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COVID-19: How Is It Impacting You?

By now, all of us are probably being affected in one way or another by the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic. Schools and other places are closed; many of us are staying at home/social distancing from others; and so on. From the government to our own homes, we're all trying to figure out the best and safest way to respond to this situation.

A group in the Bay Area in California is working on an op-ed newspaper article talking about the importance of making sure that—among all the many things to be thought about at this time—girls' and kids' needs are met and prioritized.

  • How is COVID-19 impacting you and your family?
  • What are your thoughts, concerns, and feelings (good, bad, and/or a mix) right now?
  • What do you want and need from adults at this time?

Tell us about what you are experiencing, and how people can help. We're looking for a few short responses to quote in the article. (Note: The authors are hoping to submit their piece to a newspaper by the end of today—so, ideally, please reply as soon as possible.)

Thanks, and to all of you: be well! <3

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  • - COVID-19 isn't really impacting the part of Australia I live in. Schools are still open -- only for one more week, but open nonetheless.
    - I'm scared of my family and/or friends contracting it. My parents both have health conditions that make them vulnerable to the Coronavirus. Most of my friends are self-isolating (three of which I do not go to school with), and I only have one friend that's left at school. But her mum might be pulling her out of school. So that's fun. I'll only have my friend who I sit next to, who doesn't hang out with me during break times. So, uh...
  • I’m feeling really worried and stressed because my mom has CF, cystic fibrosis, which is a chronic lung disease. If she gets Coronavirus, she will be in danger, and could die. I usually don’t worry about my parents dying, but I’m feeling really worried.....
  • The thing is, this is my last year in Ohio, and after that I'm moving. If the schools shut down for the rest of the year, I might not see my my friends in person for a very long time
  • This is annoying with a capital "A". My family was supposed to visit canada but we might have to cancel. I never realized how much this would impact me as much as it has. I love to talk and talk and talk but thats limited when your grandparents that live with you only speak spanish and you are trying to relearn it. My friends and I talk throught Facetime and text but it really isnt the same. I was supposed to go back to school on march 30 but now I go back April 6th but for all I know it will be extended. A case was just discovered in my town YESTERDAY and I now refuse to leave the house. HELP!
  • My family had to cancel our two-month vacation because of the virus. We had been planning it since September 2019. My grandma is currently travelling, too, and not only is she older but she has asthma, and is not wanting to come home to Canada. We are super worried about her.
  • It’s A N N O Y I N G.
    I had this big end-of-school-year overnight fieldtrip that’s been cancelled until further notice. I was literally crying yesterday. And I was supposed to go back to school April 3rd, but they’ve extended it. Im really mad right now.
  • Coronavirus is effecting my family very little actually! All that changed was that we had to stock up just in case and make sure to preserve food and stay two meters away from everybody!
  • My family has been thinking of leaving Kyrgyzstan and now we actually have plane tickets! Also there is now one flight a week out of here! I just want coronavirus to leave us alone! I’m tired of crying and getting mad. I also don’t want to leave because my dad won’t be coming with us 😭 I’ve been stressed and crying about everything! I tear one of my favorite socks and I cry. We homeschool so staying home with our entire family is kinda normal and I don’t mind it much but all the uncertainty is driving me bonkers
    • Well now at least my dad can come! Other than that it’s still a pain.
  • My sister had a really bad cough, so we took her to the doctor thinking she had Coronavirus. Ends up she just has strep throat, but it scared us all half to death.
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