You have been accepted to the prestigious Brightwinter boarding school. Brightwinter has a horse riding program, a swim team, a football team, a soccer team, and more.



Boys dorms:

Spring dorm

Summer dorm

Girls dorms:

Autumn dorm

Winter dorm



(all our schedules will be the same)


8:00 breakfast 

9:00 Language arts

9:30: art

10: 00: math

10:30: break

11:00: gym

12:00: lunch

1:00: health

1:30: break

2:00: literature 

2:30: history 

3:00: science

3:30: extracurricular 

4:00 dinner 





Horse riding







Website design 



(2 Extracurriculars maximum)



Language arts: Mr. Brown(sweet guy with shaggy brown hair)

Art: Ms. Ryn(tall silent 20 year old with black hair)

Math: Ms. Saro(Redheaded jolly woman)

Gym: Mr. Smith(strict guy with black hair)and Ms. Youn(quiet short woman)

Health: Mr. Brae(short guy with brown hair)

Literature: Ms. Dema(quite blond woman)

History: Carly(non-binary 20 year old with black hair)

Science: Ray(genderfluid blond 23 year old)



The form 







Extracurriculars(2 max)



My form

Name: Roxanne(Roxy)blykit 

Age(12-15): 13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: bi

Appearance: Roxy has long wavy red hair, and twinkling green eyes.

Personality: Roxy is happy and funny. 

Extracurriculars(2 max): Fashion, Improv

Other: :D


Name: Sahea lake

Age(12-15): 14 

Gender: Genderfluid, biologically female

Sexuality: Pan

Appearance: Sahea has long, jet black hair, that frames their face beautifully. Their hair is straight, and falls to her knees. Their eyes are a beautiful chestnut colour, with flecks of hazel. They have dark skin. Their face is perfectly sculpted, and her lips are large. Their eyebrows arch beautifully. In short, Sahea is very beautiful.

Personality: Sahea is kind and friendly. They will defend their friends at any cost. 

Extracurriculars(2 max): Web design, Acting

Other: :D



RPers and saved spots:

Roxanne(Roxy)blykit/Winter dorm/Me

Sahea Lake/Autunm dorm/Me

Lilia young/Winter dorm/Mariam

Kaden Young/Spring dorm/Mariam

Skylar Ruby Anaconda/Autumn dorm/Crazy book geek XD

Blake Aurora Tylar/Winter dorm/Crazy book geek XD

Michael Sanders/Spring dorm/Sophie the confused Victorian

Gracey Tapia/Winter dorm/Snowphie

Jordan Williamson/Summer dorm/Catlin

Carlie Smyth/Autunm dorm/Caroline


Winter dorm

Roxanne Blykit and Lilia Young

Gracey Tapia and Blake Aurora Tylar

Dorm monitor: Haley


Autumn dorm

Sahea Lake and Skylar Ruby Anaconda

Carlie Smyth

Dorm monitor: Chelsie


Spring dorm

Kaden Young and Michael Sanders

Dorm monitor: Kevin


Summer dorm

Jordan Williamson

Dorm monitor: Jace

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  • Roxy: "I really wanted to come here because of the extracurriculars."
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  • Name: Carlie Smyth
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Appearance: tall, black pixie cut, green eyes
    Personality: is biased against girls because of her sister
    Extracurriculars: takes acting and designs the costumes
  • Gracey: “ooh fun! So was this whole thing your idea? Like did you want to come or did someone force you?” I say hoping to find someone else who doesn’t want to be here
  • Roxy: "I'm doing Fashion and Improv!"
  • Gracey: “cool what extracurriculars are you doing? I’m doing swim and football”
  • Roxy: "I'm Roxanne. But you can call me Roxy!" I chirp.
  • Gracey: I decide to go up to a girl “Hi I’m Gracey. What’s your name?”
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