You recieve a letter that says

Dear (your name),

Congrats! You've been selected to be on the FMGA (Full Moon Gymnastics Academy) team! We have decied to place you in level (1-10), based on your evaluation.

Our level 1-3 team practices on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. ( At least two practices per week required.) Our level 4-7 team practices on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. (At least 4 practices a week required.) Our level 8-10 team practices Mon-Fri and Saturday. (ALL PRACTICES ARE REQUIRED!!!)

level 1-3 is day school, level 4-7 is optional boarding school, level 8-10 is required boarding school.

For boarding students, Sunday is break and visiting day. If you are going to enroll in our boarding school, please let us know by August 2, and a schedule will be

delivered to you on August 4th. Dorms will be sent out on August 4th as well.

If you are not going to enroll in boarding school, then please let us know by August 4th.


The FMGABS team,

Coach Riley Monarch,

Coach Mellisa Obren, 

and Coach Matthew Raleigh



No powerplaying at all


Please try to use proper grammar


Please try to know what skill level your character is in, like what skills, what leaps etc, it will make the RP a lot smoother (if you would like to see what skills are in your characters range, please PM me!


Try to keep up with the RP! If you at any time have to drop out or need to know what is going on, ask me, or anyone else in the RP!



General info-

On the first day, you will arrive at 12:15pm, and there will be no gymnastics that day. on that day you will have a tour of the gym, the dorms, and get sized for grips. If you are level 4 or up, you are required to have dowel grips. for level 3, palm grips are optional. Each gymnast will get a complimentary pair of grips. If the gymnast brought their own grips they are welcome to use those, and use the grips that are given as a back up. If the gymnast has absolutely no need for the grips, they can give them back or keep them. Each gymnast will also get sized and get Tiger Paws. Tiger Paws are wrist supports that many gymnasts find helpful. We reccomend that the gymnast has lunch before arriving at the gym.







Preferred Level (1-3 is non boarding, 4-7 is optional but reccomended boarding, 8-10 is required boarding):

Are you doing the boarding school?:










Monday, Thursday:

7:30am- Optional team breakfast (Levels 6-10)

8:00am- Level 4/5 breakfast

8:00am (no this is not a typo)- Optional team practice starts

8:30am- Level 4/5 practice starts

9:00am- Level 1-3 practice starts

9:00-12:00- all practices going

12:30- Lunch break

1:00- Practices begin again

1:00-4:15- all practices going

4:30- Level 1-3 practice ends

5:00- Level 4/5 practice ends and optional team break, and 1-3 practice departure

5:45- Optional team practice ends

6:00-7:15- Departure for level 4-7 day school students

7:30-8:45- 3 course dinner

9:00-10:45pm- get ready for bed

11:00: Boarding school lights out


Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday:

7:30am- All team breakfast

8:15- All practices start

12:00- Lunch

1:00- Practice starts again

4:15- Break

4:30- Practice starts again

6:00- Practice ends

6:30-7:45- Day school students departure

8:00-9:15- Get ready for bed

9:30- Lights out



10:00- Level 1-3 practice starts

12:00- Lunch

1:00- Practice starts again

3:15- Break

5:00- Practice ends

5:30-6:45- departure

7:00- Boarding students return



Dorms (by level)

Simone Dorm(level 8): Carolina Breashoe, Bri Abina, Megan Silverton


Morgan Dorm(level 4/5): Corrine Lake, Sylvie Lawrence, Laure French



Nastia Dorm(level 10): Lucy Sharala, Ryana (Ryan) Tyler David,


Aly Dorm(level 9): Callie Silverstone, Vikki Wilson


My Form:

Name: Carolina Breashoe

Age: 12

Preferred Level (1-3 is non boarding, 4-7 is optional but reccomended boarding, 8-10 is required boarding): 8

Are you doing the boarding school?: yes

Personality: Carolina is an introvert, she'll be your friend as soon as you talk to her though, because she doesn't have many. She is very passionate in her gymnastics and is very focused on her gymnastics

Appearance: Carolina has light brown hair with blonde highlights in it, and she wears it in a really tight bun at gymnastics, when she takes it out it is normally very wavy from being in a bun all the time. Carolina is average height, and a little under average weight. She has tan skin and gets peachy in the winter, and she has light pink lips, with usually a shiny coat of chapstick/lip gloss. 

Sexuality: Bi/questioning

Experience: Carolina has been doing gymnastics for 10 years. She started with Mommy and Me classes when she was 24 months and she joined the team when she was 5.

Likes: Gymnastics, Books, her friends

Dislikes: doing a skill wrong

Other: anyone want to be her crush/girlfriend/friend ?


Name: Laurel (Laure) French

Age: 11

Preferred Level (1-3 is non boarding, 4-7 is optional but reccomended boarding, 8-10 is required boarding): 9

Are you doing the boarding school?: yes

Personality: i'll finish this later


Sexuality: pan




Other: anyone want to be in a relationship with her?



Camp Store:

The camp store is open from 7:00am-11:30pm. The store offers household items like, blankets, toothbrushes, sleeping bags etc, aswell as various gymnastics items such as Tiger Paws, Grips, Grip Bags, Leotards, and other essentials




Carolina Breashoe/12/8/Laurel (Laure) French/11/9/Eli

Corrine Lake/12/4/Caroline

Lucina (Lucy) Sharala/13/10/Ryana (Ryan) Tyler David/14/10Liosbet 

Bri Abina/13/8/Lily 

Sylvie Lawrence/15/4/H pig

Callie Silverstone/13/9/Shay Tywin/12/9/Mariam

Megan Riley Silverton/12/8/Victoria (Vikki) Wilson/14/10/Ella



(note: please try to have multiple people in a level, but not too many :D)

Level 1- none


Level 2- none


Level 3- none


Level 4- Sylvie Lawrence-H pig, Corrine Lake- Caroline, 


Level 5- 


Level 6- none


Level 7- none


Level 8- Carolina Breashoe- Eli, Bri Abina- Lily Pig, Megan Riley Silverton- Ella


Level 9- Callie Silverstone- Mariam,  Shay Tywin- Mariam, Laure French- Eli

Level 10-  Vikki Wilson- Ella

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Email me when people reply –


  • Prompt Update: The tour is over and ypu have been put into your dorm group and you are now going up to them
    • What's a prompt update? I can post something else when we get another one.
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  • Carolina: I go to the gym. So many people. I head stop where the coach is. I sit in the back again, since we are told to sit with our levels again.

    Laure: I get my grips, and bag, that is blue and purple swirls with pink paint splatters. I brought grips already, but I think I'll use these ones, they seem really nice. In the bag, there is a spray bottle, because we have to spray our grips when we use them. There are also wrist bands. The ones that are in mine are pink. I then head to the gym
  • I'm so, so sorry, but I have to drop out. It's to hard to keep up with this RP as its so active. Sorry again.
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