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  • English sucked today.
    Yesterday in English we had to write an introductory paragraph about a topic we had researched, so my English Teacher could see where our skills were. Today she thought it would be a good idea to read them to the class and critique them in front of everybody. I wasn't worried about this, because writing is something I consider myself to be really good at.
    My was near the front of the pile of papers, she read it third or fourth. But, when she got to mine, she started reading it in the DUMBEST voice and basically said it was stupid and boring. She commented about "how she would rather be seeing a play than reading this" and that it was "annoying" and "a mess." Even though she left out our names so it was anonymous when she read them, everyone knew it was me because only me and one other person had picked the topic that I wrote about, and the other person had denied it was her writing. Everyone in the class laughed at her stupid comments and stared at me as I turned red and tried not to cry.
    To be fair, she made comments like this on everyone's paper, but I feel like she did some of the worst on mine. At least, everybody laughed at me more than any other person. I thought that it was a decent paragraph and I someone to tell me that it's not stupid but now I'm afraid that it is and I really am just horrible at writing, blinded by my stupid confidence. I want to scream at her that I am good, show her my past essays and tell her that I won an essay contest, but now I'm doubting myself, what if I really am just a carpy writer?
    Nobody else seemed as hurt by her comments either, while I felt horrible for the next two periods. Maybe I'm just a huge crybaby and it's no deal. It really is kind of stupid that this hit me so hard and I care about this so much, when other people in the world are starving and dying.
    • I used to have a teacher who did that, too. To be fair, he never made fun of any reports, but he did pick on kids (thankfully, I was not one of his primary targets, but I know he was mocking me). It is not ok for an adult to be doing this. I recommend you email her or talk to her, telling her that you did not appreciate what she did. If she yells at you for that, at least you know you tried.

      I am so sorry she did this to you. Though I am rendered unable to go find her and scream at her for being a jerk, I hope you can feel that you are loved and supported. Perhaps she did not like your writing, but she CERTAINLY isn't being a good teacher. Instead of giving you constructive criticism, she merely mocked you.

      Sending 5 baby bunnies plus their mama to give you loves.
    • That is not ok. Did you ask if she meant it to hurt? I am learning a lot about self-advocacy and it is really important to defend yourself.
      I am REALLY sorry that happened to you, no one deserves something like that to happen to them. Sending a pack of 15 fresh hugs. You can always pm me if you want to talk.
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    • Woah Woah Woah. hold up. your teacher said this?!?!?!!?!?!?!
      First of all, that is extremely rude. A teacher should use constructive criticism, not really rude stuff like that. I would tell an adult. It is not a teacher's job to stand in front of a class and insult her students. Also, everyone laughed? This teacher is telling her students that it is ok to be rude and laugh. You are not a crybaby at all. It is ok to feel sad and by what you described she was being rude. Also, like jeez read something as it is! If a student writes a mature essay don't make it sound super dumb. gosh, I could go on and on about this. Have a parent email her. It is not acceptable to be that rude. We are taught from kindergarten to be kind and this lady I guess needs to go bad to kindergarten. When you see her again act as nothing happened. If kids are being rude I would go "She gave us all pretty harsh critisism, and please don't be rude about it." I hope this gets better please feel free to pm me anytime I want to know how it is goin. <3
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