In Search of Peace-- A Roleplay [CLOSED]

Voltur, Volucris

The Sanguinem kingdom of Voltur was a rich and glorious place. Found in the high, windy cliffs of Volucris, the land was ample with veins of precious stones and metals. Ruled by the avaricious King Septimus, the city thrived on its bounteous wealth of rubies, silver, and diamonds for centuries, trading with the fellow kingdoms and soaking up the gold they offered in return. The land became a lustrous jewel of a location, with enormous estates lining the rocky cliffs, people walking about the streets in the finest of silks and velvets, and the kingdom’s crowning glory- the great shining castle on the highest cliff, a monster of an architecture, built of silver and emerald, with looming turrets and a tremendous golden door that opened to no one.

Cygnus, Volucris

In the kingdom of Cygnus resided the Leolen, ruled by the resplendent queen Athalie. Cygnus was an island on the borders of the Volturian Sea, and the two were close trade partners, Cygnus swapping their abundance of fruit and dye for the opulent treasures of the Volturians. The island was composed of vast beaches of white sand, tall palm trees, and sparkling sapphire seas for miles to see. It was a peaceful place, the citizens getting on harmoniously, all fiercely dedicated to their queen.

One fateful night, three kingdoms gathered for a treaty signing, and queen Athalie’s son Aliwen was murdered. In a broken rage, Athalie blamed Septimus, saying she knew he was planning to take over Cygnus, that he had known she was planning to marry Aliwen to a powerful young princess and Cygnus would gain more power. The king denied it, but the Leolen queen declared war, and the kingdoms erupted into brutal, vicious battle.

For years, the two colonies stumbled through bloodshed, destruction, and death. The cities were in ruin and riot, while the rulers sat locked up in their castles, too proud to surrender or resolve their old fight. Just when things seemed as though they couldn’t get worse, a mysterious sickness crept into the land. An untraceable, incurable plague that mystified even the wisest of physicians and mystics. The townsfolk whispered that it was a curse, a message from the gods to stop this war, stop this taking of innocent lives and tearing apart of families and friends. But the bitter queen and reckless king would not give in.

Picture yourself now. You are a young, intelligent Leolen or Sanguin. You have suffered from the effects of the brutal war and plague, perhaps having lost a family member or friend, or maybe your home. You want to help your people and country, but do not want to give in to the barbaric fighting and casual bloodshed that war represents. You know it will solve nothing. You must go out to find the one thing that will save your people- the cure to a fatal sickness. Then you must flee your home with the rest of your city’s residents. But you will not embark on this quest alone. Other Leolen and Sanguinem will accompany you, united by the one thing you all desire: peace.

A ~brief~ breakdown of Sanguinem and Leolen (I'd love to go into more detail//answer any questions if anyone's interested)


Sanguinem are mysterious creatures. Rarely seen outside their residences, they are brooding, hostile beings, inclined towards dark, cold areas, and lavish, comfortable living spaces, usually residing in castles or great estates. They are a very devout colony, performing complex rituals regularly. The Sanguinem are pious followers of Selimar, God of Birds, and Jelimene, Goddess of Blood. The rituals can go on for as long as a week, and require a variety of components.
(I might go into more detail about the religious beliefs of Sanguinem and Leolen in an article)
They are often compared to the common vampire, but they have some differences-- Sanguinem do consume blood, but only the blood of birds, and they are not nocturnal, but rarely go outside. They have excellent vision and hearing, often taking jobs in horology, seamstry, optometry, and astronomy.
All Sanguinem are born with large, dark eyes, sometimes coloured with red around the iris ring, and long, sharp fangs. Their hair can be of any shade, and many of their features are long and pointed, such as noses, fingers, ears, etc. Sanguinem are a lavish sort, as most are quite wealthy, dressing in rich colours and expensive fabrics.


The Leolen are a majestic sort. Unbreakingly proud, they are territorial and fiercely protective of their loved ones and will stop at no lengths to protect them. They tend to prefer open, sunlit places, quite comfortable on the island of Cygnus. They have acute senses of sight and smell, making them excellent hunters and gatherers. They might also work in gardening, medicine, and baking.
Leolen are feline-like creatures, with bright, chatoyant eyes. They have claw-like hands, tawny hair, and radiant skin. They have strong jaws and are well built.
Leolen worship two spirits: Lem, spirit of Sun, and Gadel, spirit of growth. They throw two festivals a year for these spirits, festival of Gadel in Juniper Moon (our April) and festival of Lem in Dahlia Moon (our August)




Sanguinem or Leolen?


Gender and Pronouns:




Any Special Skills?

Anything Else You’d Like To Add:



Name: Eiomear Octavia Rudenbach-Villinause

Age: Eighteen

Sanguinem or Leolen? Sanguinem

Gender//Pronouns: female, they//them and she//her

Sexuality//Romantic Orientation: asexual, demiromantic

Appearance: Eiomear is a short, round figure, unusual for a Sanguinem, who tend to tower over their comrades. She has rosy, heart shaped face, set with subtle blue eyes and pale pink lips. Their eyes are round, and heavily lidded, their irises flecked with hints of blood red and gold. Eiomear’s face is framed by a sheet of tinselly hair, pencil-straight and the colour of ripe wheat, falling around her face in choppy layers, her uneven bangs just going past her eyebrows. She has a small button nose, a haze of freckles smeared across it and her cheeks. Her hands and feet are small, her thumb accessorised by a thick silver band. They usually wear dangly earrings with rubies on the ends. They carry themself with an aura of dignity and grace, their posture perfect, eye contact unbreaking. 

Personality: Eiomear is an intelligent, headstrong individual. They are reserved, usually keeping to themself, but not afraid to express their opinions if asked or feel entitled to sharing them. She might come across as brisk or unbreakingly serious, but this is partly because she struggles with a lot of anxiety concerning how to present herself and her thoughts, and prefers to say nothing more than what she needs to. They are a very tough and persistent person, and an unbreakingly loyal and protective friend and sister to her three siblings. They are a studious and academically inclined person, always very focused on studies and expanding their knowledge of the world. She tries her best to help out others whenever she can, although not always in the most hands-on way, with a tendency to sneak around and pull strings to get what she wants. She is also somewhat stubborn, always with a clear vision of what she wants and how to achieve it. 

Background//Family: Eiomear is the main caretaker for her two younger siblings, Ferelith and Madigan, as her parents were killed in the war went she was ten, and her older brother Ciaran was drafted and was later declared missing in action. She and her brother had been thick as thieves, partners in crime, telling each other everything and having endless belief in one another. She was crushed when he was reported missing, and for a while held onto the thin strand of hope that he would return, but she soon realised she would have to take on the weight he and her parents had once carried and raise her siblings and herself on her own. She works as a cartographer’s assistant to make money, but she would like to be a physician. 

Any special skills? They’re a talented strategist, and have a wealth of information concerning plants and animals.

Anything else you’d like to add: not really {:D


If there is anything you’d like me to add or make more clear in the description, don’t hesitate to let me know! I hope you all enjoy the roleplay!

I might also post more information about Cygnus and Voltur, so look out for that.



Simon (me)//Eiomear Octavia Rudenbach-Villinause//Sanguinem//18//Female, She//Her, They//Them

Siri//Kiareth Emerald Vorun//Sanguinem//17//Male, He//Him

Sophia//Nykaa Selone//Leolen//17//Female, She//Her

Eliot//Orena Jepanou//Leolen//19//Female, She//Her

Mimikitkat//Aminiliee Jorlien//Leolen//15//Female, They//Them

Tundra//Gingavere Greeneyes//Leolen//20//Male, He//Him

Julia//Linrai Ruby Vorun//Sanguinem//18//Female, She//Her

Jay//Seila Momoka Dolce//Sanguinem//16//Non Binary, They//Them

Sebastian//Soren Solay Tavinski (Sori)//Sanguinem//19//Male, He//Him, They//Them

Aster//Tavi Coulter//Sanguinem//20//Male, He//Him

Freida//Fayre Catrione Mylen//Leolen//19//Female, She//Her




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  • Soren: “okay...thats, vaguely reassuring. Can you take us then? Or should we have breakfast first?”
  • BUMP
  • Andi: I mean, Soren’s not wrong. Not that I’ll ever admit that. I wrinkle my nose at him. Landmarks... heh... “I can find it again,” I reply. It’s true, and I did make note of most of the way. And it’s somewhat hard to miss. So, we should be fine.
  • Tavi: I wake up, I’m still exhausted, but who cares. I look up at soren, he’s pretty and stupid. “Oof, I was exhausted”

    Ooc: Ok can this plot have happened over a few weeks? Like they met like a month or two ago or something? It would make more sense.
    • We already decided on pretending it’s been a few weeks/months awhile ago, lmpo, did you forget?
      • Oh
        I forgot
        Classic aster

        Ok but Savi met a month before they kissed and that’s just how it must be
        • Honestly though Tavi probably still made a move way too early because we can’t erase that idiocy from their relationship it’s too iconic tbh
          • Dumb boys™️

            Tavi: Imma KISS you, I only know u for A week fam but uhhh 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
            Soren: is this a joke??
            Tavi: no dude you’re pretty
            Soren : 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  • Soren: “Ai, Viv don’t go back to sleep, we have lots of things to do today.” I nudge his side, rolling my eyes at Andi. “So, you found a trail, right? And you did make a landmark so you could find it again....right?”
  • Tavi: I fall back asleep
    I dream about cake and my Aunt and stupid stuff
This reply was deleted.
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