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Emotion; A drawing Contest *closed*

Hey everyone!

So, how this works:

I'll PM everyone a DIFFERENT emotion (sadness, joy, surprise, etc.) then you have to draw what makes you think of that emotion. 


Deadline: June 30th 2018



All entries just be tagged "Emotion; A drawing Contest" 

ONE entry per person

Please include what your emotion was in the title of your entry when you post it

Leave a link in the comments to you entry

Obviously keep everything NMG appropriate

All entrys must be submitted by June 30th

Up to 18 people can enter 

Don't tell anyone what your emotion is (people will find out when you post your entry with a title of your emotion) 


I will be judging based on: 

How much emotion shows

Creativety and uniqueness


I will chose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Winners will recive prizes. 


Spots and contestants: 

 1. Hazel 

 2. Sophia

 3. Supergirl confusion

 4. Jeanie Sadness

 5. Shira Awkwardness

 6. Veronica Fear

 7. Tessa Interest

 8. Turtle Calmness

 9. Tiino

10. Maya Envy

11. Lily Joy

12.  Grace Excitement

13. Gracefruit Awe

14. Grace Passion

15. Blythe Shame

16. Sheenagh Anxiety

17. Emily Disgust

18. (open)  

EDIT: I've extended the amount of people who can join from 12 to 18. :) 

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    So, first off I just want to say that it was a VERY hard decision. Every single entry was amazing, creative, unique, and special in it’s own way. I wasn’t going to have runners up, but there is literally no way I couldn’t. So with that said. . .

    *loud dramatic music*

    Third runner up: Veronica!
    Veronica’s emotion was Fear. (http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/a415f015-2194-40b6-a22a-...)
    I absolutely loved how you drew their face, it shows so much emotion! I also loved how they’re wrapped in the blanket, and I thought it was really cool the way you drew the background. Great job and congrats!!!

    Second runner up: Shira!
    Shira’s emotion was Awkwardness. (http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/awkwardness)
    I really loved the style you went for, with only having the the silhouettes of the people. I also loved the way you drew them! And your quote is very relatable. Wonderful job, congrats!!!

    First runner up: Jeanie!
    Jenie’s emotion was Sadness. (http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/photo-on-5-31-18-at-10-1...)
    There are so many things I love about your drawing. I love how her hand reaching out looks so real and it adds a lot of perspective to the drawing. Her face also shows sadness, but what really catches my eye is the background! Well done, congrats!!!

    Third place: Grace!
    Grace’s emotion was Excitement. (http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/Excitement)
    I really, really, loved how you wrote inside of droplets! The colors are absolutely perfect and make it all look so happy and exciting! I love your quote as well! Amazing job, congrats!!!

    Second place: Blythe!
    Blythe’s emotion was Shame. (http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/shame)
    I really loved how you wound so much emotion into the drawing with only a few lines. I really like the simplicity of it! It’s so beautiful! Wonderful job, congrats!!!

    First place: Tessa!
    Tessa’s emotion was Interest. (http://www.nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/image-987)
    Whoa, your drawing is AMAZING! I love the way you drew her holding a flower and the butterfly adds a wonderful special touch. I liked how you drew it in pencil too. Her facial features are incredible. Awesome job, congratulations!!!

    Thank you all so much for entering, I had a lot of fun with this!! 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners will be PMed prizes on the 5th of june!

    *please don’t be upset if you didn’t win. Like I said before, they were all amazing*
  • S2S Mentor
    Sorry I haven't posted the results yet, I've been really busy. I will try to get them done this evening but I might not have time. I'll definitely have them posted by the forth though! Thanks everyone for being so patient! :)
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