• my dnd campaign fell to shreds, most people flaked, and my friend blocked me because she didn't show up to our sessions that we had postponed three days in a row because of her and i asked her to let me know next time that would happen.

    so yep
  • *revives*
    okay so this isn't mine but my friend who is DMing for my campaign told it to us and I thought it was hilarious so...
    this friend was DMing for a different party. some player failed a perception check so they had them see a small potted cactus. the player stole the cactus, kept it as a pet and named it Hubert. later, the party got an Intelligence Crown, which I guess makes whoever wears it really intelligent (I'm new to this) but none of the party could decide who was going to wear it. so they gave it to Hubert the cactus, who then I guess became sentient, and they trained Hubert to throw coconuts.
    later, they got to the battle with the big bad, who was a huge dragon. this friend enabled a rule that if you roll three 20s in a row, it's an automatic kill.
    basically what ended up happening is that, much to their horror, they rolled three 20s and the skyscraper-tall dragon baddie they had been leading their party up to for months was instantly felled by a potted cactus lobbing coconuts.
  • Last session my Tiefling rouge inspired by Tavi was created, everyone expected a edgy emo boi, but, he talked like a frat boy-Jack sparrow-Keith from voltron power combo, they were Impressed because I didn’t play into the meme, rather made a new one.
  • Me and my brother were playing school DND and my bff was DM.
    My brother got detention in the first hour. He was also a gay lightfoot halfling.
    • i didn't see that you said it was school dnd at first and i thought your brother got detention irl xD
  • When you are the ONLY person in your group who thinks to wait until the guard turns his back to you before you start sneaking up on him!
    When one of your friends tries to seduce every single person she comes across (that was a weird game)
    When you and your friend are singing Heathers so loudly another person in your group rolls to poison you just to get you to shut up and she rolls a 20
    When someone tries to do something the Dungeon Master says they can’t and they roll teo 20s in a row
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Excercising When You Don't Want To

I despise PE. I always get picked last in activities, not because people don’t like me but because I have no athletic abilities whatsoever. I can’t run, I can’t hit, I can’t do push-ups... I want to get better, but I don’t want to do these things when I don’t have to (I know it’s important to exercise but I don’t like it, and I don’t like most sports). What should I do? –Anonymous    Hi! I’m sorry you dislike PE and feel like you always get picked last, captains choosing teams is really not the…

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TikTok Users Being Mistreated

Why are people who like tik tok so mistreated on NMG? -Sophia   I'm very sorry that you feel that poeple are being mistreated because they like TikTok! I can assure you that making someon's opinion feel unwelcome - or worse, making the person feel unwelcome - is never the intention, and I apologize if it comes across that way on the website. I think that many NMG members have very strong opinions on TikTok (myself inclued), because the company that runs it has many problems, including (but not…

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Not Acting Yourself Around Friends

I have been acting torn for the past months because I act so differently than myself when I'm around my friends. When I try to stop, they get mad. I tried telling them how I feel and I wanted a... Well, A fresh start. And that's when I see how much I mean to them, And I can't bring myself to say it. Also, I have a reputation, and I can't change it. Please Help!-Anonymous    I've always thought that friends are people that you should feel comfortable being yourself around. It seems that you…

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Friends With Serious Problems.

Important, TW for mental health issues and mentions of substance abuse, specifically of alcohol by a minor.   Hi there, Just a warning this is going to belong because these issues have been bottled up inside me forever. So basically I have a friend who I've been friends with since about grade 3(5 years). She was always a bit more mature than me in ways-interested in boys when I thought they had cooties, wearing makeup before I felt pressured to do so myself. She had her first real makeout kiss…

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