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Once, long ago, there was peace between dragons and humans. Despite the many differences between the two species, they lived in harmony with each other, and conflicts of any severity were rare. They established the dragonriders, the greatest bond possible between dragon and human, and through these partnerships communication was made much easier between the species.

And for a long time, there was peace.

Then came the Rupture. It began quite innocently in a simple disagreement between a human village and a dragon clan, of the sort that was not uncommon. But unlike most disagreements of this nature, it did not soon blow over, to be easily forgotten.

Instead, a group of hotheaded humans got together and ambushed a young dragon on its own. When news of their dreadful deed got out, the dragons retaliated, launching a fierce attack of their own on the villagers to avenge their clanmate. Faced with the terrifying prospect of a furious clan of dragons, the villagers enlisted the help of several other human villages in fighting off the dragons. In their turn, the dragon clan called in the assistance of other clans.

And soon a full-fledged war was in progress.

After many violent and bloody battles, the two species at last came to a sort of uneasy truce. The humans withdrew to the west, the dragons to the east, and each species slowly recuperated from the major losses each had suffered from the war.

Since that great war and the ultimate seperation of the two species that had so long lived in harmony with one another – known as the Rupture – the dragons and humans have maintained a marked animosity between them, and dragonriders have been outlawed, now become nothing but a distant legend which many doubt the truth of.

But, unknown to most of the two species, at the time of the Rupture, a small group of dragons and humans, mostly consisting of dragonrider duos and their closet friends and family, retreated to the Grey Mountains, a large and daunting mounting range where even the explores of either species rarely set foot and never went deep within.

This small band of outcasts braved the dangers of the Grey Mountains and, after many hardships, eventually built for themselves a small home in the heart of the mountains, which they found to be more slightly more habitable – although still relatively barren and inhospitable. And there, alone out of all the many places where the two species had once lived together in harmony and where one or the other still dwelt, dragons and humans lived in peace. But off from the rest of the world, they heard little news from outside, and no outsiders knew of the existence of the small community in the mountains, the one and only place where the tradition of the dragonriders was carried on.

So it has been for over a century. But now news of the inhabitants of the Grey Mountains has somehow leaked out. And the dragons and humans, among each of whom since the Rupture the mere mention of anything but enmity with the other species of considered the worst of taboo, are not having it.

No longer can the dragon riders and their community remain secret, cut off from the rest of the world. Now there are only two possibilities – the reuniting of the long-Ruptured species, or the complete and final elimination of dragonriders and the last hope of friendship and reconciliation between dragons and humans.


Contrary to popular belief, dragons are fully as sentient as humans, with as much depth and uniqueness in their personalities as any human. Varying in size when full-grown from about as big as a large pony to the size of a small elephant, all dragons hatch from eggs, fly, and are covered with scales, save two vulnerable and unprotected spots at their throat and belly. While dragons fight with teeth and claws, their main weapon is their breath. There are two kinds of dragons, flamedragons and frostdragons. While the two are clearly one species and frequently mate with one another, they are also distinctly different from each other. The hatchling of two dragons of the same kind will always be whichever kind its parents were, but if a flamedragon and a frostdragon mate and have hatchlings together, their offspring will be either frostdragon or flamedragon – not a combination of both – although in appearance they may share some of the features of the other parent.

Flamedragons are, in general, smaller and faster than frostdragons, although there are exceptions to this rule. There scales are usually varying shades of green, red, orange, or gold, and hot to other touch. The breath of a flamedragon is fire or, when they don’t choose to breath flame, smoke.

Most frostdragons are larger and stronger but not as fast as flamedragons, although this is not always the case. Their scales, ice-cold to the touch, tend to be paler, more pastel colors than those of flamedragons, often combinations of turquoise, blue, pure white, and silver. Frostdragons breathe a chilly fog, but can also make their breath lethally cold, freezing whatever they breath upon, when they choose to do so.


The term “dragonrider”, while commonly but incorrectly used to describe the human in the partnership, actually refers to the dragon + rider pair.

It is unknown exactly how the bond between dragons and riders works, although it is almost always formed when both parties are quite young, often still hatchlings or toddlers. In general, after the meeting of a dragon and human, it soon becomes fairly obvious that they will become a dragonrider duo, often refusing to leave each other's side until dragged complaining away by their parents.

At some point, usually a few months after the first meeting of the young dragon and human, the bond of dragonriders takes effect. Because it is formed so young, few who are part of this unique relationship can remember exactly how it begins, but after awhile it becomes clear to any bystander that they are linked together.

A dragon and its rider can communicate telepathically unless they are at a great distance from each other. As dragons, despite often easily understanding the language of humans, cannot speak it due to physical limitations, dragonriders were for a long time the main means of communication between the two species until the Rupture, and still remain so among the small community in the Grey Mountains.

Along with their mental connection, the life forces of a dragon and human who are a dragonrider partnership together are joined. If one dies, the other will as well, and if one is injured the other suffers as well, although not quite as acutely.


Please fill this form out twice, once for your human, once for your dragon.

Name: (First and last for a human, first only for a dragon)

Age: (15-18)

Gender: (Please try to keep it relatively balanced between male and female)

Sexuality: (Vary it up a bit, please – if most of the characters are lesbian, don’t make yours lesbian, if most of the characters are straight consider make yours gay or bisexual, etc.)

Species: (For dragon, please specify which kind)

Personality: (Detail is great, but if you want to leave more room for character development that’s also fine)

Appearance: (For dragon, check descriptions of each kind)

Family: (If you want this to include another RPer, please ask first before listing)

Other: (You can leave this blank if you want)

My signups 

Name: Loka

Age: 18

Gender: Cisgender female

Sexuality: Biromantic Asexual(likes females and nbs)

Species: Human

Personality: Loka is mature and responsible. She also is sarcastic and irritating. She's a good older sister to her little siblings. She's wary of leaving the town, due to several run-ins with humans who weren't from her town. She's very protective, due to the fact her parents left her and her siblings when she was 12. She loves riding Kia, and treats her like a sibling. 

Appearance: Loka is tall, 6'1, and thin. She has pale skin and a scar over her nose from a fight with a human colony when she left the mountain in a thunderstorm. She has long, smooth, beautiful red hair and eyebrows. Her eyes are moss green and serious. She always has a serious expression, and two S-shaped curls of hair by her face. She has a gold nose ring, and in her right ear she has two gold studs, and two gold rings. She wears a dark brown tunic and trousers, and moss green cloak while riding Kia. When called upon to go to a party or fancy event, she wears a large ruffled moss green dress, green eyeshadow made from crushed plants, and large gold hoop earrings that almost touch her shoulders. 

Family: six little siblings



Name: Kia

Age: 18

Gender: Cisgender Female

Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual

Species: Flamedragon


Appearance: Kia is small for a flamedragon her age. She has large, beautiful red wings with gold undersides and a few stripes of green across her wing-shoulders and the uppersides of her wings. Her snout is red, with a scar across it the resembles the scar on Loka's nose, and a couple green stripes. The upperside of her tail, neck, and torso is red with green stripes. Her underbelly, underside of her tail and neck, and innerside of her legs are gold. The outerside of her legs is red with green stripes.

Family: Anyone?




Loka + Kia - Manx

Iris + Astara - Siobhan

Liz + Heather - Claire


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  • Name: (First and last for a human, first only for a dragon) Liz Alans

    Age: (15-18) 17

    Gender: (Please try to keep it relatively balanced between male and female) Female

    Sexuality: (Vary it up a bit, please – if most of the characters are lesbian, don’t make yours lesbian, if most of the characters are straight consider make yours gay or bisexual, etc.) Bi

    Species: (For dragon, please specify which kind) human

    Personality: (Detail is great, but if you want to leave more room for character development that’s also fine) Sassy, Rather bossy. She wo't hesitate to kill or at the very least hurt you if you threaten her dragon. She's annoyingly selfless if she cares about you, and will put herself in danger for others. She hates most people, but loves her dragon. She's an orphan, and she doesn't have friends.

    Appearance: (For dragon, check descriptions of each kind) Long black hair that she usually wears braided. Her skin is pale, and she has deep blue eyes. She has a smattering of freckles across her nose. She always wears black and carries a crossbow.

    Family: (If you want this to include another RPer, please ask first before listing) She's an orphan.

    Other: (You can leave this blank if you want)

    Name: (First and last for a human, first only for a dragon) Heather

    Age: (15-18) 18

    Gender: (Please try to keep it relatively balanced between male and female) Female

    Sexuality: (Vary it up a bit, please – if most of the characters are lesbian, don’t make yours lesbian, if most of the characters are straight consider make yours gay or bisexual, etc.) Straight

    Species: (For dragon, please specify which kind) Flamedragon

    Personality: (Detail is great, but if you want to leave more room for character development that’s also fine) Feirce. Loves breathing fire at anyone and everything. She favorite game is dangle-Liz-from-my-tial-a-couple-hundred-feet-above-the-ground.

    Appearance: (For dragon, check descriptions of each kind) She's very small, even for a flamedragon, but she's srong. Her scales start deep orange on her noes and fade to pale shimmering yellow ath the end of her tail. her eyes and a ochre yellow.

    Family: (If you want this to include another RPer, please ask first before listing) also an orphan

    Other: (You can leave this blank if you want)
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  • Name: Iris Coleman

    Age: 15

    Gender: female

    Sexuality: straight

    Species: human

    Personality: Iris is outgoing, brave, and dreams of adventure. She loves a challenge. She will stick up for anyone who needs help and is very kind. She is hotheaded, rebellious, fierce, and has a fiery temper. Her parents are always telling her to be more like her sister Amber.

    Appearance: Iris has straight short blonde hair with pastel streaks in all the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, plus turquoise, pink, and sliver). She has bangs. Her eyes are an icy blue and her skin is fair.

    Family: Iris’s family includes her twin sister Amber, her mom Isabel, her dad Oliver, her grandmother Stella, and her family dog Fletcher.

    Other: :D

    Name: Astara

    Age: 15

    Gender: female

    Sexuality: straight

    Species: frostdragon

    Personality: Astara is shy but will stick up for anyone in need. She is smart and loves history. She loves to tease and prank Iris. She is very loyal.

    Appearance: Astara has deep blue scales and gold eyes. She is small and fast like a firedragon (unknown why) but her scales are cold to the touch like the frostdragon she is. She has little glints of gold here and there on here.

    Family: none

    Other: :D
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