): 11

Grade (5-8): 7

Personality (to be RPed is fine): Alilah is a true extrovert. She loves to make new friends. Alilah, is always outgoing in class. Most of the time her hand is going to be up (The rest is to be RPed..)

Appearance: Alilah has short brunette hair. It goes down to her shoulder. Alilah is average size (5.0) and just barely under average weight. Alilah loves to wear athletic, clothes, especially blue ones. Most every day you will find her wearing sneakers.

Favorite Book (Please make it a real book! It will come in later TRUST ME): The Wings of Fire series by Tui. T. Sutherland

Gender/Pronouns: Female She/Her or They/Them

Backstory/Family: I'll add this in later

Likes: Dogs, cats, sports, animals.

Dislikes: Siblings.

Friends: Alena, Gia, Sunna, maybe Sam? And anyone else who wants to be friends with her!



Alilah Marionette Kerei/11/7th- Eli- Me

Jules Ulysses Dallas 13/8th- Jeanie

Elena Nichola Picard 13/8th- Aurora

Vanessa Williams 12/7th- Sophie

Yxonai Nevine Machali 12/7th- Grace

Leonas “Leo” Burns 14/8th- Viri

Kai Kenobi 11/6th- Len

Gia Roberts 12/7th- Mariam the SeaWing

Samantha (Sam) Coburn ?/?- Rowan

Sunna Ella Karlsson 11/6th- Ella

London Monroe Lark- 13/8th- Hazel

 Ray ( Nickname: Shadow )13/7th- Hoodienthusiast

Max Miller- 13/6th- gLaDOS

Tobias Flinchey 13/7th- dragon



Saved Spots:



current prompt: 

The time is 10am, you have tech now


The Schedule (EVERYONE has it):

1st Period: Math

2nd Period: Math (its a double period class)

3rd Period: A day: Tech, B day: Gym

4th Period: Social Studies

5th Period: Lunch

6th Period: ELA

7th Period: ELA (Also a double period)

8th Period: Study Hall

9th Period: A day, Musical Arts, B day: Art

10th Period: Science



Math: Mrs. Kelly

Tech: Ms. Harrah

Gym: Mr. Olien

Social Studies: Mr. Zen

ELA: Ms. Olien

Study Hall: Mrs. Zeaga

Musical Arts: Mr. Wai

Art: Ms. Evy

Science: Mrs. Heore



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  • bro RIP in peace
    • ^ but i totally wish i had joined xd
  • Ray: I put away my notebook in my bag and put down my headphones.
  • Kai: I can't wait for lunch.
  • well dat died quick
  • bump yo
  • Ray: I listen to video killed the radio star on my headphones I sit in the back of tech I doodle pictures of cats.
  • Gia: Math is over. Tech is next. I go to the Tech room. Once I get there, I see a girl (Alilah) and sit next to her. “Hi. I’m Gia. What’s your name?” I ask the girl.
  • Kai: I find a desk in the back corner and sit down.
  • Ray: I get up to grab my sketchbook off the teacher's desk and go to tech I put on my headphones as I slip my notebook into my bookbag.
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