How to Roleplay/

If you are a newer member, you may have heard about "RPing" and wondering what it is.

Here is a brief description of what RPing is.

What is RPing?

RPing is Role-Playing. Where members make an OC (Original Character) and play as it in the said RP.

How do you make an OC?

Often times, RP's will give you a form, and you can make a character off of that.

Here is a typical form:










Relationships (If any):


And here is a example OC:

Name: Laura Miller

Age: 13

Grade: 7th

Gender: Female

Personality: Caring, Loving, Kind

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, glasses, black skin, tall, average weight

Likes: Cats, fluffy things, dogs, knitting

Dislikes: Bullies, sarcasam, hate

Friends: Lily, Anna, Joe, Billy, Keith, Talia

Relationships (If any): None


And here is another one:

Name: Lily Tanner-Smith

Age: 15

Grade: 10th

Gender: Trans- Female

Personality: Lily is very self consicous, because they are trans. Lily is a caring person. They will stand up for anyone except themself. Lily has a focused mind set. You can't get them off of focusing on an assignment.

Appearance: Lily has blonde hair in a pixie cut. They love the color pink, and always wear it somewhere. Lily has blue eyes. Lily also has a tiny moustache, since she was a male. Lily also has some freckles

Likes: Nice people, Teddy bears, graham crackers

Dislikes: Being bullied, bullies, mean people

Friends: Laura, Joe, John, Millie, Sierra

Relationships (If any): None

OK, but how do you RP?

It is very simple :)

Here is an example;

First you type your characters name, lets use Laura.


Then, you add a colon,


If your character is going to talk, then add a quotation mark

Laura: "

And then add what your character is going to say.

Laura: "Hi Lily! How are you?

Then, you add another quotation.

Laura: "Hi Lily! How are you?"

Then, you add "I asked" or "I tell" Sometimes you can add it before you speak

 After you speak: Laura: "Hi Lily! How are you?" I ask Lily.

Before you speak: Laura: I see Lily and greet them, "Hi Lily! How are you?"

Now that you know how, here is a conversation:

Laura: "Hi Lily! How are you?" I ask Lily.

Lily: Laura greets me. "I'm doing ok." I tell her just above a whisper.

Laura: "Whats wrong?" I ask Lily.

Lily: Laura asks what's wrong. I pull her into a seperate room. "My brother is being mean."

Laura: "Oh, thats not good!" We should go to lunch.

Lily: "Ok." I say and go to the cafeteria.


RP Plots:


Here are some example plots from various RP's:

The realm of the fae has always lived in peace for as long as any faerie can remember. Until a mysterious disease the fae call the Shadow that is weakening and killing the inhabitants of the magical realm even though they are immortal. The Shadow gets its name from the secretive way it kills: weakening the body and the powers in a way that seems completely natural until it overpowers them entirely. The fae are slowly being wiped out, and the elders have heard the stars speak-

Quest for Two Kingdoms RP by Freida Alice and Grace

You have recently moved into the communtity of Lurei. After hearing about the opening of a new middle school, you decide to be upon the first students to try the acedemic curriculum. 

Lurei Community Middle School RP by Me

The party will be outside on a large open patch of grass There will be a podium stage thing for Nancy to give her speech and then tables full of food, games, ect. There will be music too.

Party RP by Amylydian_The_Lemon

You must follow the Plot when you're RPing.

Collab RP's

A collab RP is where two (or more) NMGers combine, to make an RP. It's a normal RP just two people make it :)

an example of one (two) is Quest for Two Kingdoms- By Freida Alice and Grace, and Miss Carolotta's Royalty Camp by Mariam the weedy sea dragon and Katia (Mimikitkat) 

Premade Characters:

Premade characters are pretty self explanatory ;)

Basically the RP makers, make the RP characters so you don't have to. :D


IRL RP's are RP's where you play as yourself. IRL stands for In Real Life.

Simple RP Rules

-No Powerplaying/Godmodding (Powerplaying/Godmodding is basically playing for someone else)

-Give others the chance to post! If you're character asks a question, and the other RPer doesn't respond right away, wait a little! They will eventually ;)

-Be inclusive

-Have fun!

Pretty simple right? Have fun!



Some open RP's: 

A quest for the dragon- By Amelia Pig

The Marked- A remake- By Liesbet/Garden

Portland Medical Center- A drama RP- By Leela

Colored World- By Kate

(more will be added soon!)


Leave any questions in the comments!!



You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!

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  • Thank you! I've seen so many role plays that I want to take part in but have no idea how! This is so helpful!
  • Thank you! This is really useful! :)
  • There are four spots left in Spy Family, if anyone wants to join it
  • Updated with some open RP's!
  • There is one more spot left in Wasteland if anyone wants to help save it from dying
  • I think there are a lot of new open RPs so maybe this would be a good time to update the Open RPs section?
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