Cliché Character Challenge [OVER]

hey everyone! this was something I tried to start last December but it went nowhere, so I'm remaking it!

you know those characters in books or movies or whatever that are just so insufferably stale and clichéd? here's your chance to make one.

this is a pretty simple challenge, and also a sort of experiment for me. just fill out the form below and don't be scared to get cheesy! please PM the form to me rather than posting it, because this is where the experiment part comes in - I want to see how similar or different your individual ideas of cliché are without having been influenced by other entries. I will compile all entries and post them after the challenge ends. the deadline is May 13th. (there won't be a prize, just bragging rights xD)


the form



Gender & Pronouns:








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  • here are the entries!

    // Manx //

    Name: Princess Glitter rainbow unicorn the first

    Age: 100000000000000000000000000000000000

    Gender & Pronouns: Female, She/Her/Hers/Herself

    Sexuality: Stright

    Appearance: She has long hair that changes colour daily, but is never black, grey, or brown. Her eyes also change colour daily, and also never turn black, grey, or brown. Her lips change colour to, and are never black, grey, or brown. She is so tall at 7'11. She is slim, and her face is the prettyist face ever. Her skin tone is perfectly pale. Her eyebrows change like her hair. She wears a long puffy dress that changes colours but never to black, grey, or brown.

    Personality: She is the nicest person ever! She is happy and sunny and gives people everything they want! She saves the world while still looking pretty!

    Backstory: She was raised in an ugly commoners house and everyone hated her! But suddenly an evil villian tried to talker over the world! But she beat him with her magic and dicovered she was actully a princess! She married a prince of a differant kingdom and then everyone gave her the world! So now she's queen of the world!

    Likes: Sunny days, cute fuzzy animals, magic, rainbows, unicorns, sparkles!

    Dislikes: Bad people

    Other: This hurt to write XD

    // Aster //

    Name: Ebbie Ricket

    Age: way too old to have her job

    Gender & Pronouns: She/her miss mam

    Sexuality: back in her day her husband phil left her for another man

    Appearance: short, curly grey hair, wrinkly, wears a bunch of pastel cardigans

    Personality: wild and rambunctious

    Backstory: she was a Average house wife, she had two kids, then she found her husband with another man, they got a divorce and he got custody, Ebbie turned to punk rock and joined a band “Ebbie and The grandkids”

    Likes: her bandmates, punk rock, cabbage, pastel colors, tea cups.

    Dislikes: her bad elbow

    Other: shes a vibe

    // Mia //

    Name: Evelen

    Age: Almost 13

    Sexuality: Doesn't have many friends but is shy and quirky

    Appearance: Wears a navy blue LL.bean fleese, wears black leggings but mostly jeans and a white T-shirt, has short brown hair that is a little off her shoulders, 4'10 1/2 with green eyes

    Backstory: Evelen has 2 twin younger brothers, her dad and 3 year old chocolate lab named Dakota that all live together in a big farm house in Huntinton Massachussets. Her mother died from an asthma attack when she went hiking alone without her inhaler. Evelen became really quiet after that. Then, she found New Moon Girls. Evelen became super excited and loved to read the magizine. She made 63 good friends and shared her mother's death with them without shedding any tears. Evelen made a best friend who lived in Brazil named Ana. Evelen liked it when Ana sent her picture of her at Carnival.

    Likes: Evelen likes, hiking, boardgames, swimming, podcasts, greek yougurt, popcorn, pizza, strawberries, early 1900s silent movies, her dog, learning about violet hammerhead sharks, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and NMG in general & M&Ms

    Dislikes: Brocoli, hot days, way too bog sweatshirts, unmatching socks (that's why she only wears white socks) Nutellla, striped clothing & cats

    // Eli/Avery //

    Name: Nasirah Ohkami

    Age: 23

    Gender & Pronouns: Demigirl, she/her

    Sexuality: Gynosexual

    Appearance: Nasirah has long, dark brown hair, that she keeps in a braided ponytail, that goes to about her waist. She puts it up in a braided bun for sleeping. Nasirah has dark skin, that is soft, she moisturizes it, once a week to keep it soft, and so it doesn’t get itchy, since she has very sensitive skin. Nasirah has piercing brown eyes, and thick eyelashes. She wears some mascara, just to make them stand out. She has tan cheeks, and she doesn’t wear blush. Her lips are dark red with lipstick on.

    Nasirah likes to wear netural colors, like tan, black, white, and gray. She says if she could choose one color to wear for the rest of her life, it would be white. Her favorite outfit consists of a white longsleeve shirt, and gray leggings, that have mesh at the bottom. Nasirah likes to wear black ballet flats. If Nasirah was having a good day, she will keep her hair down.

    Personality: Nasirah is super energetic, fun, and excitable, and outgoing.. She loves having fun, going out, and having fun with her friends. She loves to play board games, and some online games. She works as a barista and cashier, at a chain cafe. Her favorite thing is talking to people, and making drinks, so the job was perfect for her. She has been working at the cafe for six years. Nasirah is currently dating a girl named Emelia, who also works at the cafe.

    Backstory: Nasirah came from a very wealthy family, her father was a lawyer, and her mother was an online company owner, and their company was very wealthy and got a lot of sales. Nasirah has three siblings. An older sister name Emanai (27) , a younger brother named Uhsrasa, (15), and a younger sister, Masiakta (12). When Nasirah was 13, her parents divorced, and Nasirah and her siblings have been doing split custody ever since. Nasirah doesn’t like it, but she says it could be worse.

    Likes: Nasirah likes, socializing with people, making drinks for people at the cafe, drawing, reading, and writing.

    Dislikes: Nasirah does not like, bold patterns, calm activities, and sports with balls.

    Other: :D finally finished!
    • Aaaaah sugar I forgot again!!! I'm so sorry :/
    • and the winner is... drumroll please...
      Manx! the way you described your character was frankly hilarious, and I love the incorporation and weaving together of so many common tropes. congratulations!
  • oof i forgot to submit ;-;

    welp, this is an awesome contest, the tags are my life, and i wish luck to everyone who submitted!!
  • Will this be judged soon?
    • yeah! a lot of people didn't end up submitting but today is the deadline and I've gotten some good entries :)
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